Côte d’Ivoire, Africa Cup of Nations, Ivory Coast national football team, Ethiopia ⚽ Ivory Coast vs Ethiopia ⚽ | Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers (30/03/2021) | PES 2021

First time in this competition, this season a genuine sense of occasion, a bit of fanfare. That goes with it. The mood is upbeat laced with a dose of nerves, which must be expected. The team news is in the teams. Themselves will be with us shortly. The atmosphere, predictably, wonderful. It is a venue this which simply adds to the spectacle of the game. It stages one of the most impressive arenas in this part of the world ivory coast, braced for their anthem, Applause, so a strong start essential for both teams. Here as they look to head towards the knockout stage, while peter i can tell you that both managers will have stressed the need for a very strong start here. Both i’ve also indicated a front foot approach. If that is the case, then i don’t think we’re going to be complaining at the end. I certainly hope we’ll be eulogizing there’s, an awful lot resting on this and we’ll probably end up reflecting on that Applause. There’S, the whistle Applause shooting chance Applause. What a great finish! But how about the touch it just allowed him to put the ball exactly where he wanted it and the rest became a formality. Ivory coast have an early lead good start, just starting to get the first signs of rain. Here, Applause, he gets past his man, Applause it’s, a very good battle. There, terrific to watch he’s gone for goal lacking in accuracy. Well peter, i would say it was worth a try.

Applause ivory coast have hit the front early a foothold in the game. Always when you score early, it gives you such a lift, and it casts doubt in the minds of your opponents at the same time and that pretty much sums up the difference in what we’ve seen. One team assured the other a little unsure dashing forward at pace. He’S left his man shut up goal. They did it Applause, the lightness of step, the sharpness of movement, the certainty of finish, that’s, always a great sight. You know on a football pitch, nimble footage showed great balance and a really cool head to finish. That kind of dribbling was really smart. Ivory coast take a two goal lead, and things should be comfortable from here on in well. That second goal has given them so much more command and confidence now, and they should be able to take it on from here and either add to their lead or or close it out. Surely, they’ll manage one or the other Applause. I certainly caught him. There it’s a free Applause, kick nicely controlled yeah. That does look a foul referee’s. Given a free, kick Applause and the ball is out of play going for goal. Oh that’s, a waste well peter. He clearly felt he was being invited to shoot and it wasn’t the worst decision. He could have made Applause 15 minutes till half time, Applause and he’s going long. Applause played out to the right going through it’s, the top one in tries to get it clear, seti he’s in he has a hit Applause, and surely that settles it.

That really was a thing of beauty curled in effortlessly. Well, the ball flight may be unpredictable, but the predictable part was the technique. It’S scream goal all the way Music, so ivory coast take a three goal lead and they are romping out of sight. Oh, that is rather wayward ivory coast. No, they can rely on the counter and they’ve just expressed a warning. Applause and it’s been given away Applause time added on will be two minutes. Applause gets it back. He hit half time well, there’s, plenty that can be said about the last 45 minutes. But one thing that cannot be said is that it’s dull one sided yes, but touch and excitement. This looks well and truly sewn up already peter, but please feel free to forget what i’ve just said. If there’s, a spectacular turnaround, ivory coast have established themselves in a position of absolute supremacy, an action packed 45 minutes and they have raced into a three goal, lead we’re, probably into the second 45 minutes change to either side during the break. Defense got the better of him this time, but i’m sure he’ll go again. Applause hoist it forward and he’s going to be pulled back for that one. He knew what was coming that’s a yellow card. I just think it was a cheap foul to give away yeah. It looks like a change of approach and it may just freshen things up: Applause, looking crossfield changing the point of attack seti, who does have an assist to his name, and he should have made it for well.

I think a little eagerness just got the better of we may have been thinking about backpage headlines. There Applause tries to switch to play now, it’s sahar, big relief. It just needed better contact yeah on another occasion. All that went wrong may come right. Applause Applause plays it out to the flank, loses his balance and loses the ball chance to break Applause. Zaha it’s, a loose ball cuts it out speculative strike, gave it a go, but off target look. It was achievable peter, but it needed his best. Applause and it’s paid forward promising cross he’s being kicked on here. Yeah, better communication and lots of contact seems to be that the route to quietly him down there, Applause and that has been clubbed away – Applause. Oh, that is an awful miss Applause and that’s it pretty much the ideal start and win on the first day and the platform on which to build.

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Côte d’Ivoire, Africa Cup of Nations, Ivory Coast national football team, Ethiopia #ዋልያዎቹ ከልምምድ በኋላ ቄንጠኛ ጭፈራ በ#ኮትዲቯር |ethiopian national team training | ethiopia vs cote d'ivoire