Jessica Walter, Arrested Development, Lucille Bluth, Malory Archer 'Archer' Star Dies At 80

We have a ton to say it’s, just really sad. She had an incredibly long, successful career. She was one of like the most naturally funny people i think, ever and and in a way that, like you, don’t really think about like if, if you’d asked me, who are your 10 favorite comedians or whatever or comic actors, i wouldn’t have thought of her, but She totally should be on the list. I don’t know brett. What did you think when you saw that yes, um in our house, there are many references to mallory, um, archer, lucille bluth, and one of them is whenever i go somewhere i’m like baby. Is it cool if i leave you here and she just goes that’s lucille being happy when she can drink martinis at home alone, like that is a total mood and uh and then frequently when i’m done with work, when i, when i’m done with work for the Day i’ll just go. I have no more love to give today. Oh just so many good lines, so many and – and you know what it bothered me a little bit like so you know, everybody’s like like looking back on our work and they’re, quoting our lines and everything and i feel like 99 of it – was lucille bluth, which I get lucille bluth is awesome, but like mallory archer is awesome too, and i feel like so many people don’t know about that like if you like, lucille, bluth, they’re, very similar characters, you could get way more there’s, more malory archer than there ever was lucille bluth.

So if you’re, a fan of her go, watch, archer, it’s, totally awesome and she’s a great part of it. Yeah and so they’ve lost two voice actors on archer, because woodhouse the guy who voiced woodhouse, died – and that is very sad, but it it’s one of those things where it’s very difficult at all times to frame tragedy in a way that you can feel good about. Obviously, but that is an instinct that i think a lot of people have and particularly in therapy they go like. Is there another way? We can think about this, so it isn’t so sad or frustrating at the time, because you can’t change the original circumstance um and in this situation the way i think about it is like we loved lucille bluth and the thing about our arrested development is. It was gone too, it was canceled too soon, but we still got to enjoy that something very similar for years and years, like what 12 8 9 10 seasons. I don’t think it might be on the 11th or 12th now but yeah. That is, that is something that’s, very cool and rare that you get something like that. Where create like create brilliant creative minds who created archer were like, i love jessica, walter and like what she did there. I want. I love it so much that we need a place for it somewhere in what most comedians agree is like top comedy yeah. I totally agree yeah, so it’s really sad it’s.

You know one of the people that, like i just i didn’t like, i guess she was 80, but i never thought of her as being that old, like it wasn’t one of the people that you think, oh, we might lose them soon, so it was just sort Of a surprise – and you know very sad and look there’s a lot of people who their knowledge of her goes back way further. Obviously, she’s been acting for decades and decades. I i’m not personally familiar with that. Although a lot of people say that it’s very good, but it is uh, you know it’s a big loss, very sad check out the damage warp podcast each day wherever you get your podcast, whether pocketcast or stitcher or itunes. You can join me as i give you. The news and stories you want with a range of co, hosts and interview guests, jumping in on the fun each day again that’s the damage report, wherever you get your podcasts and if you get them at itunes, don’t forget to rate and review.

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Jessica Walter, Arrested Development, Lucille Bluth, Malory Archer Emmy winning actress Jessica Walter dies at 80 | Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development dies.

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