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Today we are talking about a ligament and mls merger league. Is it a good idea? Is it a bad idea? I’Ll tell you right now. I hate it let’s get into it. First, before we get started, if you guys are not subscribed yet, and you guys, love, mls and usa soccer be sure you guys hit the subscribe button down below hit that little notification bell to. Let you guys know when your boy drew uploads and while you’re here watching down there, i wrote my twitter and instagram. Please follow it i’m, trying to get that growing, just like here on the channel so without further ado, let’s just get to it. Ligaments and mls merge together. One big super league right wrong. Then this is why all the way, back in 2020 december 2020, don garber kind of released his information that you know, ligaments and mls – have been talking about a merger and he said it’s a good idea and it’s not going to happen anytime soon, it’s a long Ways away, but nonetheless uh it’s a great uh opportunity, okay, and even back, then i think i said on a couple: live streams of videos. I was like you know what i am not for this kind of league. I don’t i don’t, like the european super league that they’re talking about, and i don’t like this whole mls league and max super league. Okay, i don’t like it and i’ll tell you guys that in a little bit today, what we’re going to talk about is.

Could this even happen and if it does, what are the positives and negatives um? But first there’s always been this thing where ever since don garber mentioned this they’re, like you know what it’s not going to happen, because fifa will get in the way and really oppose it right. But now, as of march 2021, it looks like fifa is totally on board um. The president gianni f, infantino uh, the president of fifa, has come out an online press conference the other day saying that he thinks it’s a great idea. He thinks that these, these two leagues together, could be the best league in the world. They both have a lot of potential to be the best league in the world together, like first of all, bro respect you for being the president of fifa, but that is wrong. How are two mediocre, leagues and i’m on mls4? Okay, i love mls, but i know mls is not on the level of even the freaking championship of england, okay that’s, the second division of england they’re, not on that level. Um skill, wise defense, wise attack wise. They are not they’re getting there, but they’re, not yet. So. How are these two mediocre leagues combining together and then becoming the best league in the world? To me, the best league in the world is just whatever league. I want to watch or let’s say a league league la liga and epl merger to me personally, that would be the best league in the world at least the most exciting league in the world um.

I would love to watch barcelona, madrid against all these epl sites, but i just don’t get this whole idea of why they want to merge. Well, i knew i know why it’s a freaking bling, bling that’s, why but other than that? What else is a big benefit? Mls is already on the rise as a league in itself around the world, like they already are long ways away from what they used to be, whether you guys who hate them less like it or not. Mls is growing. It will overtake a lot of leagues around the world in popularity and in skill and just respect okay, but this is not the way to do it. Okay, if they want to skip that time frame, they still got years and years to go to be considered a big, a big league. But if they want to just fast forward and by doing it by joining with league of max thinking that they could fast forward. That that that grind it’s it’s, a bad move, okay, um, so let’s talk about the positives and negatives. Okay, the positives, um mls will be able to play against ligament sides more often um and then become as good as ligaments, but then still become mediocre compared to the rest of the world. So whatever now the negatives, okay, there’s a lot of them – and i maybe i’m gon na – be wrong about this in the future. But for right now i don’t, i don’t, see anybody changing my mind.

I just don’t can like it. Okay here are some negatives. First of all, like don garber, said in 2020 in december, mls is just run business wise completely different. They advertise differently, they spend more money on advertising than ligamex does at least the way i see it. Mls has a salary cap, ligamex is not, and i don’t see mls ever budget on a salary cap and also the mls has, of course, a cba. The collective bargaining agreement that ligamex is not okay, those three right there are negatives and just something they got to work out if they were to merge together. The second thing is the freaking travel it’s, already a pain to travel from canada or from cali all the way here to philly, like it’s it’s, a big travel, a lot of money and traveling, a lot of exhaustion for players and traveling that’s, just a big thing. Okay, and can you imagine traveling from toronto all the way down here to tijuana, like i don’t know, i really don’t know the geographical distance yet i’m, just i know it’s a freaking, long ways away: okay and that’s already something that affects the mls schedule, because the Whole traveling and time differences, and just how big north america is, and just even expanding it more and adding mexico to that big north american map of traveling of soccer traveling is insane um. The second thing is how they’re going to work this out um.

Are they going to do two conferences like they do now? Are they going to do like ligamex does has like the aperture and the glass just one big table for each each individual league um? Are they gon na finally submit and have promotion relegation um? I don’t see mls ever having promotional allegations, but maybe this could be a way they could have it, but if this is a way to get mls hat pro rel i’m, not for it, i promise you right now, um and also like. Are they going to do? The how usos do we now have in different divisions in each conference, who’s going to be in each conference like how are they going to sort that out each teams? Are they going to fit all these freaking 40 ish teams? Almost 5, almost 50 teams in one league, even if they’re split up in conferences and divisions, it’s still a lot a lot of playing time against each team. Just a lot of freaking travel um. I don’t know how it’s gon na work. Okay, i just don’t know how it’s gon na what’s gon na happen to mls what would happen to ligaments like those regular leagues? Will this big league become just their regular play league? You know mls uh and ligamex both compete in a complionist cup that was established in 2018, which is a competition where they have the league of mex champion and mls champion, go off against each other and see who would win.

I like that, i think, it’s, a good idea, it’s a good way to see to pit to obviously build a rivalry between both leagues again and then 2019. They came up with the champions cup or something like that where they have a couple of teams play against each other in a little knockout round. Whatever i feel like that’s. A little way like those competitions are a little bit like teaser to see how it would be to like slowly play against ligaments all the time. Okay, um there’s, not much else to say about this other than the fact that i just hate the idea i don’t want it to happen at all. I don’t want um, i mean i don’t think anybody can change my mind about it and if you guys think you can, let me know your positives and negatives down below i want to see. Do you guys think this would be a good idea for mls to combine leagues with mexico? I don’t know i’m just trying right now i don’t with it that’s all. I got to say as always. Thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe hit that like button and bell as well um follow twitter.

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