I am rocking this beautiful chanel classic medium to large silver hardware in caviar leather, and i just wanted to do a video and show you guys as to what fits in my bag and show you also my new organizer, that i’m carrying in this beautiful bag. But before we start, please make sure to leave a like subscribe to my channel and also comment down below and also don’t forget, to hit the bell icon so that every time i upload a new video, you will be notified. So without any further ado, let’s start. So, as you can see, i purchased this bag around six months back and it’s already been six months so fast. I know during pandemic. I barely use this bag, but i have used, i would say, not a whole lot. I have used just like probably two or three times so i thought i’m just going to show you and i have recently purchased a zumoni organizer and i’m also going to do a review and show you how zoom on your organizer is in my bag. Right now. Actually, i’m carrying a lot of things in my bag and also i’m going to show you guys my mini portion if this also fits in or no but yeah. So let me just show you my bag right now, and this is how it looks. It has nice cc logo, as you can see, and this is six months old, guys, it’s beautiful, shiny caviar, leather it’s gorgeous, and this is from side back and i love this bag, especially because of this beautiful cc, turn lock and it’s absolutely shining.

I love this pack, okay, so i’m, just going to show you uh as to how i’m carrying this today, it is pretty heavy, as you guys are going to see how much i’m carrying inside – and i also like this nice caviar leather, because, as you can see, The quilting on it is really nice and puffy, which i really like, because that’s what i always look for, if i’m buying a classic bag and also the chain, is very nice, as you can see, it’s beautiful, and this is from top by the way you can Wear this on a single strap on your shoulders or you can wear it like. This is double strap but yeah. Let me show you what’s in this beautiful bag, as you can see, it has a turn lock, which opens, and then this has a double flap with nice zipper which is really useless, because i do not put anything inside and there is one pocket right here. I do not use that pocket at all and then there is one bucket right here which is jam packed right now. So i i really can’t put anything inside it’s tight and, as you can see, it’s filled in quite a lot. I don’t know if you can see, i have lots of things inside and yes, i did purchase zumoni organizer and i thought i’m going to use it today and see how i like it. So i thought i’m going to put all my things and show you all.

As to how many things fit in this one – and i would say these are kind of my daily essentials that i like to use it in all my bags – and i was just wondering with with my zoomonia organizer whether this would fit in or no without zoom. On your organizer, i feel my mini project would fit much better inside that’s. What i feel but yeah i mean i don’t – want to really carry my many pochettes since everything fits in here and then there are all compartments, as you can see, i’ve organized it pretty. Well, so let me just actually remove this organizer and show you guys how i’m carrying my bag today and by the way you can see this beautiful made in france with burgundy interior and this gorgeous cc logo right here. I absolutely love this bag, guys absolutely love! It so let me just remove and show you guys so, as you can see, i’ve already removed my organizer outside, and this is how it looks from inside now it’s. So new. As you know, i have not used this bag a whole lot. I would say around three times at the most it’s a gorgeous pack, but yeah. Let me just and by the way this bag has two pockets inside right there and one lipstick pocket. So let me just close and show you how this bag looks. Okay, so all right, so this organizer i just purchased recently and uh.

I always watched it on youtube, so many videos about how they organize their bags, and i thought you know what i think i should get it. But i mean you really don’t need an organizer for this chanel bag because, as you know, this bag is really well structured. This is very well structured bag and you really don’t need an organizer, but just if you want to protect your bag from interior, i mean it’s a good advice that you have any kind of good organizer, because that way you don’t have to worry with leather or Stains or anything i feel so that’s the only uh that’s, the only reason i ended up getting an organizer so cut so that i would protect my bag but yeah as you can see. I already have lots of things inside this, so let me just start off. Let me just do it at an angle, okay, so this is my first item and this is called louis vuitton coin purse, and this is a christmas edition. 2020.. I absolutely love this one, and this is a nice shiny, hardware, yeah and then i have my stuff inside. As you can see, i have my hairband headphones. You can use this for coins, but my cards don’t fit in inside inside, so i use usually use it for my headphones and this is a nice smooth zipper and i really like this piping red it’s, beautiful vivian. So my sec second item, i would say, is chanel card holder, it’s beautiful, as you can see, it’s, nice and shiny, and this is also silver.

It matches my pores it’s beautiful. This also has a nice smooth zipper and then i have all my cards. You can put cash and then this has three compartments right here, where you can put in. I really like this one, because it fits a ton. Then i have my six key ring holder, which is like a must for me to put in all my bags. If you want to protect your bag, i think it’s good to have this, but when you have it organized you don’t have to worry about it. You know but yeah. I have this keys and my car keys and all that stuff so really love it, and i have my cream. This is by bath and body works, it’s a shea butter hand cream and rose it’s beautiful. So my next item is dior eddie gloss and the number for this is eight seven four i don’t know if you can see this is a beautiful color and i really love this. I do apply this a lot it’s a beautiful shade, so yeah. I love this one then i definitely have my mask, which is must needed right now. So my next item is double mint gum. Then i have my band aid. Somehow i like to keep banded and i also like to keep soft picks. You never know tissues. This is antibacterial ocean hand. Gel. This is good, must need it right now. I have this uh sample of a perfume tom ford, and this is, i think, jasmine.

I love this smell. This is such a great smell. I love it yeah and this by the way. This organizer is zumoni and it is kind of similar to the burgundy color, which is an interior of my bag and that’s. Why? I chose this color and this has a nice big compartment, then four slots here where you can put your credit cards or anything you want. This also came with this small pouch. Actually, credit card does fit in this, so it’s kind of nice, but yeah i like to keep my band aid or anything inside it’s kind of nice of them to give that and then again this is zumoni name but yeah. I really like this one i mean i would definitely recommend everybody to get some kind of organizer for their bags. I think it’s a great way to protect your bag from any stains or any kind of lipstick, or you never know. Even i would say this antibacterial spill because you you don’t, want to have accidents right, i mean these bags are so expensive, so yeah i mean that’s why i ended up getting this organizer. So here are all my things that i did put in my bag. Just to show you all as to how this bag looked with organizer and it’s a great way to protect your bag so i’m, just going to show you guys how my mini portion also fits inside. So let me just show you how many things would fit in right here.

I have this mini pochette in denier eben and i did purchase this – i think somewhere in september or october of last year – and i really love this one with this red interior. So anyway, i’m going to show you guys, i just put everything inside i have my um cream. I have dior lipstick. I have my gum now i’m going to put my sanitizer. Let me just adjust this side. I have my sanitizer right here. Let me put my soft picks, then i also have bended. I have some tissues and then i have my mask it’s not like you need to put everything inside, but i thought i’ll just actually i’m going to remove my sanitizer and my mask since i’m, going to be using it so yeah. Let me just show you: i have all this necessary things that i decided to put in, so let me just put it in this organizer as you can see, it fits in pretty well, and now i have this mask that i could put it right here on My side right here then i have my sanitizer, which i can put right here. I also have actually i’m going to take my wallet chanel, as you can see, it’s already tight with this mini pochette, so i mean we have to really decide whether i really need so many things or no i mean i feel like it makes this bag really Bulky so here it is, you have to adjust little bit, so i don’t think there’s a room for any other things unless i edge just a little bit, but still, i feel like this is getting little tight yeah.

As you can see, this is getting tight. So i cannot really put put it the other way but yeah. This is how it can fit the more it’s already tight. I would say i mean if you ask me uh if i would carry it like this. No, i would not definitely carry it. So many things like this, because this bag really becomes bulky, and this is one fit inside, as you can see so really doesn’t make sense for me to carry this mini pochette without without mini, pour shed. I think the items are fitting much better, but even then i would say items do get very tight. My bag does get very tight and heavy, which uh i feel like it’s, not a good idea to carry um so many things so yeah. So i mean whatever necessary things i like to carry i’m going to carry otherwise uh, which i really don’t need the most i might remove, because i don’t want to uh, give too much um like weight on my straps and with this bag. Since i don’t want to stretch it but yeah, so i might have to remove this coin force, probably and then it should be fine, but yeah guys. So i just wanted to show you with my new bag organizer as to what fits in my bag and uh. How i was going to carry today, but definitely i’m going to remove this coin purse, but yeah this was it in today’s video guys so guys yeah.

I wanted to show you all as to what’s in my bag, in this beautiful chanel, classic medium to large caviar, silver hardware and yeah, and my new bag organizer so yeah. This is it guys in my today’s video as to what i was carrying in my bag and if you guys have enjoyed today’s video, then please make sure to leave a like subscribe to my channel and also comment down below and also don’t forget, to hit the Bell icon so that every time i upload, a new video you’ll be notified. I’Ll see you guys in my next video guys.

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