Buffalo Sabres, Philadelphia Flyers, National Hockey League Game Highlights | Sabres vs. Rangers – Mar. 22, 2021

Skinner it hits the post hits the post and didn’t go in there’s, twice an open man. Skinner, oh that’s, the same. What a save by keith kincaid to rob, jeff skinner – and this is the second great chance for skinner and kincaid – says i’ll, take everything away down low and then just in case you want to go i’m going to put my glove right up there. Erasmus daley with the outlet and the sabres take the lead 352 into the second period. Buffalo rams the lead which is right, skate. He knocks it down on an elevated puck. He he his right skating there. He is 74. there. It is knocks it down out of midair kicks it up to his stick and then just puts it in you can see kincaid thinking the play was on the other side. Isn’T quite sure it was just underneath the pads strohm with a five game point scoring streak going panaron around the net peter cocko. He scores kamokako breaks a 19 game goal, scoring drought with his third of the season and the ranchers tied 1 1. The bench talking to strobe and panera and it was thrown that was explaining something to conco and the other two players were both were both agreeing with them and so here’s congo gets it panera and look what a pass and then a good deep by concept and Mikasavanajet for the face off face off wins the baton. Chad fox moving with it pandaren in front score.

Chris kreider it’s a power play goal and the rangers lead trying to have a second half revival, long shot, wrist to line and blocked in front, and the rangers come out with it. Fox three on two rangers prider fox goes deep. Davidson sam takarsky rebound score. Adam fox finds the puck and puts it home and the rangers lane three to one goes three forwards for buffalo all in the background. Fox leads the rush now it’s a four on three that’s, a real good, save rangers 11, 2 and 2. This season, when they take the lead into the third period, the sabres 0, 17 and 1 when trailing going into the third chance for cousins and he scores dylan cousins, the rookie with the quick hands and a beautiful goal and the rangers lead is cut to three. To two and bouncing around here, sam reinhardt 23 will make the play right there. He gets it defeats cousins and cousins. We talked about his shot. He’S. Just a rookie he’s got a tremendous shot, there’s reinhard 23.. He ends up making the play tipped ahead in the buffalo when montour turns it kind of breakaway chance. Skinner shoots, he scores. Jeff skinner, with a rising shot and buffalo with two early goals here in the third period has tied the game there’s, the turnover there. You see all that room rangers defense coming in late and skinner, with a beautiful shot, beautiful shot right over the blocker, just underneath the crossbar strong to fox looking for an opening strong shoots, save to krski rebound score made.

A save didn’t know where it was there’s. Cryder all alone, and before the puck even hits the ice in his first nhl game in four years, strong got it to panerain now to the empty deck. He scores with a two goal: game he’s got that wide open net good defensive play by strom and the passing of rangers start a winning streak.

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