Buffalo Sabres, Philadelphia Flyers, National Hockey League Winless In 16 Games – Start Unloading Players? | Flyers Defense & Goalie Carter Hart Struggle

At this point, kevin adams, who is also the coach, has to wave the white flag, has to start unloading some of these players before the deadline doesn’t. He he does, and you know what i want to stop you right there for a second, because you know losing streak winless streak you get all the internal emails, how we should be phrasing, it we’re now going with the jennifer hedger phrasing that says they have failed To win in 16 straight games, because failure is what the app description is of the buffalo savers, and you know it it’s, not just 16 games, jay we’re, talking 10 years 10 seasons, it’s been disarray for the savers under different regimes and i’m going to defend the Pagulis because they gave tremendous resources to the previous regimes to to do what they felt they needed to do they spent to the cap. But right now for kevin adams i mean he talked about you know every day and it it’s either bad or really bad, but here’s the thing. What the buffalo said you didn’t get into this spot overnight: you’re not going to get out of it overnight. So what kevin adams has to do is is start to give some hope in some way shape or form to his group of players figure out who his group is moving forward. As you point out, what players did he that he’s considering trading to start to build for the future, because this is about the future and it’s in the next year? But if he doesn’t take those significant steps to say we got to get better here and we got to start giving.

These players hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel they’re just going to be in the same spot again and again and again – and i know kevin adams – doesn’t want to be there. I know that the pagulas don’t want to be there, but stop trying to undo what’s happened in previous years, set your sights in on what has to happen right here and right now going forward because you can’t undo the past, and nobody wants to remember it. At least the bills are good, craig that’s, the important thing in buffalo, so craig. This is something that i don’t think anyone saw coming, and i mean anyone and that’s carter hart having a nightmare season in philadelphia, and this is a guy who had vested a trophy level expectations. You had him on your projected beijing olympic team. I think everybody kind of saw this kid as the next great goaltender in the national hockey league. Is he the issue for the philadelphia flyers craig or is it something bigger than that he’s one of the issues? Obviously you can look at uh carter, hart’s play and you you know it’s far below his capabilities. I don’t think there’s any question of that. But is he the sole reason? No, not at all. You know the same percentage for the philadelphia flyers. Goaltenders is the worst in the league, so brian elliott isn’t, supporting that either, but the way that the philadelphia flyers are playing defense, i mean defense, i don’t even know if it’s in their vocabulary, because they don’t show any semblance of being able to play without the Puck they expose uh critical areas of the ice to their opponents.

They give up pucks, they give up chances on the rush chances everywhere and make as a bananas. Yad is just eating them alive in the last two games, but it’s, not just mickey savannahs. Yet every team right now is looking at the philadelphia flyers and saying: hey, listen. This is point night. This is gold night and we’re. Gon na have an opportunity, so carter hart hasn’t played well the goaltending hasn’t been very good, but the the philadelphia flyers defensive scheme needs a real examination because it’s clearly not working and quite frankly, it’s making a problem with your goaltenders even that much greater and that’s. Something they have to clean up and as it goes towards the olympic team, you know keep in mind that we’re still a long ways away from the olympic team, a lot of opportunity for carter, hart uh to find his game and to show that he belongs on That team, but he’s, not the only player that i had on my olympic team, that a lot of people are questioning now i’m gon na stay with it, though, because i have belief in carter, hart and thomas shabbat and a lot of the other players that i Think could be on this team and to your credit, craig, the guy you had as your third goaltender mackenzie blackwood has been absolutely sensational this season. So perhaps he leap frogs carter hart into that second position.

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