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Quarterback. Where do you think we stand with the jets there albert, i think, they’re still open to moving darnold. I think if somebody had given them their price, they may they may have moved him already, and i think that price is probably around a second round pick and something else uh, maybe in between, like what um the the niners got for alex smith all those years Ago, which was two twos and what the cardinals got for josh rosen um in 2019, which is a two and a five um, so you know, i think, they’re still, you know very open to to listening to offers. Eight teams have called them on sam darnold, so there has been some level of interest um. You know and i think, for the the new gm um joe douglas who’s, been there for a couple years now. Actually, the new coach uh robert sala, really the ideal for them, was to be able to see the quarterbacks throw live and get all of their medicals before moving darnold or making a final decision to move. Darnold and zach wilson throws tomorrow. Justin fields throws next week. So, by the time we get to the middle of next week, the jets are going to have seen everyone throw live, and i think they’re going to have a better idea of what they’re looking at with the byu quarterback with the ohio state, quarterback back they’ve. Obviously, already seen lands throw, so i still think the likelihood is they take zach wilson and find a way to move sam darnold um, but they’ve been trying to.

I think, like kind of, i guess, maintain some level of flexibility here until they actually get to see these guys, throw and it’s important to remember dan, too it’s a very different year, scouts really weren’t on the road in the fall. There was no combine, so you know joe douglas physically has not been eye to eye with zach, wilson or justin fields yet and making a final decision on one of those guys without actually being able to size them up. Um. You know with your own eyes, to tie your job security to that guy, which is what you’re doing, if you take a quarterback second overall it’s, a scary thing to do so. These are an important couple days ahead for the jets, but also leverage wise that you don’t want to chip your hand if you’re the jets that you still want to have that mystery of. Are we keeping darnold uh? Do you want that number two pick? If you trade darnold, then everybody knows what you’re doing with the number two pick right and i i think they i mean they still really like darnold. You know like that’s the thing about it. They really do like sam um. You know, i think they just feel. Like at this point, they either have to go all in on him or cut the cord, um and really that’s, logistically where they are in the contract. You know after three years you know the way these contracts work with uh, with first round picks that’s, where the decision point comes that’s when you have to make a decision on the fifth year option, these guys become eligible for long term deals at the same time.

So you know you’re sending a signal what you think of the guy after year, three, because you have to make the decision on the fifth year option. You have to make a decision on whether or not to extend them and so that’s sort of why. I think they are where they are with sam. Would they like to see him for a couple more years sure you know like if they had them at a good rate, that’d be fine. The fact is, they’re going to they’d have to pay them almost 20 million dollars to keep them in 2022, which makes that decision. I, i think, a little more difficult, but you know to your point: you know maintaining you know the the mystery till draft day. I might be the smart move it’s what the cardinals did right cardinals wouldn’t. I wouldn’t tip their hand to anybody now. I think some of us knew that kylo murray was probably going to be the pick for a couple weeks leading up to that draft, but they held on to josh rosen all the way up until draft day and didn’t move him actually until the day after they Took kylo murray, i was also told by source the safest pick in the draft aside from trevor lawrence. You want to guess, besides trevor lawrence, yes kyle, pitts, patrick certain, okay, yeah, okay yeah said that that’s interesting. I like certain’s interesting in that he’s got nfl bloodlines he’s, like his tape, is like very, very clean.

What they say about certain is that maybe he doesn’t have the ceiling that virginia tech’s, caleb, farley or south carolina’s jc horn have like he’s, not quite the freak athlete that those guys are, but i think i mean, i think, whoever told you that dan i 100 See what they’re saying because um you know he’s sort of i mean just i mean i i i can’t imagine you find too many nfl people that would look at him and not think this guy’s a 10 year starter in the league. Now will he become darrell? Rivas, you know – maybe horn or farley have a better chance of being that sort of player, but i don’t think there’s any question that there’s a consensus that certainly is going to step into the nfl and be a really solid player. All right explain to me what’s going on with green bay because it feels like it’s either something good for aaron, rodgers or it’s, something bad for aaron rodgers yeah. Well, i think all the talk of the um. You know the of the renegotiation and i think one thing we all have to remember here when, when players restructure, their contracts, they’re really not giving up anything right, um they’re, basically moving money around and sometimes they’re getting the cash in their pocket faster, which can help The team from a cap standpoint that’s all that’s, really happening in most of these cases. There are cases where there are pay cuts.

This isn’t going to be one of those, and there are in a lot of cases um, you know triggers in the in the player’s contract, where they can do these things automatically. I think that the packers, if they’re, going to restructure, aaron rodgers they’re, going to go to him first and to me like this, would seem to be like an elegant solution. Right like if you go to aaron rodgers – and you say: okay like we’re, going to continue building the team that we’ve built and we’re going to can we’re not going to veer off of the way that we’ve tried to put this whole thing together. But we’re going to work with you so we’re going to restructure you we’re going to get some money in your pocket a little bit earlier than than you would have gotten it otherwise and we’re going to use the cap savings to go. Add player x, player y or player z to me, like that. That would be a very elegant way of addressing the concern that aaron rodgers has that the packers aren’t working with enough urgency working with, say the urgency. The chiefs have what patrick, mahomes or the buccaneers have with tom brady and saying, like. Okay, like we’ve, got x amount of cap space we’re going to work with you to try and improve the team, but we’re still not going to veer off of what our principles have been in. Putting this whole thing together, but i at some point: what are the packers doing with jordan love? Because the the benefit is the rookie contract, but we don’t know if he can play and at some point don’t either.

You admit you made a mistake or you you say to aaron rodgers after next year. Aaron thank you, but now we got it. I mean this is the reason why you moved up in the draft to get him in the first place. I think the comparison that you want to look at here, like everybody out there listening, wants to look at, was the patriots drafting jimmy garoppolo in 2014, when the patriots took jimmy garoppolo tom brady was getting older. He wasn’t pleased with his contract situation and, like i think, the patriots knew that was going to go up tom brady’s tailpipe. At that point, one of two things was going to happen right: okay, either a tom brady was going to be reinvigorated and challenged and play at the top of his game or b brady was going to age and they were going to have a guy in place To replace him, i think the exact same thing applies here. I think the logic for the packers and taking jordan love last year was identical. You you bring them in right and you hope that maybe, where the relationship’s gotten a little strained, now you get a super motivated player. What happened? He was the mvp of the league right and so, like you get this super motivated player and going forward. Now you also have the potential successor on the roster, and so if he falls off at all over the next two or three years well, then, you know you’ve got a tough decision to make, but at least you’re, not in the wilderness.

Looking for a quarter net, quarterback you’ve got an answer there on the roster and like what’s the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario i like i don’t, even want to call this the worst case scenario i mean in brady’s case what happened. Brady keep kept beating garoppolo out, i mean belichick started to build a team for like the brandon cooks trade when they trade for brandon cooks. That was for jimmy garoppolo. That was a receiver that fit jimmy garoppolo’s skill set and brady kept playing at the level that he had been playing um. You know over the course of the first 15 years of his career after the jimmy garoppolo trade, tom brady won three super bowls. In five years and the patriots wound up having to trade jimmy garoppolo, so that would be like i mean like to me: it’s like it’s, either a rogers age is out and you’ve got jordan. Love on the roster to replace him or b rodgers plays his ass off and now all of a sudden, two years from now you’re you’re, in a position where maybe you have to think about trading. Jordan love albert brier, the senior nfl reporter for uh the mmqb. I was wondering about the texan situation with deshaun watson. I don’t know what they knew and when they knew it because let’s say in january they knew that this was lurking. This was on the horizon or they didn’t know imagine if they had traded him in january.

I know, and then it came out now albert that did the texans know like. Could you void a deal like i i don’t know i’m just curious about the timing of all of this and what the texans knew and that they didn’t. You know trade him at that time. Yeah i you know i have a hard time with it too, because i’m not sure what they knew either, and i think it’s hard to have a take on this, because um either a um. If you have a heart, if you have a take on it, you either a you’re indicting watson which isn’t fair, especially considering you know what sort of citizen he’s been prior to all of this, both as a college player and his pro player or your b, not Taking the allegations seriously enough – and so you know, i think we have to let this play out. I wish i could tell you what the texans knew in december and january. I haven’t gotten any indication that they knew this was coming okay, um and i i think that the like nick casario, i mean i could tell you what nick casario’s told teams when they’ve called on to sean watson, which is basically you can ask me about any Player on the roster except the quarterback um, so they flat out haven’t made them available if they had an inkling that there was trouble coming down the line, maybe they would have i’m not sure, but i do know that this puts everybody in a really difficult spot, Because the texans cannot justify moving on from a 25 year old franchise quarterback without getting a historic haul in return and on the flip side of it, if you’re, the broncos or the panthers or the jets or the dolphins or the niners.

At this point, can you part with a historic hall to get to sean watson without clarity in this situation? I’Ve talked to a couple teams that are involved in this dan that have said flat out. No, like we can’t, do it right now we have to wait and and because our owner’s not gon na, let us do it and we don’t. We can’t put our jobs on the line that way, so we have to kind of let this thing play out and get some clarity on the situation before we go forward. So you never say never because you know maybe something happens. Um and somebody takes a wild swing it to sean watson, thinks they can get a bargain now and the texans feel like it’s time to move on. I don’t know, but i i mean for the most part like the way i see it and people i’ve talked to over the last week about this. I think it effectively is going to freeze the trade market for deshaun watson, but if the season was starting he would be on the commissioner’s exempt list i’m guessing yeah i mean i would think so i would think, but why isn’t he now because he doesn’t have To be because the commitment, because the league, okay, the league right now, doesn’t – have to make a big deal out of this because there’s nothing going on, you know like there’s. No, i mean he. He can’t like off season programs and we don’t know if they’re going to start, but the texans off season program can’t start till a week from monday.

So you know i, i think, the way the league sort of proceeded in cases like this more recently. You know, and there was that time when you know it was you know, commissioner, you know the commissioner was sort of like the the hammer in these sorts of cases. I think that they’ve taken going back, maybe to antonio brown they’ve, taken like a little bit more of a rehabilitative um stance in these things than a punitive stance, and so i think, they’ve been sort of careful to punish players when they don’t necessarily have to um And i think at this point the league stands on. It probably would be for right now. At least we don’t have to do anything now if we’re going to open up off season programs on april 5th, which is a possibility for teams of new coaches, the texans fit into that category. Maybe at that point we have to do something and say something, but i mean like even then we know desean watson’s not going to show up. You know. We’Ve already had we’ve already established that. So i think the league hasn’t done anything at this point, because really they don’t have to do anything. Uh i’ll leave you with this uh. Talking to a sourcing said, there is an outlier who’s gon na come up to the top five somebody’s coming into the top five in the draft. Now, if i say that what would be the team that would be the outlier that you think might be trying to get into the top five, even higher i’m told, who would that be? Okay, so, like i think everybody knows, caroline is very quarterback hungry right.

So they’re not now it’s, not them yeah it’s, not them, because we know that they’re, i i’ve been told their owner is quote unquote, obsessed with getting a quarterback, so uh i’ll give you two teams, damn um that i think like people, maybe aren’t talking as much About um one would be the new england patriots because they built up their roster to a point where uh, where i feel like they, they they don’t, have as many holes. You know like that they have to fill as they had maybe two weeks ago and like although bill’s history is to trade down, he has taken opportunities to move up in the past um and if you remember, in 2012, they traded up twice to get chandler jones And dante hightower so when they see something they think is really special they’ll go and get it. The other team that i think is lurking out there is the denver broncos um. I think the broncos could get aggressive with a quarterback if they see one that they really believe is a superstar and so maybe they’re the team that jumps from nine to three to go. Get like a justin fields and part of the reason why they’ve got a new general manager and george payton, who isn’t tied to drew locke. If you think about it, there are major league questions about whether or not there’s going to be any first round quarterback prospects in the 2022 draft.

So if you’re a first year, gm you’re, looking at it right now, maybe you’re lukewarm on, drew lock, and you say: okay, if we don’t get one this year and there isn’t going to be one next year now i could be going into year three, as a General manager still looking for my guy, and so i just keep an eye on the denver broncos, maybe getting aggressive there within the top ten. By the way i don’t have the answer. I was just told that there is an outlier that you know: denver qualifies an outlier, yeah yeah. Okay, i would think so. San francisco would uh qualify san francisco’s another one yeah i mean i i think san francisco, i think san francisco is tied to jimmy until they can find what they feel like until they can find. What they feel like is a significant upgrade i’ve been consistent on that i don’t think they’re moving. They were never moving off of jimmy for they’re, not moving off of jimmy for gardner minshew. If gardner menchie is coming in there it’s as a depth piece because they feel like they need better depth that position um, but like i’ve maintained this all along, like i really feel like. If there was a significant upgrade, they would consider it great to talk to you again albert thanks for uh joining us all right.

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