United States Postal Service, Louis DeJoy, United States Postmaster General 's New Plan To RUIN The Post Office

Um is still clinging to his job, he’s still the postmaster general, and you really need the board of governors to uh vote to oust him. Biden should work on that, but in the meantime he has put forward a 10 year plan for the post office, which oh looks like it would actually harm the way the post office operates, giving the uh delivery companies that he’s invested in a little bit of an Edge a little bit of an edge when it comes to um making a profit. So the sweeping 58 page plan that he titled delivering for america promises to make the postal service more competitive, wrong, it’s, not and more modern, including a new energy friendly fleet of delivery vehicles, upgrades to post offices and uniforms new technologies, such as mobile devices for letter Carriers and new employee training. Now there have been previous reports about how there was this initial plan to move its fleet of vehicles to electric cars, but louis de joy, despite what you might read in the cnn piece, actually decided to move in a different direction and work with a third party That would produce vehicles that are not as clean as what the original plan was so don’t buy that framing he’s not actually doing something. That would be better than the previous plan in moving to um an electric fleet of vehicles for the post office, but there’s more of a catch to this. So it also calls for dialing down delivery time expectations which it notes the system has been unable to meet over the past eight years.

So remember, louis de joy has a vested interest in watching the post office fail because he’s literally invested in competitors to the post office, so he’s like yeah yeah. You know we’re gon na we’re gon na get some new uniforms. Maybe some new employee training, i’m gon na lie about what i’m gon na do with the fleet of green vehicles um. But you know that one like centerpiece of what the post office is gon na. Do yeah we’re gon na screw that up that’s what we’re, gon na do and and we’re gon na call that delivering for america see? This is how this is, how the right wing brands things that they do right. They’Ll do horrific things, but they’ll brand it as like focus on the family focus on the family is like this right wing organization. That was, i don’t know if it still exists. Awful awful, like terrorizing gay people in the country like that’s what they did that’s. What focus on the family was um and that this nate, like this titling, this framing, was just really reminds me of that, because he’s not trying to deliver for america he’s trying to deliver for himself and other shareholders for these other companies that the post office serves As a competitor to you know, and the problem anna is again it’s the democrats they’re in power and oftentimes they take on all of the worst traits and instincts of republicans i.e. You know suckling at the power teat of the corporate class right, but they never take on the good stuff, meaning trump gets elected into office at the cfpb, which is a company which, by i mean excuse me a government agency which, by the way, all they did For their job was take money from banks after they um engaged in criminal illegal behavior and gave it back to citizens.

That was the entire point of that um government agency there’s, no like way to paint them as anything, but that so what the trump administration did was we’re not gon na try. We can’t demonize a company that’s just giving money to american citizens we’re just gon na destabilize it we’re just gon na make it ineffective we’re gon na if um um empower a guy over there, who’s gon na tell everybody who works there. Put your pens and papers down we’re no longer prosecuting people we’re no longer doing our jobs that’s what we do when we get into power right as soon as we get in. If somebody had an obama, if obama ever said hi to your mother, you were fired and you were out of there. Oh immediately and everybody understood that the dems getting power. This is like oh yeah, we’ll, probably get it we’ll, probably get to getting the post postmaster. Oh, that guy was no. He was actually pretty good under george bush. Let’S let’s get let’s get him in here and let’s. Do it just like they never do this. On the other side, they’re like no we’re in power, now get y’all butts out of here. Um – and so it just annoys me, man, like biden, should have had this dude canned already. I know so. He can’t directly fire the guy himself, but jesus christ. This and by the way, not even just this guy, was a trump appointee.

He actively tried to sabotage your campaign, so just for that alone you got to go after him hard, but instead we get. You know 53 page report about how he’s making america um mail again or something well. Okay, so let’s talk about the process of getting rid of dejoy, because i agree with you: it should be a priority um, because the post office is so important. I mean think about uh the service it provides to rural parts of the country that otherwise would not get any type of delivery service because fedex ups it’s too expensive for them uh to deliver packages there. They actually rely on the post office um to finish their deliveries um to rural parts of the country. But you know, post office is incredibly uh popular government agency, it’s uh, i mean relative to other delivery companies, um they’re, far more uh, affordable. Now, in order for biden to get rid of dejoy, what you’re right he can’t do that directly and what he would need to do is uh, appoint people on the board of governors who then get to make that decision and so um getting rid of dejoy’s cnn Reports is not a clean cut process. The president does not have the power to remove the postmaster general. Only the postal service board of governors, which is comprised of members nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate, have the power to do so, and de joy continues to have the support of the trump appointed board so right now, what biden is trying to do? Is um fill the vacant seats on the board with supporters of his own agenda um and look i don’t care if they’re supporters of his agenda, i just want people who actually understand the importance of protecting the post office right, so obviously the board of governors right Now does not uh feel that way they don’t have that principle and that’s an issue um so right now the current board consists of two democrats and four republicans, which leaves three seats open for biden to fill let’s go let’s, fill them right away.

Biden now has the power to stack the board, with supporters of his agenda and vision for the giant agency with three open seats and another two members over their term limit democrats are calling on biden to do just that. So do it and nominate a new slate of board members who could eventually overthrow de joy um. It would be best if it’s sooner rather than later, but it is kind of miraculous that uh. This man, who uh engaged in some of the worst behavior to undermine the 2020 elections, still has that position of power in an important and popular government agency. Thanks for watching the young troops so really appreciate it. Another way to show support is through youtube. Memberships, you’ll get to interact with us, more there’s live chat. Emojis badges you’ve got emojis of me anna john jr, so those are super fun, but you also get playback of our exclusive member only shows and specials right after they air. So all that all you got to do is click that join button right underneath the video.

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United States Postal Service, Louis DeJoy, United States Postmaster General Major Postal Service Changes That Could Make Mail Delivery Slower | Forbes

United States Postal Service, Louis DeJoy, United States Postmaster General joy attempts to cripple the postal service likely for a specific reason