National Doctors’ Day, 2021, Health Care, March 30 Saint Joseph| Speaker: Bp Broderick Pabillo, DD, Apostolic Administrator, RCAM

We will encourage you to take time to read and prepare yourself for the coming national consecration to saint joseph on may 1. 2021. This evening we will listen to the personal sharing from some of the brothers who will also be joining us in this 33 day preparation. We are starting our preparation for the national consecration of the whole country to saint joseph really. This time is the time of saint joseph, so we thank pope francis for declaring the year of saint joseph. We need saint joseph during this time, especially when we have a lot of problems in the church during this time of the pandemic. We need the protection, the guidance and the healing power of saint joseph during this time for the church as he protected and guided mary and jesus during their time, so also he begged saint joseph – to protect the church, the body of christ during this time. During this time also, there are many problems of our families. Saint joseph was the head of the holy family, the model of all families, so we asked saint joseph to guide and protect our families, especially those who are in crisis may saint joseph show them the way and guide them to strengthen their families. During this time also, we have a problem of paternity Music. We have so many absent fathers from their families, so saint joseph is presented to us, especially in the letter of pope francis patrice corde, how we can exercise fatherhood during this time a great need in many families, a great need also in the church.

So, my dear friends, let us enter into this celebration and the preparation for this celebration of the consecration begging, the help of saint joseph to protect us, and let us look up to him as our model of being fathers during our time. Thank you very much for the wonderful sharing how about your dear friends? What are your insights if you haven’t read today’s reading. Do it now, because now is the time of saint. We encourage you to visit our website in our facebook page 20, 21 year of st joseph and post your own reflections there. Let us see each other again tomorrow and just to end this evening, join us in praying the litany to save yourself. The litany of saint joseph lord have mercy, lord, have mercy, christ have mercy, christ have mercy, lord have mercy. Lord have mercy. Christ hear us. Christ graciously hear us god. The father of heaven have mercy on us, god the have mercy on us god. The holy spirit have mercy on us holy trinity, one god have mercy on us holy mary pray for us, saint, joseph pray for us, noble offspring of david pray for us, light of patriarchs, pray for us spouse of the mother of god. Pray for us chaste, guardian of the virgin, pray for us, foster, father, the son of god. Pray for us zeal is defender of christ, pray for us, head of the holy family, pray for us, joseph most, just pray for us joseph most chaste pray for us, joseph most, prudent pray for us, joseph most, courageous pray for us joseph most obedient pray for us.

Joseph most faithful, pray for us mirror of patience, pray for us lover of poverty, pray for us model of workmen pray for us glory of domestic life; pray for us, guardian of virgins, pray for us bill. Our families pray for us comfortably afflicted pray for us hope of the sick, pray for us patron of the dying, pray for us. Tear up demons, pray for us protector of the holy church; pray for us, lamb of god, who takes away the sins of the world despair lamb of god who takes away the sins of the world. Graciously hear us, love of god, who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us. He has made him lord of his household and brings over all his possessions.

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