Buffalo Sabres, Philadelphia Flyers, National Hockey League Game Highlights | Sabres vs. Penguins – Mar. 25, 2021

They combine for four points, plus five with cousins in his third game, back to that hit from aston, reece and buffalo. Last time. These teams played skipped right in front, follow up chance and the save made by the smith pinballing around now. The sabers are making it tough on the penguins right now little stout works it back to the line casey middlestead to the goal line. Reinhardt sharp angle tries to stop by to smith. Oh, he almost had him, leaning to smith got up all shooting blocked in front by dumalin at the great start. Last night, in the first period of 21, shots on goal period, number one got the big opening goal from evan rodriguez, here’s crosby, but cancel goes there and it wouldn’t go to carski lunging across so they’re about even here in this game, we’ll see how it ends Up cancel doing battle, got hit by miller, walking out russ got the shot off pokarski. Another stop rust is so dangerous around that net tang got over, and then we check on hull great great, read by the time. Let’S go here: here’s the lean shooting save made by de smith, there’s paul in the follow up, but it’s high and wide zohorno behind the goal for angelo centering pass intended for good girl, that’s broken up zohorta. He scores radeem zahorna. Welcome to the show. First, national hockey league goal big czech republic. Man. Look at that release the position great for check by this line, a nice feed by angelo who watched the buffalo sabres as a kid and look how deep the net minder told karsky fed in down low swatted across against the mccann in front back over the sharp Angle, shot from cancel getting over tokarski crosby nice keep lettang mccann, look shoots.

He scores mccann on the power play a laser and it’s two, nothing as that. Puck doesn’t get out on the wall it’s kept in by crosby right at the blue line, and that was a beautiful distribution. I love the way mccann got up high enough so that he could take a pass from le tang and zukarski can’t even see it. He is being screened by mill loosens, that puck angelo spinning hand off goodro tees it up tried to shot back to angelo. A drive save made by tokarski kan is flat footed when he takes that pass and still almost scores with that great shot and wrist strength and the sabers almost caught for too many men on the ice. Damn back in along with rodriguez mccann in stopped by tokarski jared mccann feeling it tonight eyes. Were there wow darlene wrap around right in front chance for stall off the pad of the smith. Puck is still loose and casey de smith makes another save deep in the crease that puck in there somewhere catch the referee’s attention penguins to the power play third time, here’s mccann, shooting he scores. Another dart jared mccann three, nothing pittsburgh, that’s, mccann’s, shot. I’Ll say it again: if he keeps shooting to that blocker side and i wouldn’t shoot anywhere else when he hits that spot he’s got a great chance of it. Going in and he’s got two look how he came high. We talked about earlier how the penguins have worked on their power play.

Circling that guy up high, like a kane like an austin matthews, giving yourself elaine to drop rodriguez jankowski working hard trying to keep the puck in the offensive zone skated out by dylan cousins. Nice finesse move down the middle, drew a penalty and back across they score. Victor olufsen breaks the shutout bid for casey to smith, buffalo on the board. It’S 3 1 find a little look at this cece. Does he push him off in time? He tried to push the man skinner offside, but it was a beautiful play by the sabres and cousins, a little dipsy doodle around matheson, as he finds olson for that goal of skinner at the top of the screen. I don’t know i think it’s offside, but i did it incredibly close. Of course, incorrect challenge the play was offside. Therefore, there is no goal on the play, but since there was a delayed penalty coming up to pittsburgh, the penalty is still assessed. Pittsburgh number five’s got a minor penalty for slashing okay, so we did see that he’s on the bench now crosby’s line on along with rust and guentzel crosby hard work at the top of the zone. Good, stick locked at olefson ross, jake gentle net empty. He scores jake getzel, with the put away milestone point for the captain and it’s four, nothing. At the end of the day.

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