National Vietnam War Veterans Day, Veteran, Vietnam veteran

Today is a day to recognize our veterans um, specifically the ones who fought in the vietnam war. So today is vietnam war veterans day, and i didn’t realize how long of a war that was there must be so many war vets from that specific war, because it took place over 20 years yeah i mean i should have known that. I learned about all the wars multiple times i’ve taken, so many different types of history classes over the years, but it started in 1955. It didn’t end till 1975, 20 years it claimed 3 million lives, that’s crazy. I mean it’s devastating too, and then not only that. To top it off is a lot of the soldiers didn’t even volunteer to be in the military. It wasn’t their choice. To be there. In 1969 there was a lotto draft and um people were just randomly selected to be in the military. So i mean today is a day to recognize and show appreciation to all those soldiers who, whether they volunteered or not, um, show our appreciation for them because man, that is quite the sacrifice, the time the i mean the intense environment war is just i can’t imagine I would never ever ever want to go to war like personally, and i am so thankful that it’s never on our front it’s always on for in front, because i can’t imagine living in europe during any of those world wars. Um i’ve been i visited when i was in high school europe and the stories that you hear from firsthand experience some of the like um, my friend’s grandfather was telling me stories about world war ii and i’m, just like oh, my god, i can’t imagine that’s just Horror, like literally a horror movie, so anyways appreciate your veterans, especially those from vietnam, specifically today, um it’s also mom and pop business owners day, so isn’t that the american dream we need to endorse them.

Um endorse them, maybe it’s, not the right word, but at least show our appreciation by choosing to go to a mom and pop shop over a corporate or finance or a franchise so like. If you have a choice to go to a publix, even though i absolutely love publix versus just like a mom and pop market, you should go to the mom and pop market just to try to support them, so they don’t go out of business. You i mean the great thing about mom and pop shops beyond the fact that it’s an american dream, but it also like spreads into individuality. It creativity, um they’ll, do things differently, it’s, not going to be all streamlined black and white. This is how it’s done and then there’s nothing beyond that um to keep that variety. We have to support our mom and pop shops, so there’s that and then it’s also smoke and mirrors day, which kind of promotes magicians. But specifically, it also makes us remember how easy it is to be deceived. So we can like kind of understand that it’s not always how it appears, and we have to stay aware, that’s. The word i’m trying to think of stay aware of our surroundings and what’s going on, because it is very easy to be deceived and that’s. The great thing about magicians is they show it to us and you may think it’s magic, but no, it is a trick. It is a deception and see how easily it is done and they’ll do it over and over and over again and your eyes just won’t catch the trick.

So yeah smoke and mirrors day it’s also lemon chiffon cake day. So indulge yourself it’s monday, we’re gon na have a great week, we’re gon na start with a little sweetness.

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National Vietnam War Veterans Day, Veteran, Vietnam veteran • March 29th 2021

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