My name is pauline guma, founder of hedonology lab in today’s video i’m, going to be sharing with y’all a stock that is about to go parabolic very very soon and why you should keep it on your watch list and i’m. Also going to be answering some of you guys questions for those of you all who dropped your stock submissions in the comments section of this bonus. Pre market analysis, video right after the intro Music, all right y’all before we begin again, do not forget to annihilate the like button for the youtube algorithm on your way. In now, right off the bat we have the spy right. Now again, it did exactly what i told you guys um what it would do all right. I i did exactly that. I told you in this month, it’s pre market analysis, video that we could see 3840 being touched. It got to 38.41 right and i also told you that i was expecting some magical unicorn news to pop up within the next two hours. I specifically told you that now what news is that, if you go on to the spy right over here right, this is the spy charts and the news apparently was this one. Where is it at? Where is that magical unicorn use? Where is it um there? It is yeah, says: y’all can see that right. Hopefully, you can see that says cnbc reports that the potus will announce new vaccine goals and immediately everything spikes.

So somebody asked: how did you know that money was gon na flood in, like that, and my answer to that is experience the more you the more you do this, the more time you spend in the market, the more things like this don’t surprise, you anymore, all Right so um yeah let’s talk about the stock of the video um, the stock that all of you should be keeping in your watches, for it today is mmm all right and again. The reason why i want to talk about this stock once again, all right for those of y’all who are new. We have traded this one before this stock paid us a lot of money on the way up. All right – and it looks like it – wants to pay us more money, so this is why i’m addressing it in this video, it doesn’t look tired. In my opinion, i feel like there were some short sellers who got in over here right after you sold and you showed in and you’re expecting this stock. That is on steroids right. I keep telling y’all this stock isn’t steroids. I’M, not sure this. This is the place where you go in when there’s a lot of uncertainty in the market right. This is where you put your money so uh the stock didn’t take. Instead, the stock decides to go over here and make um new highs after the previous size of like 192 and it’s breaking through in a very, very bullish fashion.

All right, where could this stock go? I think i think we could see anywhere up here like really really soon. That would be nice like if we can just spike all the way up to like 200 and maybe even break 200 and go higher. That would be lovely all right. So keep this one. On your watch list for the next few days, that is the stock of today, and you know i know, i said that this stock is gon na go parabolic, and i said this stock is on steroids. Well, the other one that i think is appropriate for me to share is obviously obviously waste management right and which management is squeezing shorts at the moment, and it just made a fresh new highs, squeezing obliterating all of the short sellers. Could this thing go higher? I definitely definitely think so. I would never put myself in the front of that. This is the part where you hold right, where you watch this thing: destroy short sellers, some more and climb all the way up here, maybe even higher again for anybody who bought the dip here who have been holding this throughout the time that i’ve been talking about It over and over and over again right um, just keep in mind that you need to take some money off the table and pay yourself as it’s climbing up okay don’t get too greedy. All right, you should be in a very good spot right now.

I am holding some calls and i am really waiting to see this thing go in the middle here somewhere over here, just so that i can sell my calls all right so keep this two stocks: um wf and mmm, these two stocks on steroids and you’ll watch. This all right now let’s talk about you guys and stocks adventures, but actually before we do that um let’s talk about what happened this morning, the very first one, the stock that i talked about amt x right amtx, did exactly that. I told you i gave you a one for the long one for the shorts. This one was for the shorts and it actually performed to perfection. It got all the way down to twenty dollars and thirty cents. Now the price that i had for it was actually twenty bucks, and i told y’all in that video to pay yourself. Some all right, pay yourself some. Hopefully, some of y’all took some money off the table here and um and pretty much on the sidelines to see where this thing goes. I want to see this thing collapse. If it doesn’t collapse, you should be worried. That’S really. All i got ta say about this stock, all right so um in regards to the other one v, i a c Music v. I a c did the literally it did the opposite of what i actually wanted it to do, which was, i guess, awesome for the people who just jumped in out the gates after i made that video.

But for me it kind of pissed me off, because i wanted the stock to actually tank all the way down here and actually bounce from these lows like 60 to 61, but instead it goes to 71st and then it drops down to the low but either way. I think this is still a good opportunity for longs all right. Um, you shouldn’t, be you shouldn’t, be too greedy, short sellers. You need money on this thing all right, just just the money has been made. Okay, so don’t be too greedy. Be very, very careful. Is this if you’re still holding short and you’re still hoping for the stock to tumble all the way down? Some more just be very, very, very careful. It did its job all right so uh. That is my thoughts and opinions on these two stocks. Now let’s address more stocks, um the first one that we’re going to talk about is uh nmdm and nndm. Right now is actually looking like it’s. Looking like a good setup, i like the piercing bullish candle over here on the right, which is pretty much forming the double bottom and to the person who asked about this thing being a potential double bottom. I do agree and i actually do like it. I do um keep this one on your watch list for a potential bounce to the upside towards the previous highs at around like ten dollars all right, um it’s, not looking bad right now, um, i think it’s, just gon na consolidate and slowly make its way back Up it might even be ahead of schedule like somewhere over here and then just continue to go up.

It may go up even faster, but we will see what happens in the next well within the next few months on this stock. All right, not bearish at this very point in time, so there’s a very honest opinion of nndm, the next one that we’re going to be addressing in this video we’re going to talk about hd and hd. Actually, nobody asked about this one. I just wanted to point out this one because uh i actually uh shared this one this weekend at exactly eight, exactly 288 or 287 and so far um it’s about to get in here very very soon again um. The video. I will probably put the video up as a card in in this one right that way. Y’All can refer to that, but yeah still long on this one is going to get there, in my very honest opinion, of course, all right, um. So yeah again, if anybody had a question on that one, my my thoughts on the stock still stands. I think we will dive deep in here. Okay, the next one that we’re going to be talking about in this video is a ride. R. I d e and the ride currently has been demolished like it. It took a beating throughout the last few months and there is a lot of room over here to make money to the upside. This is the spot where long term investors shine all right. This is where they’re like.

Okay, the price is exactly where we wanted it to go. Now was the time to accumulate on the way back up again, that is for the long term investors who have very strong conviction about this company and want to hold for like a few months. This is a great spa to accumulate stock or goals. Again, it depends on what you, like we trade options on this channel 99.999 of the time on this channel right so uh. This one is definitely not a short if you’ve been shooting this thing, don’t get greedy and definitely take some money off the table, and the same thing applies for uh our for q, dell and q. Dell right now also took a massive beating. It behaved like a growth stock for a very long time, but these past few months, especially after um, they didn’t, do too well through earnings. This is the opposite of the runaway gap. It gaps down and then just never recovers. It just fades and it slows fade. It fades slowly and it just keeps fading and fading and it’s terrible right, especially if you keep buying the dips and buying the dips and buying in this it’s just terrible. But for that one again just apply patience for the person who is asking about this apply patience if you’re a long term investor – and you want to buy this one. This is a good spot to actually like accumulate for the recovery on the way back up, and that is my very honest opinion of all of these stocks, and that is the end of the video again.

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You can also get two free stocks, valued up to eighteen. Fifty one thousand eight hundred fifty dollars right after you sign up with weeble, use my very first link in the description below once again.

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