Guess, Telfar, Handbag Bag Unboxing and Review| Large Black Telfar| Small White Telfar

My name is zada and i make shakara all day long, yes, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha it’s. A video, hey, y’all it’s, your girl, that’s, a guy and i’m back with another video it’s been a while, but i’m. So glad to post another vid, as you can tell by the title today, i’m talking about my televised, the unboxing or second unboxing. I couldn’t wait this long to open my top fires but i’m very excited to show y’all what i got, but before we get there let’s sing the song five six, five, six, seven eight! My name is ada and then all day long. So you wanted it until fire and baby. I ordered these tail fires months ago. I ordered them when they had like the bag security program, bad promise, basically, where you order a bag and they’re like it’s gon na come in like three months. We just let you know, because we’re gon na make them and send them to you. So i was like well, i want a couple and i might as well get it so. Okay, it came in a box, of course, but then they came in their own little bag. We got two so the first one is this white? How far in small as you can see, as you can see what i’m saying i love it, it’s cute, it can be paired with so many outfits. I already have in my mind and it’s.

Just cute. You put your little essentials in here your little. Your little coin purse uh, you know, soul. You know gum cards, whatever put your keys in here, it’s, just cute it’s, just like a such a cute bag. So definitely love it. Nice material. You know i could tell it was made specifically for me: smells fresh like fresh new, like material fabric, whatever they use. You know what i’m saying so yeah. This is cute for on the go brunch going out for a night out. You know just cute simple. Nothing too heavy just in and out so i definitely like this one and i’m excited to rock. It i’m excited to be able to go outside, be able to say we’re outside with it, and i will be wearing this so far, and then the big kahuna and the material is slightly different, like the big one feels a little bit more like lush. You know a little bit more, i don’t know, but this one. Ah, it gives me bigger vibes and i just love it in black. Like imagine how many things i can wear this with like baby, this is giving me carry on. You know carry on vice travel bag like it’s, just oh that’s getting too but anyway, but yeah. I just definitely love it like. I can’t wait to wear it this one it’s very big, honestly, like you can fit a laptop in here. You can fit a school bag, not a school bag, all your school stuff, basically, if you’re into that, but if you’re not into that.

This is really like an all purpose bag like it’s. Just i love it and right now it’s been chilling because we can’t even go outside for real but i’m, so excited like. I was so happy when it came like. I basically ordered it and then just told myself to forget about it, because you know when you order something and you’re just looking at the tracking code like okay, okay, okay, but for me i knew this one wasn’t gon na come for months and after all of That time, when it came, i was surprised i was excited for me. It came in like early january and i ordered it in like september. I wanted i don’t even know if it was september, but it was, it was definitely in the fall, so it might have been september. Whatever the telfar bag security program was that’s when it was, and i love it. This is black owned. Oh the pleasure black owned. You know – and i just love that love that for us love that for me i have a lot of other black owned products that i love to wear and try on, and everything like that so yeah. I would say that i like this one. I would say that i, like the utility of this one, like i can put so much in here, like i don’t, even know where to begin like you know, so i definitely love it and that’s all for my tail for haul, and i also saw the baby Blue one that one was super pretty um, my friend has it and i love it, and i love that for all of us who are supporting our black owned business.

You know black people can create our own luxuries. You know so love that here are my tough hearts. Thank you for watching i considered getting like the medium bag, but i was like trying to think of like where i go, that i normally wear a bag so like, if i’m going somewhere. Do i normally need like a medium amount of stuff? I usually either need a small amount of stuff or a big amount of stuff. If that makes sense, so i don’t know i decided to go with the big and the small and in the future, i’ll probably expand my collection. I want to go for a medium next, probably like the brown. I love brown but um. This particular fabric right here. Just feels so nice like this feels like premium material, and i love that i love that so that checker out is out. That is all i have to say about these tail fires. I love. I would recommend i’m a fan it’s, giving luxury it’s, giving black luxury sing the song sing the song, but with class.

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