Gentry Academy, Hockey State Tourney and Frozen Four Predictions! Qs with the Beauts Style

Oh my god, i haven’t even had any caffeine today. In fact, i am running out of food. Welcome welcome to cues with the buttes. If you haven’t heard yes welcome to cues with the beauty they’ve already they’ve, already exited out of this video they’re like what the hell is, this be crazy like what in the hell um. No thank you for all of you checking out our youtube exclusive. Thank you to those that submitted questions for this week’s cues with the beats don’t forget to go check out this week’s podcast episode, where some of these we actually dive into a little bit more in depth with our guest mark rosen, but without further ado. Let’S get to the cues wow, okay, so question one from alicia: f predictions for the state tourney. I don’t care: oh ouch! Oh my god, i’m out, oh epigentry, jessie’s, pouting, hey gentry academy beats uh, beat myself saint paul, packers too, so i we can. Can we agree on that? We don’t like them right, move them up to double a get them out of here. Honestly, oh thank you honestly. That’S move them up. That’S yeah. They beat myself saint paul, packers uh on the girls side, uh um, in a pretty close matchup. That was a bit of a heartbreaker, so that was tough. I i mean i deal mostly with um uh double a schools for my high school sports broadcasting job. So i’ll kind of stick to that side of things.

Uh lakeville south looks like they could probably win it all they’re, really good hill murray. I wouldn’t be surprised if they win a second consecutive championship. They completely dominated whitebeard. I know it. Wasn’T white bears year this year, like last year, was their year if they had any but yeah i mean i was kind of surprised that hillary came out as strong as they did in that section. Final against the bears yeah – and i don’t like hillary, like i don’t – want them to to succeed. Um i’d rather have like, like the south win um but yeah like we’ll start we’re. Losing viewers left and right we’ve got gentry academy bill. Murray und fans are against us now: yeah it’s, uh. Sorry, we probably we’ve, dug ourselves a hole in this one, but uh yeah. I think lakeville south could do really well. Hill murray could do well um, even like st thomas academy, which is a coverage school for for um. My tv station that i work for covering high school sports um there um they’ve had some good um. You know good games this season and we’ve seen them a handful of times. They’Ve got jackson, hallam, who’s a um, a draft pick of the vegas golden knights. He is a man amongst boys. Let me tell you that uh when he plays, he stands out in a heartbeat, so a handful of teams that i think could do well um, but yeah between those three that i listed.

I would rather have it not be hail mary, but but somebody else you just went with double a then right. What about maple grove, that’s kind of a upset a little bit right, yeah 7, 0 over centennial well, and i really feel like this year. More than ever, like anything can happen, we still could have covered cases pop up and have teams be out of the turret like right, like if there’s that’s, still a possibility, and just with how weird the season has been, i fee. I felt this way with every league and every team and everything that i’ve watched this past year is, like anything, seems possible like i just because a team is playing really well or a team is playing really poorly. I don’t necessarily attribute that to to ultimate failure or success towards the end of the season. So, who knows what could happen as we’re, seeing with ncaa college hockey, you know notre dame is out now michigan is having some issues same, could go for high school sports, so we’ll see, i guess once it gets a little bit closer to some of those final Games who’s still out there, but yeah there’s there’s a handful of teams who could really do some damage uh for minnesota here, i’ll go class a even though matamina is not in it got routed. Seven to three. I made a bet with dame mizutani: go check out his podcast episode by the way just because he had to actually he was covering the wild game and he was covering the bottom media gentry academy game, and we were both like this isn’t looking good.

It was very sad for me, but um. No, i i’m more familiar with some of those class, a teams it’s a lot of the same teams that you’ve been seeing year and year again. You’Ve got your herman hermantown. In there you got east grand forks back in there. You got delano back in there, um anybody but gentry academy. I will cheer for anybody. Even i will even cheer for hermantown. I know i know i’d, like east grand forks. I think i’m going to choose these forks that’s, who i’m going to root for that’s going to be my team east grand forks let’s go don’t. Let me down i’m very spiteful. If you let me down we’re, so sorry gentry academy for all the i’m. Not sorry not apologizing, ever next question friend next question: we need to move on quickly salt jessie’s, going to go off on attention. This next question is from our boy, adam c, who do you think, is an x factor for the white caps. Besides goaltender amanda levier alexis, this is all you girl. I always get the floor when the white cap’s questions come off yeah i just don’t know. I always i feel terrible. I don’t know enough that i would yeah. No, i got you, i got you. I would have said amanda right, yeah. Well, that is an obvious one, because she is just such a big part of that team. But beside her i would say that um, i got a couple ally, thundstrom, another obvious answer, but when she’s playing well, the white caps are really really hard to stop and unfortunately, in the bubble she didn’t really have as good of a season.

As i think everyone expected and coming off of a season where you know she had, you know she was tied in the league for the most goals and she was just really you know she helped. The white caps beat the boston pride for their only loss of the season last year, and then she came into the bubble and didn’t have as good of a performance. As i think a lot of people expected granted. It was a you know, condensed season, and only so many games and and the bubble kind of got dismantled um. But if she’s playing well, they are hard to beat the other one that, i would say, is haley mack who’s, a rookie uh um she’s, a you love, haley, mcafee you’ve brought her up a few times yeah i have so she’s a former bemidji state. Beaver played well in the bubble. She um scored the shootout winner in that huge come from behind win against the toronto six early on in that season, and i think that she could kind of be like a dark horse. Almost like you wouldn’t necessarily expect her with all the talent that the white caps have to maybe stand out, but i think with how she played in the bubble if she can do a little bit more of that, especially if someone like ali thundstrom, maybe isn’t on Her a game for the next game or two um, someone like haley mack, could really stand out.

So i would say those two would be some big key pieces for the minnesota white caps. I like it, i won’t disagree. I will say the one thing i did notice about um for the white caps heading into this there’s been some discrepancy on players that they can add right. Yes, what’s the situation there, just for those tell better yeah so basically like they when it was in the bubble season. They they basically had some people who could come into the bubble, but they had to like quarantine and they had to test negative. And but you could make these roster changes now um. You know they’re kind of dealing with those same issues where it’s like okay. What are these rosters going to look like, and i know this morning, the league announced that there was zero positive cova tests heading into tonight’s games, and then the white caps were dealing with the fact that they will not have sydney baldwin playing for them defensively, which Is a bummer because she is a big part of that team as well, and i know there was a lot of comments coming out saying they are really going to miss her um as they try to claim another isabelle cup so yeah just because of coping and Stuff there is like some issues with that um, but i think the white caps have a healthy enough roster and have a good enough roster to still do some damage here in the semi final and hopefully a final game as well.

Good. To note next question fred next question comes from b, heinz heinz there’s like three z’s at the end. Wins are great but julie. The cat, gaffney goaltending and 11 shots on goal, obviously aren’t sustainable. What needs to change most for us to get back to playing complete games and i feel like jessie’s, just gon na throw out a three word answer and be done with it shoot. What three word answer shoot shoot. Oh, that is three words. Three shoot them shoot. The pie no shout out, i was gon na first shout out to the julia the cat gaffney reference i’m. Digging that uh mighty ducks reboot starts today, guys in case you forgot. I wonder if she looks decent compared to the rest of the team in that damn photo yeah i mean i didn’t age well either. So sure, though um no, i mean that’s just that there needs to be more shots on ned. I i not to just go back to that st louis game, where there were only 11 but in general again they’re, going back to trying to be too fancy trying to be too pretty, and you don’t need that i mean especially in today’s game. Any team doesn’t need that get the puck on net and somebody will be there to score the greasy goals. I mean that’s that’s, how you win. Games too. It doesn’t have to be this highlight reel and i think they got maybe a little too.

I don’t want to say cocky, but maybe too much swagger a little bit like oh we’re, putting up five against comfortable arizona coyotes like arizona coyotes like i probably could too yeah like shoot, put me and jesse on a line have fred center and we could probably Score the coyotes without darcy kemper for sure can do that, like no big deal whatever, but um yeah that’s, my biggest thing would be just to shoot the puck again we talk a little bit a lot about about uh scoring in this week’s episode be sure to Listen that alex is anything else that you want to add yeah kind of just a one step beyond that, as well is getting bodies to the front of the net. I think a lot of the time, because the wild have gotten more comfortable with their speed and with being able to score off the rush and making some of these fancier plays, that they didn’t have the really the ability to do in seasons past they stay to The outside a little bit more, they like the high cycle, they like the low cycle, but there’s not a lot of times where there’s they’re getting bodies to the to the net, especially like on the power play, which i think is part of the reason. The power play hasn’t worked so well. This season, um and the best way to get those dirty goals is to get bodies in front whether it goes off of your player, your opponent’s player, bounces and the goalie can’t see it and goes over his shoulder.

Good things. Can happen and chaotic things can happen in a good way when you put bodies in front of the net so i’d like to see the wild do a little bit more of that they’ve got guys. Who can do it guys, like zach parisi, that’s his whole game? Jordan, greenway, jewel erickson neck are all very good at playing that kind of game, and now you’ve got guys like carol caprice off who can shoot and um kevin fiala who’s got a great shot and jared spurgeon for the love of god is putting pucks in the Back of the net so get your body to the front of the net. Good things will happen, that’s. What i would say i mean just to have one smaller comment, like you said, zach for easy to me: that’s that’s, all his game, so you saw glimpses of him getting back he’s, obviously on covert protocol, not sure when he’s coming off of that, but um yeah He’S, one guy that you need him to turn that game back on. That is his game, because that’s that’s, where he shines and jordan greenlee nick buckstead, another guy too right he’s, got that big body scream the hell out of those goalies and and help your your outside guys get some of those shots in so good question. Thank you b. Thank you b next up, michael v. I love college hockey so i’m excited to see the tournament start. If you can’t pick your favorite team, who makes the frozen four for me, my favorite is north dakota, so i will pick mankato michigan wisconsin boston college.

I like where this is going. I guess right so i can’t pick minnesota because minnesota’s my favorite team um. I will say: mankato, i will say boston college was i hate to just pick the ones that he just picked: um wisconsin? Oh, it was that’s cole, caufield, baby, cold, jazz fields; i’m. Sorry, we literally just last episode: we’re like better death than red and now we’re like wisconsin i’m, not cheering i’m. Just i use my logical brain alexis all right, um, so yeah. Why, in my brain, is full of ill logic? Go eat a pickle, it’s, true um. Maybe i will that’s today modern modern insult against me: go eat, a pickle would ya and i will say i mean north dakota’s strong again this year, it’s hard to say that they’re not going to make it so north dakota mankato bc and uh wisconsin. Okay. My answer is for sure, not wisconsin and for sure, not north dakota, the guy who asked this question probably already isn’t tuning in because we just roasted north dakota into oblivion in the episode uh of this week. So so sorry, if he isn’t listening to this because he hates us now but um, i would probably say boston would probably be mine and then, if boston or boston, college, boston college, sorry very, very different. Thank you! Yes, boston, college um would probably be mine and then maybe the beavers i just i have a hard time with mankato, because mankato fans are obnoxious like they there’s.

So many other good dan myers ryan carter, yeah horns down. Am i right. Um yeah, like i just they’re so obnoxious and there’s so many other, like they always think they deserve better than what they’re getting and it’s like. No, that you there’s so many other like good teams here and like you know i just i have. I have a sour taste in my mouth over mankato fans, so boston college and the beavers will probably be my two picks all right fred. Do you have any insight? No, i don’t have any insight, but i will say that currently bemidji is taking a 3 1 lead over wisconsin, while we’re recording this just saying better. Why wouldn’t you tell me that before i picked wisconsin cut this we’re starting over, i pick bemidji to be wisconsin. Now we’ll leave it for the integrity of the podcast yeah we’ll. Tell them. We’Ve recorded this like a day before this sounds like a genius yeah exactly so that’s going to do it for this week’s cues. Thank you to everybody that submitted again be sure to subscribe.

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