Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Stephen Curry, NBA, Zach LaVine 📺 Stephen Curry on Vucevic/LaVine/Bulls; Kerr: Warriors “need a win”; Damion Lee on buzzer-beater

The bulls played you early in the season i’d like to get your thoughts on the trade with vuchevich. Coming to the polls. Thais is the bull amino’s coming over and uh what what’s your take on what’s happening in chicago i mean i haven’t talked about it much until today, just in terms of the game plan, but for i mean we know how amazing lucific has been playing for a While now you know a couple, all stars and and uh obviously with zach and what he’s been doing this this year, so um, big, pickup, form and i’m sure they’ll take some time to gel and figure out. You know how they’re gon na go about things, but you know i mean when you’re, adding talent that’s what every team wants to do. You want to add. You know at each position um some needle movers, that that’s you know what what vush can be for them and and hopefully they stay healthy. I think that’s, a big been a big part of of uh, probably their up and down from year to year, so see how it goes. Uh. Hopefully you know doesn’t go too well tonight seth. What have you seen out of zack’s growth this year? He just looks comfortable and confident that he can you know his pace is unreal and um. You know it seems like the game. The game has slowed down for him and and obviously when he’s shooting the ball well.

He’S. Tough, because he’s got such a quick burst. You got to respect, you know the drive, but he can also, you know, beat you from the outside, so um. I think, when a guy hits that sweet spot, where you know maybe three four possessions they hit you a bunch of different ways: that’s when you know that things have really clicked and they’re in complete control of the game and again the speed of the game and Just all those reads: just slow down and uh, i think he’s hit that he’s hit that sweet spot. I guess steve what’s, the what’s the mood um, knowing that you guys have lost four straight but having a practice having a day off yesterday and just the the feeling of getting back to work with the game tomorrow, yeah yeah much needed day off um. You know, i think the last two games were definitely demoralizing for for everybody um. I also know that uh we’ve been a really competitive team, all season and you know 72 hours ago, or so maybe it was 96 whatever it was uh. We came back from 24 down against a great team and you know had a great effort and a lot of stuff went wrong over the last few days. You know um, you know people people being sick, just you know obviously still missing steph uh running into a couple of hot teams, uh and uh. You know so maybe i’m making excuses.

But i i think what i like to do is really try to see the forest for the trees, and i understand this team better than anybody and i have no doubt we’re going to bounce back and the way we have to do. That, though, is with better defense for sure we did not defend at a high level at all last two nights: last two games and uh. We got to get back to that coach mark, haynes being that you guys been struggling. The last few games um getting this practice in. Do you kind of turn up the pace during practice, or is it more of a slow down pay attention to details, type thing? Well, you go over detail and you you definitely get up and down the floor. A little bit anytime, you have a day off as a player, you need to feel a scrimmage situation just to get your legs and your rhythm back. So we did some of that, but we went over our defense with a lot of detail, uh and then uh had a really good good, day’s work and now it’s uh time to time to get some rest and bounce back tomorrow. Do you recognize this bulls team that you’ll be facing considering the trades they just made yeah, i haven’t had a chance to watch their game uh from last night against san antonio, so i’ll do that and uh get a get a look. Obviously, some big changes – and you know getting getting vooch – is a big deal, he’s a great player, so uh yeah.

They will be formidable for sure. You mentioned the confidence you have in you guys the rest of the season, but does this feel like an urgent moment for you? Then you know considering what’s come before maybe getting steph back and i mean the seas there’s, not that much time left yeah. It does anthony, i think, um and we’ve had a few of these moments during the season where you could just sense all right. We need to win, you know we need to win a game, and each time we have felt that our team has responded and so i’m very confident that we’re going to respond and we’ve got a really good opportunity down the stretch with well. We have 26 left 26 games, left uh we’re right in the thick of it of everything, so a great opportunity and um yeah. This is you know, coming at a time where we’ve lost four in a row, we’ve been without steph, uh we’ve had had some things. Go against us been hitting the mouth a couple times we got to respond. Do you know too much about the trades that the bulls made they? I think, they’ll have four at least four new players for this. For this game uh, i know busavich went there. Uh i’m not sure whom else. To be quite honest, i try not to follow too much of that stuff um, but i mean even with uh lucifer on the team, that’s a huge difference maker.

You know zach levine’s, a great player, so uh i’m excited to be able to compete against him booster, along with the rest of the chicago bulls, but i think that’s a huge pick up for them. I really like vucevich’s game uh, very physical construction, floor, uh, he’s, a he’s, a he’s, a tough matchup for sure so um. I think, they’re more competitive steve explained that the last two losses, especially were really demoralizing. What was the mood at practice? How are you guys feeling getting ready for a game tomorrow? Uh they were very demoralizing, especially for me. I think they were very winnable games. I was super frustrated after the last game, just because i’m such a competitor, and i know that we can win uh those games. I know that we should have won those games um. What i’m learning, though, in this league, it’s a long season, can’t harp on things that have passed too long? You know we still got a lot of games to play, but with that being said, obviously we still have to uh learn from our past mistakes and build on that and uh correct them. So uh, i think, guys, are ready to compete, obviously with steph being in practice, there’s a different uh, energy and so uh. I think everybody really prefers to have him on the floor than not so i think, there’s a different approach approach. After the day there was, you know some smiles, and so i came in with smiles.

Everybody came in uh with some good energies, so hopefully that just carries over into tomorrow damian. What was the last time you played the bulls. You had that buzzer beater three. What do you remember about that? What do you remember about that game? Kind of starting off the season with that with that first one um it’s a dope night, um yeah, i mean just obviously it’s close game. Steph was going crazy and um. You know we had a chance to take the lead. I believe we were down one uh. One 128 127, something like that and uh. You know had a chance to take the lead and you know: uh seth was the first option. Wigs was the next option and then you know luna and i had that connection and then uh, you know, shot the shot and made the shot and got the win. Did you say you and noon had that eye contact right, you’re like if you get if it it’s, if it looks like it’s gon na, be a five count for you to get this ball in balance, just give it to me yeah and that’s. That sounds like you know: teammates who’ve been working together for a while yeah. No definitely i mean luna and i you know ever since i’ve been i’ve been in the organization we’ve. You know kind of had this connection, where you know just understanding what his spots are. Where my spots are, you know whether playing hit handbag or him getting the ball.

You know in the post and you know just kind of playing off pick and roll. So um one of those situations – and you know it was uh. You know worked out in our favor that night and you know sort of when i sort of got us our first win um in this season. So thanks garrett jamie. Does this feel like an urgent moment in your season? I mean obviously you’ve had some losses, but you might get stuff back there’s, not that much time left in the season. Does this feel, like you know the beginning of of uh an urgent moment? Um i mean i, i guess you could say that, but not necessarily trying to put like the pressure on it. I mean knowing that you know we have lost four in a row and you know we need to. You know, get back to the basics and i think today was a really good practice for that for us um. So you know obviously going forward can’t necessarily fully um. You know rely on. You know one person everyone has to you know as they said in the post game. You know look themselves in the mirror and understand what their role is and continue to bring that every single night. So we can, you know um start closing games out or you know getting pissed off about getting blown out um, so that’s, really where it comes from. For that and uh you know starts tomorrow.

Obviously this is our next game and then you know we have this three game road trip coming up so not to take a day a day at a time day by day, but you know it starts tomorrow.

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