Costa Rica national football team, Mexico national football team, Hirving Lozano USA vs Mexico Hіghlіghts – 2019 REACTION

It highlights um. There’S always has been like a i think, rivalry as i’ll, as also call it between mexico and usa and football for me right, a person that lives in the uk in england in manchester i i’m, looking from the outside okay, i’m. I’M. I’M. Speaking truth here, as when i, when i speak about football, i speak truth right. In my opinion, mexico has better players than the united states of america it’s it’s, just it is what it is. The usa does have potential for them to have like good players or because of go around good athletes. You know like in the nba nfl baseball, even like mixed martial arts as well, but those guys choose to do their own sport, not playing football right now. They’Re their players are coming through as well like western mckinney, uh police age. You know it’s a junior death as well, but like mexico for me, has got ballers for me like mexican football players as well like they’re, just showing like their passion as well. Mexican people like love football more than american doers, more than americans do as well. I think that the mexican league is more competitive than the mls. You know, because it’s just producing so many great players too, but just kind of wait and see. That is my opinion. So don’t crucify me well because again it’s my opinion, but guys enough of the rambling. You know because you people are waiting for me to watch the video and react to it.

I’Ve never seen this game before i’ve, never i’ve, never seen it but i’m gon na get the video started in three two one let’s jam put the volume of it. Mexico fun so it’s such a good opinion make mexico such a cool country, like the people, are fighters bro the fire international friendly. This was corona son that’s, my guy that’s, my dude right there, absolute sick, paula pereira, right window, but it’s so skillful, it’s. True again from this game, bro like this is sick from hernandez. Is a mine night fan yeah like for me, hernandez next level, like the goals that he would score from that it just sums him up in general from kicharito dance. Oh, come on! How can you blaze it over the ball like that? Come on composure, my composure. They are all over them pressure. They are all over them, bro all over, really them the second half half time i’m. Guessing i like the way it plays because it’s like it’s, a similar way that happened is causing problems. You see like how, like mexico is so like higher up in the pressing as well. Look look at the press in front mad on them from this is like what they’re 52 52 minutes in and they’re still pressing them. You used to call it you’re! Writing writing people! Writing that random. Just depressing running! Right get the ball a little bit of um body handbags handbags just let them fight that’s.

What i’ll do you know? Because all these dudes only be like oh yeah, i’ll, just as far as i’ll just stand back and then knock each other out, see who wins and then then i’ll send her send both of you off come on the compulsion, finishing life, my god taco taco, Music Trap, zagas trust charges virginia. This game should be put to better readiness without three nil honestly, lisa didn’t die part of mexico, ah see what i mean by depressing. If your players are comfortable playing from outside the box from from playing from their own box upwards, the way if they’re not do not do it fam things like this happen, bro forcing things on players like when they’re not going like the composure fan, it’s, not good. Isn’T it again Applause, Music, Music. This january should have been like five five mil honestly. It should have been like five mil to the top mad absolute madness, but guys that’s been a video, and i like for me again like the rivalry between mexico and in united states. America has always been a madness, but from watching this right, i’ve got two things: a the um, the oppression that mexico i had like that’s. How the second goal came to pass because, like the president, that that was so far up, as well from like, like like from their own box from their own halfway line, and then the second one as well, mexico should have beat these guys five million.

In my opinion, because they’ve been so many chances as well, the composure too like for them to score goals, but i i enjoy writing this game. You know because it’s just one of those things that i do like seeing because when i’m on twitter – and i see like um like international breaks and you’ve, got like clubs like argentina versus brazil, england versus germany and mexico versus united states, america, just the rivalries as Well, it’s, just something that interested that interests me as well. You know i do have a story, guys. I’M, sorry about that, but and if you’ve got anything that you want me to write to comment down below, i will do it for you. It has to be.

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