Alaska, Helicopter crash, Helicopter Ep. 11 Helicopter Flying into Glaciers for a HOW NOT TO Wim Hof

One sancho and donnie again are going out to do some advanced mountain training, they’re going to be working in the snow, all sorts of different terrain, different altitudes power settings you’re going to learn a lot from this one i really enjoy. When you get an opportunity to go along and find sort of the really technical things in the flying, this is not basic. This is advanced mountain training donnie’s up to about 100 and i think 80 hours now so he’s getting ready to do his european conversion, and so he is uh, definitely more in the advanced part of the training. So take a look, i think you’re going to enjoy this one all right. Yep then let’s come up and do a 90 degree turn left so we’re ready to depart and then uh get our tail out over this area. Actually, almost a 180., so our rpms are maintained so we’re right in that that range, where we’re just about able to stand in the hover and keep our rpms, which means we have enough plenty enough power to get out of here. But uh it’s interesting. How it’s deceiving your approach was to over there, whereas this is obviously the highest spot, but sometimes it’s hard to tell that until you’re, getting close to where the high point is yep, so the other uh? Actually, another thing we can do here is we notice our carb heat is totally max right now, so we go carb heat cold, give it a minute.

The temperature is nicely up in the green good. One bar all right let’s go ahead and lift it up now. Let’S, try and hover here for a minute see how it handles it. Now that we’re down at two bars, we’re handling, no problem let’s come a little bit higher see if we can come into an underground cover, that’s asking a lot but it’s not drooping off significantly. Let’S hold it here: don’t push down yet get one more bar off there let’s see if we can do it now, but it’s still holding just stay here for a minute. Let it recover for a second. So our car beats go all the way off. Now now let’s see if we can do an autograph like ever just about not quite all of this all right, we’ll come back down one more time, get our rpms up and we’ll. Finally, do one take off a departure. Very nice i’ll go kirby, not again yep. No yeah fantastic that’s, a cool experiment, so we definitely increased our power by going carby cold, but not enough to fully come out of ground effect. However, in that location, but it makes a difference that’s for sure oh yeah, alright yeah, i think we have. I think the biggest problem is we have a big tailwind. Okay, so let’s come around and let’s do a little bit more gentle slow down this time. Okay, when you put on so much brakes, it takes a lot of power to stop you, so we want to just ease into that don’t stop yet, but just towing it leveling it out.

Leveling it out. So once you get here, you’re just hovering that’s much better. It for a second once it droop, but it’s, not quite drooping notice. We can definitely land there, no problem, but we’ll have to go around because it’s gon na the moment. We try and turn that tail wind in the ball without having the power but yeah. We think we’ll have enough power there, but we want to approach nice and smooth and slowly it’s, not too bad yeah. We have enough. This will be a nice spot to turn around we’ll. Do a right, pedal turn: okay, get our tail out over this little dip. We have a nice departure, nice and slowly, so we don’t use too much power good there. All right so we’ll slowly build our speed as we come out here. Ah you’re, all steamed up daddy, oh yeah, it was stressful. Is it done it’s very mentally, demanding to get the good reference yeah as the snow was blowing? I was so hardly focused on the surface yeah just to get the sense how high we are because the slope from the right side it was pretty steep but like with the snow, oh it’s, not so steep gods. No, it was that’s uh it’s, hard work. Let’S go this way. In that case, we had good light, so it’s not like we had any poor reference, but just because it was a constant layer of snow moving around um.

The only good way to get reference was kind of writing down by our feet. Here. Exactly see how high you on were flat surface, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but here with this slope that was like demanding part just to make sure that they’re still at the good altitude over the ground and that’s, there is no race of touching with the Right, skin and possibly rolling out that’s right call this our power checker, so let’s start leveling out brushing it into updates. Oh yeah, a lot of them yeah. That was good yeah, but on the other side we have to watch out for downdrafts because i felt a bit of it so yeah. So we came in a little bit hot there on that one for an actual approach. Yep gon na be just a little bit more controlled speed. Okay, all the way in we don’t want to feel like we’re putting on the brakes at least not very much it’s a good height. This way we can start bringing that power a little bit earlier and we’re not having to add so much at the end. Let’S keep reading the power a little bit so that we’re coming in nice. This level missing this ketchup again here, let’s try and work our way up to the very very top. Here there we go almost there, one more just a little bit left forward all right just about in position now i’m going to do a couple more little.

Bunny hops to the front of the edge here that way, we start getting a little bit more of that lift from the updraft a little further. Yet right there that’s good all right so now, we’re gon na also do is, when we’re ready to depart we’ll, stay nice and light on the skids here. Okay, then we want to. We want to actually roll throttle up just a little bit to get ourselves into the high green or even lower, yellow, and then, with that extra rpm, we can just go for one smooth departure. Okay, the roll throttle up a little bit overcome the governor there. We go, and now we go on smooth motion, see how it gave us an extra second yeah with the rpms there before they start to droop yeah that’s, the key with a spot like that, where there’s, just really no extra rpms available, um it’s it’s exponential. How much more power you get out of rpms at the upper end so where you might have you know 120 horsepower available in the middle of the green arc at the top end, you might have 130 horsepower and if you just break into the top the top End here into the yellow a little bit you might even have 135 or 140 available. I think so. You can get that a little bit of an advantage to get you up and out of your spot, where, if you tried it with the rpm it’s just governed the moment, you come up, you start drooping and then you’re trying to already take off with a dripping.

Rpm that’s good so where to now donnie all right guys if you did enjoy that give it a thumbs up as always subscribe. If you haven’t already we’re gon na talk to you on the next one see ya. So should i just jump in or should i gently get in that’s the question right? Yes, i’ve never been one that was good at going slowly into cold water. I have to jump in oh there’s ice in the bottom. I don’t know it’s sand it’s sand. No, i can tell now it’s ice Music.

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