United States men’s national soccer team, Jamaica national football team, Concacaf, 2021 ONCACAF 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Predictions: ROUND ONE

There will be 30 teams put into six groups of five, and the winner of each group will come up against each other, where three teams will advance to the last eight, which is now termed as the octagonal to meet the five teams, who are jamaica, costa rica, Honduras, the usa and mexico. Those eight teams would then play against each other, where the top three teams will qualify directly for the world cup, and the team coming in fourth will earn a place in the intercontinental playoffs versus a team from another confederation, and that team will then advance to the Fifa, world cup, guys let’s play a game. Let me know how many times i’ve said world cup in this video, because it’s gon na be a lot of times. So let me know how many times, okay, so for round one teams will only be playing four matches. Two at home and two away, it won’t, be the usual thing where teams will play the other team twice home and away, but instead once either home or away, and all these changes came about because of the kovit 19 pandemic. Of course, just to limit the amount of traveling done by each team, and i think that is very, very sensible. Of course, if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a friend, look no more head on over to dominicrichfc to get yourself. One of these lovely football cards you see right here if you don’t, want to get one for a friend or loved one get one for yourself.

All the links will be in the description box down below use the coupon code, dominic richfc, to get yourself 15 off your orders. Trust me, you won’t regret it guys. Before i begin, i want you to also let me know your predictions in the comments section down below. I know i’m asking for a lot to tell me how many times i’ve said world cup in the video and to make your predictions and to check out cards plug, but there’s a lot of time, there’s 24 hours in every single day. Okay, so these matches will be played between march 24th and june 8th of 2021 in those specific international windows. So guys, before i get into these groups, i will be calling out the names of the teams according to alphabetical order, so i don’t start with the strongest first and then end up putting the thing in that same order. You see what i’m saying and i’ll also give you some tidbits pertaining to the world cup for each team in their respective groups. So let’s start with group eight, where we have antigua and barbuda, el salvador, grenada, montserrat and the u.s virgin islands, antigua and barbuda grenada. The u.s virgin island and montserrat have never qualified for the fifa world cup, while for el salvador. They have qualified for the world cup on two occasions back in 1970 and 1982, but have not been back since then. Coming in fifth in this group, i’m gon na go for the u.

s virgin islands, not much more to add there. I don’t think they are very, very good and they are probably one of the weakest teams in this group coming in fourth, this was not an easy decision for me to make. It was between montserrat and antigua, but i’m gon na go for the small island nation of montserrat to come in fourth, while i’m gon na place, antigua and barbuda. Third, i think the two teams that would scrap it off for the top spot in this group to move on to the second round will be el salvador and grenada with el salvador actually taking that place. So grenade ii, who has been quite impressive lately qualified for the gold cup and all but i’m gon na go for the central american nation of el salvador to move on to the next round. So since i’m, predicting el salvador to top group a they will go on to face the winner of group f. So let’s move on to group b, where we have aruba, bermuda, canada, the cayman islands and suriname suriname, aruba, bermuda and the cayman islands have, of course, never qualified for the world cup while for canada, they debited at the 1986 world cup, hosted by mexico, but have Never been back since fun fact: canada will co host the 2026 world cup with fellow conquer caf nations, mexico and the usa, which means they have already secured an automatic place to that tournament. Go canada coming in fifth in this group, i’m gon na go for cayman islands.

I only see cayman islands as a vacation spot where i’ve been there on a cruise in the past, so i don’t think they stand a chance to even get higher than fifth here or maybe i’m wrong. Who knows prove me wrong. Cayman islands coming in fourth i’m gon na go for the dutch island of aruba. Unlike curacao, they don’t have a very, very good football team, so i see them coming in fourth simple, you know i’m, not gon na elaborate on that third i’m gon na go for the highly improved bermuda, but i don’t see them placing higher than that because of The other teams in the group simple, you know just keep it simple man coming in second i’m gon na go for suriname, even though they have been recruiting some dual nationals as of late, and they do have some talent in their team. I don’t think they would have the firepower to knock canada off the top perch so coming in first in the group i’m gon na go for canada. I think the canadian team has the quality to go unbeaten in this group and note i said unbeaten, maybe there’ll be a slip up here and there, but i think it will be more than enough to top this group – and i also see some very, very, very Huge wins here, like i’m talking about double digits, but we could also see a situation where these qualifiers are affected by covet, where selection may not be what you want it to be, because some players have to go back to germany and spain let’s just say the European base players may or may not be affected here, so the winner of group b, who i’m predicting to be canada, will play the winner of group e.

So now we’ll move on to group c in group c: there’s, british virgin islands, cuba, curacao guatemala and st vincent and the grenadines, and if you don’t know guys i’m from sin, vincent and grenadines see right there there’s proof. Four of the five nations in this group has never qualified for the world cup, with the exception, being cuba who made the event in 1938, but haven’t been back since coming in fifth in this group, i’m gon na go for the british virgin islands. I don’t think their team is very good and they won’t stack up well versus the likes of cuba, cin vincent guatemala and, of course, curacao. Fourth, i’m gon na go for my nation, st vincent and the grenadines. I didn’t really like the look of the squad that they put out to be honest and i think they’re gon na suffer severely seriously. Fourth i’m, not even gon na freaking sugarcoat, nothing, sin vincent aren’t doing well here in this group they’re. Not! Fourth. Sorry, sorry, sorry, vinci heat sorry. Third in the group i’m gon na go for cuba. The team have been heavily depleted over the years because of players defected to canada and the united states. This time around, they will have to get the new crop of players and hopefully those players don’t defect again, and then you have to call up the school kids. You know so for cuba. I think they’re gon na come in third decent team, but not good enough to make it to the next round above the teams i’m gon na talk about next coming in second, i know this will be a very, very controversial one and the guatemalans are gon na Kill me in the comment section but i’m gon na go for guatemala to come in second here they’re a decent team, but i don’t think they’re good enough to ruffle the feathers of curacao at all so i’m gon na go for curacao to place first in this Group, i think curacao may actually go unbeaten here and make it to the next round i’m, very, very impressed with the team and – and i think the players are of very very good.

Quality and they’ve been calling up. Some really really good players. As of late and they’ve shown us in the past in recent competitions that they have what it takes, they are also the reigning caribbean kings. Since the caribbean cup has been scrapped and the last team to win it is curacao. I was really impressed with their recent performance in a king’s cup as well a tournament played with thailand and vietnam. I think those two countries were involved and they actually won the thing, so you got to give it to curacao man, one of the most improved teams and one of the newest teams in the concacaf region, as well so curacao to top the group with curacao topping The group they will go on to play the winner of group d, so let’s, move on to group d. So in group d, there’s, anguilla, barbados, dominica, dominican republic and panama, panama, are the only team in group d to qualify for fifa world cup when they debited at russia. 2018.. The four other teams in the group haven’t even came close coming in fifth in this group, i’m gon na, say anguilla they’re, probably one of the weakest nations in the concacaf region, and they stand a chance to place higher coming in fourth i’m gon na go for The wynwood island nation of dominica they’re not a very, very good team, but recently they defeated my team sin vincent and actually prevented them from making it to the goal cup dominica.

But i think they’re gon na come in for not a very good side at all. But you know kudos on that win by the way, kudos third, i’m gon na, say barbados, land of the flying fish, barbados, not a very, very good team as well, but i say they’re gon na come in third, maybe if it was cricket they’ll top the group, But this ain’t cricket – this is football barbados. Third, coming in second, i got a bit of a surprise for you and that team is the dominican republic. I just have a feeling that they’re gon na do well against the likes of anguilla dominica and barbados and they’re gon na come in. Second, i’ve checked their records against the other teams in the group and they have a very, very solid record, but i don’t think any of these teams in group d are good enough to get top place ahead of the 2018 world cup debutants panama. I know they’ve been going through some managerial problems as of late and the squad is currently transitioning, but i still think they are good enough to at least stop this group and move on to the next round with panama, topping the group and moving on to the Next round they will face the winner of group c, so let’s move on to group e, where there’s, belize, haiti, nicaragua, saint lucia and turks and caicos. Only haiti from group e have ever qualified for the fifa world cup when they debuted at 1974.

Germany and even scored a goal against a great italian defense, alright p to the legend emmanuel sanon by the way coming in fifth in this group, i’m gon na, say turks and caicos, nothing more to add. They will place dead last coming in fourth i’m gon na go for saint lucia that’s, where my wife is from i’ve. Been there a few times only went into the airport, never went out into the country, but it doesn’t matter. I step foot on saint lucia they’re. Coming for the football team is not that good, maybe if it was cricket, but it ain’t cricket, it’s football coming in third i’m gon na go for the english speaking central american nation of belize. The football team isn’t that good recently even didn’t, show up for a game and got penalized but i’ve seen a few of their results lately and they’re decent enough to place third in the group. Second, in the group, i’m gon na, say nicaragua, not the strongest central american nation, and if you check their gold cup record, they have failed to win a single game at the gold cup tournament. So second, not convincing at all. First, in the group, i’m gon na say, iit i’ve been really impressed with what haiti has done lately, especially in the gold cup, and they look promising in the nation’s league as well. And i think they are the strongest team in the group and they should top the group to move on to the second round.

If they do go on to top the group, they will face the winner of group b that will be canada, haiti versus canada again and now, for the final group group f in group: f, there’s, the bahamas, guyana, puerto rico, nevis and trinidad and tobago. The only team to ever make the cut at a world cup finals or trinidad and tobago when they made a debut at 2006. Germany, coming in fifth in this group, i’m gon na go for puerto rico and not very good at football. Are they maybe, if it’s baseball yeah, but this is football puerto rico? Fifth, coming in fourth, i’m gon na go for bahamas the nations of thousands of islands. There are thousands of islands in bahamas right, the last time i checked, they were right, yeah, but anyways. This is not a geography class, they will come in fort. They have an okay football team, they have improved lately, but i don’t think they are good enough to place higher than fourth third i’m gon na go for sin kits and nevis, nothing more to add, but third, the place for second and first there’s gon na be A scrap between guyana and trinidad and tobago. These two teams have been me in a lot lately, with the results being a little bit in favor of both teams. So it’s going to be a good class, a trinidad team has been on the decline and this is their chance for redemption, and this is their chance to beat every team in this group and go on to the next round and put themselves in a very, very Good place to make the last eight and then to make the world cup chilling out.

Are you gon na play games here or or you’re gon na? Let guyana take a spot in the playoffs i’m gon na, say: guyana come in second trinidad and tobago ends up topping this group and moving on to the next round. So if trinidad goes on to tap this group, they will face the winner of group a so. According to my predictions, the second round, matchups would be as follows: trinidad and tobago versus el salvador, ooh that’s, a good one: haiti vs canada, no that’s, tasty and panama, vs curacao, but guys i won’t be giving you predictions for those because that’s another round, and i Would rather wait until the group stages are decided to make a second round prediction video you see what i’m talking about and then after the second round is over then i’ll make a final prediction for the octagonal so i’d like to thank each and every one of You for watching this video don’t forget to smash the thumbs up. Button subscribe if you’re new make sure you subscribe, because this is the place for concacaf international football, maybe not so much a club football but international football. This is the place where i’ll be talking about concacaf nations league future gold cups, world cup qualifiers and much much more so make sure you subscribe if you already subscribed. Thank you very much guys. Now the video is over. You can then go on to check out where you could use the coupon code dominic, which fc to get yourself 15 off one of those lovely cards you see there.

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