Costa Rica national football team, Mexico national football team, Hirving Lozano WALES vs MEXICO | International Football Friendly Match 2021 (27/03/2021)

He seemed to be in a hurry to get that in ramsey pumps it forwards battles to win it back. The referee’s awarded a free kick Applause: oh good interception and it’s roll Applause jimenez with the ball through wonderful, quick feeds, lobs it in gently alvarez as well to read it and intercepts dos santos Applause ramsey looks to slip it through it’s, a loose ball and, oh Wales, unbelievable, and how about that for a volley executed to perfection i’ll tell you peter moore went into that than you think he had to anticipate the cross, get in the right position and then time the volley whales get themselves into the lead, and that ought to Be the trigger for a really exciting and entertaining game from here on corona herrera outside that time touch and go aren’t they supposed to get the benefit good challenge. He just stood firm and it’s more Music, strong challenge, but well within the laws. Alvarez plays it out to the flank. Rosano lozano whales are leading with half time drawing close dos santos, so they got the only goal to make it one nil Applause. Well, if he hopes to do better than that, he’s got to work on his technique and his timing. The contact wasn’t right there, so there wasn’t much chance of success. Bale desperately wants to get on the end of this robin’s looks like a good ball through moore gets it, and now what the first half is done.

Well that certainly pleased the fans and the players are definitely happy with that scoreline. The question is now: can they protect it? Wales they’re in at half? Well, one nil may be good enough, so they may err on the side of caution and get more players behind the ball instead of running beyond it. They could even try to spoil it from here. We’Ll see alan looks to dig one in he’s made certain that won’t get through Applause. Just gon na have to tune his range finder before the next one Applause. They are working very hard to get it wide. Now jim yeah that’s that’s true, and is that how you’re seeing it yeah, i think they’ve decided to concentrate on working the flanks to help the production line. It’S uh it’s, where the room is, does have an assist to his name moore, who has made his impact. Already always come flying in, i have to say that was an exemplary tackle, stopped him dead in his tracks, lozano, on a strong run down. The right tries a through ball Applause to get on the end of this wrong. With that tackle ball, one cleanly dos santos, raul, herrera lion pumps, it up field. Dos santos played out to the right that’s out of reach there’s some activity down on the touchline. It seems there’s going to be a change davis, well it’s, a safety and numbers approach to defending here, yeah, but dropping deep can bring more trouble, yeah well, shots from distance and space in wider positions.

Besides the obvious issue of inviting most of your opposition high up the pitch Applause, mexico decided now is the time to make their final change. Well, as stamina was called into question, then, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his heart and the efforts he put in. He was very willing, though, not quite able to root one option dashing forward at pace. Applause. Wales just have to run down the clock. Doesn’T get the pass he’s looking for wales hold on it’s a narrow squeak bit of luck.

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