Veteran, National Vietnam War Veterans Day Be a Stud Citizen – Reminders from Our Flag for Mar. 29, 2021 (3/29/21)

Yes, today is vietnam war veterans day national vietnam war veterans day and we’ll. Tell you what that’s about and how it came to be here shortly, but first we want to make sure that our flag at school or at home with business is in the correct position. So there’s no new half staffs today, but we have half staffs continuing in colorado, illinois, pennsylvania and new york and you can click on the link below for the details on those honorees today’s historical moment from our flag, honors vietnam, war veterans day on this date march 29Th in 1973, the last u.s troops left vietnam ending a long presence and war campaign to keep south vietnam free from north vietnam. Communist rule we weren’t successful, but many or we weren’t successful for many debatable political decisions and societal pressures. Uh. We just couldn’t keep those communists from taking over south vietnam, but the unpopularity of the war did not justify the poor treatment of the vietnam war veterans when they return home to america. These vets were not shown the proper respect and appreciation that deserved upon returning to the united states back in the 60s and 70s. We can’t fix that wrong 50 years later, but we can at least show them the love they deserve for serving our country faithfully and admirably. So today and frankly, whenever you see a vietnam war, veteran make sure you say welcome home to he or she all right. In 2017, the vietnam war veterans, recognition act, became law and designated march 29th of the of every year, as national vietnam war veterans day an opportunity to honor and remember the 2.

7 million military personnel who served in the vietnam war and more than 58 300 who died. There all inscribed on the vietnam memorial there, vietnam war memorial, the wall as many call it in on the washington dc mall, since it’s women’s history month, it’s only proper to highlight the contribution of americans military service women during the vietnam war, the statue above the vietnam War women’s memorial was installed in pays. Tribution reminds us of all the important support roles as nurses, communication handlers, air traffic controllers and more that women performed during the vietnam war by proving their capabilities during the vietnam war. The role of women and military forces was expanded, and since then, they now have many combat fighting jobs available to him in today’s, military today’s, insightful, quote from our flag, stirs up memories of a dif of the different public opinion on the vietnam war, although both popular Imagination and academic research on the vietnam war continue to flourish, there’s no consensus in sight. Only the u.s civil war rivals empower the vietnam war to divide and inflame generations upon generations of america. As stated by andreas daum, an american german historian. We got a picture there. President kennedy, given the briefing on the vietnam war back way back when in march 1961., today’s fun from our flag recall, is a one line or joke from the old comedian bob hope yep like he did in world war ii. He performed many morale. Boosting uso shows in vietnam for america’s troops and here’s one of his zingers.

When i was born the doctor said to my mother. Congratulations, you have an eight pound ham, all right, so many kids may not know that old slang or reference term hand with somebody who’s. A show off jokester hotshot wants to be the center of attention that certainly speaks of bob hope, the entertainer of the century. He definitely fit that title and you can see some video of him uh performing in vietnam there that we have available for all and now it’s time to recite the pledge of allegiance students across america at school or at home. Inspired by vietnam veterans, who fought to secure freedom for the people of south vietnam, please unite and recite the pledge i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands. One nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all that’s it that’s, today’s, u.s flag, tribute, go and be a stud citizen. That means go out and be awesome good to each other.

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