Guess, Telfar, Handbag vs Guess ! Do Dripvestigations Work?

You already know what’s popping with me so let’s actually get on reddit y’all know how it goes. You post stuff on here and i’ll look into it and please don’t promote your brand on here. It’S just cringe. Okay, so today we are going to talk about the guests versus tail. Far uh debacle that’s been blowing up recently um. I just posted this. So, as you can see, guess um on the right side is: has this g g logo tote – and this is the obviously the iconic telfar tote? So, of course, it started on twitter, where the gays and girls basically just went in on guests and called them out and basically said that you know this is dripping off until far. If you don’t know telfar uh, telfar clemens started his brand in, like 2005 bros been working out of new york and he’s, just gotten bigger ever since just been getting more prizes and more wins, and just putting on for his community, which is obviously the gay black Community, so my boy, bibby gregory, said guest and boss, logo, jito and telfar medium shopper. Right, you can see the handles is kind of the same and all that let’s go into the thread because you know they have threads on twitter and they like to go away. All right, so my boy gregory, he said i think, the most annoying and yet interesting part of this fact that a company like guests, has the capital and resources to produce this bag in great quantities.

When the original designer could not make an interesting point there – and it really just speaks to the lack of access granted to black designers, the account of capital, the lack of resources, the industry provides them, ah so y’all making this a black thing now all right, i Guess i see where you’re going with it, it might be true, not discounting it. I mean there’s. Definitely an agenda um to keep a lot of black people out or down in the fashion industry kind of the whole kind of was built upon elitism, classism and obviously that falls under the umbrella of racism uh. So let’s look at this yep diaproto was on it. You know they had to get on it so right between. So what does the diet product caption say, see dai prada said in between dodging their ceo’s sexual harassment, lawsuits guests found time to uh, get inspired by telford global’s iconic shopping bag. There we go sjw well diet, product, always bringing in some that’s, not, you know irrelevant to the actual story, but they they blow up people’s spots. So, like diet prada like sometimes i forget, they do fashion and because they do so much sjw social justice warrior. You know talk and things like that shout out to them, though i mean, if you don’t, know about diet product recently, they’ve been sued actually for defamation. They got sued by for defamation by um, dolce and gabbana. They sued them for, like 600 million and a lot of money for defamation, for, like a post, that uh dolce gabbana deleted off to instagram.

That was apparently anti asian um back then and diaprata who one of the editors is actually asian american. You know called it out and they got a lot of heat for it and i guess long story short dolce gabbana suffered a lot of losses, a lot of revenue, losses to that and damn damage to brandon. They basically suing them and then diaprada makes like a whole gofundme raises like almost 40 000 to combat legal fees from uh. You know this dolce gabbana’s lawsuit but uh that’s a whole nother story out to them. They had to bring in that little dig with the ceo they always keeping up with that so yeah more black twitter outrage. I hope telfar sues the hell out of y’all at guess. 11K. Read this check out at least 12k retweets 58 likes 58 000 likes come on man. Not only did they completely rip telfar’s design, they blatantly disregarded a black queer man rather than enter into a design deal. They just stole all the while they have yeah. We get it stealing from blacks, not cool, and i said i had to get vain one time i said, and they said drip investigations don’t work because if you can tell the update was guess has stopped the sale of its g logo totes after receiving backlash from Social media, social media, wow, so bullying works, drip investigations, work who would have thought okay, yep complex reports says updated yesterday, uh in a statement provided to complex signal brands, guest handbag license c stated that it has stopped the sale of the totes with regard to the Feedback from social media signal brands, the head handbag, licensee of guest inc, has voluntarily halted the sale of its g logo totes.

The company stated some on social media have compared the toasted tail fires. Global shipping shopping bags signal brand does not wish to create any impediment to telfar global success and, as such, has independently decided to stop selling the g logo. Totes come on bro y’all really got pressured by they didn’t create totes bro. They didn’t tell if i did not create totes: okay, okay, you know so that’s insane. They paid you to license that through through your brand. You can just not sell it. Yeah y’all just fell through on that agreement. Okay, so let’s see what baby gregory this dude uh has to say about it, because i guess he’s like the dude to talk about telfar stuff, so telfar cannot sue for the bag design itself. However, they can try to prove that guests infringed on their logo design. It’S, really not that simple as suing zara does not lose cases. Yeah yeah it’s, not that simple, how there’s no case they have no real case. They ca. I mean embossing on uh handbags that’s been done thousands of times before telfar was even a thing. So to say that they stole even hellfire’s logo they’re, not it’s, not gon na handle in court it’s not going anywhere. This is social media outrage. This is cancel culture, um in real life and i’m, saddened that they actually took it down, but but i guess it works. I mean it’s cool to know that the internet has that sort of power, but this is, it is just i don’t know bro.

This is sjw politics. This is a that diet. Product covers it’s, not it’s, not that i really truly care about, because honestly i’m, a dude. Why do i need to buy a telford tote? I don’t it has no relation to me. I i can’t relate dudes, be out here with tail fire bags and reselling them and that’s the grind but uh. As far as me and my taste um shout out to telfar, i seen a few of his pieces. He makes some pretty cool clothes. The totes they’re, like the it item for black women and gays and black dudes in general, and just love black people, just loved hellfire bro. I mean he came a long way and i think, since he got snubbed for you for the you know the gap deal, it could have been tough our gap. He got snubbed by yeezy, but obviously he’s a bigger brand. So of course he got that since then. I, in like 2020, i think his stock has been rising and he’s gon na be one of the biggest like he’s his his is gon na be mark jacobs level like level of hype behind this, like love, marc jacobs, purses and bags, and and they’re gon na Love telfar’s man and they they come and they rally for him. So that’s hats out to the his fans and the fan base um shout out to y’all for going so hard and actually getting this taken down like that is is pretty cool man.

It really puts it into perspective what these companies are looking at and how far your voice reaches on the internet. But let me know what y’all think is this.

What do you think?

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