Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Stephen Curry, NBA, Zach LaVine URRY RETURNS!!! Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights REACTION!!

He made his return again tonight. Let’S check out what happened: bro, we’re gon na start over three. Two and one for wise men: this could be a bit of an education there, williams little floater, the fourth pick and the drag ten year old from florida state. They like him being assertive that’s, been one question mark with. Does you want to rotate get back square in field goal, percentage, three point shooting and the free throw line, muchovich the seal and the finish just an all around problem, both teams very efficient, offensively, the first three minutes of the game: draymond attacking draymond that was going To be a lob anyway has really got to figure that out, because wise was having a tough time getting to it and they’re having a easy time finding weinsman on those lobs. We should not get beaten down the court if he can help it. He just had a head start on him, wiggins kind of a reload three and made it in zach levine and muchovich shot clock down to eight. You know what’s coming well daddy’s just tracked. The ball figured out where he was going hurry, catch and shoot honest effort. All the time, patrick williams, from the field of 38 percent on threes he’s, a solid three pointer, he’s, really improved as stefan offensive rebounds become threes still moving well wing hits for three. If you’re getting foul trouble, this game there’s a big problem so good start.

So far, looney with three seconds left damien lee plays, beat the clock and drops into three beast mode. Mazemore’S fighting through these screens levine’s gon na hit a few, but levine is fourth in three points for three you see chicago. This is a reason why they’re top ten, his defender just bothered it from behind you just want to keep coming you’re fighting over, but you keep coming jordan, pull that little side step. I, like patrick williams, goleta he’s, something here, let’s get threatening drives all over the place, then that three ball is working now. This is the growth of wiseman. Here all right, he’s gon na pass that one down got a good big man battle going here. Absolutely dude. There’S, a better shooter wiggins is super hot right. Jordan’S got to get out of the lane shot clock in one draymond recognize it bales is i love that clay just went nuts with that one in there that was a short bread, that’s levine that’s being back. Does for the team? The flow is just there. Oh that’s, a nice finish by saturn. He just doesn’t want it. He’S threatening i’m, just i’m, just saying his friend, oh wiggins and wiseman. If connected luchovitch has ubri on a switch, draymond came to double patrick williams. Back into buchevich, good hands, Applause all right: this is a grow up move here for weisman daddy’s young trying to get left and you got to help there on the cutting warriors.

I love kate, scott and there’s, a talented group of – oh my god. Oh my god. This is crazy, draymond ran twice off the line and, if you think about them well, they were loaded up because of muchovich. Buchevich is unselfish finishing at the rip this season – archie diacono in williams, or is it pretty locked in defensively it’s? Just this bulls team won’t go away snap for three: yes, sir williams, he’s, definitely they’re trying to finish strong, got a little separation. Now, momentum going to the fourth marking in for three that’s, a big shot for the bulls joining down this third, not a lot of separation is baseboard, creates it so cool uber, david lee looney and baseboard you’re plus 11.. What are you as baseboard hits? A three chicago turnovers have been the problem for the bulls: damien was falling out of bounds, looney saved the day, there’s paul cutting. That was a good play. That was a good save damian. Lee did well to save that one and looney he didn’t just sit at the three point that he is young. The whip pass inside zadaransky with the shot clock at seven back to thaddeus young, the jordan pull from deep ubrave fighting for that rebound kelly just got a good bounce, save the turnover to jordan, pull shot clock that’s a tough post up, that’s, well, bailed him out. You’Re saying wiggins, he was looking to wise for the whole time and then said i’m 21 to back up curry’s 32.

. I love that all five starters are double figures. Got him that’s that’s, really cool. He took off from union city there to try to know he’s a rookie. I just really drop a like comment share and subscribe and i’ll catch y’all.

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