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Thank you. I became a physician on june 10th 1989. and i became a physician in july 1996. and i became a physician in 2007 and i became a physician in july 2012. Well, you certainly have to be determined so a lot of determination. You have to be resilient. You have to be flexible, i think the pandemic taught us that you have to adapt and adjust. We must be forever learning and preparing ourselves for the things that we do and because medicine changes. So we also must be change agents and what you need is a really great support team. You need support from family from friends from colleagues by nature. We are people who restore others and we are healers and it’s an honor to be a healer. I admire the way they take care of patients, the way they see them as people and the way they truly exude empathy and strength. I have been blessed to have mentors who have touched me with their brilliance with kindness, their compassion and i do pledge to practice and to lead with their example. Music. Together, we have resilience, there are difficult days and you wake up and you’re not sure what’s going to happen next, but you are sure about the people that around you just be mindful of how everybody is handling the situation at every point in time and that’s going To make your clinical care better and that’s going to make your day better pandemic was a very scary time, a lot of unknown and and we could not have gotten through it.

If we didn’t all come together, i would say that this year has been awful and we all know that, but we’ve done a lot of really cool things too we’ve, you know highlighted the structural inequities we’ve, you know taken care of patients at the end of our Skill set, and we just need to keep going – we need to keep changing medicine for the better let’s, not forget that what we do as physicians is a privilege. Sometimes we take it for granted and we forget that it is an honor to get to serve the public as physicians. I i would tell them they have to find their passion. You know, after working a 70 to 80 hour week. You know what’s that thing that’s going to get you up that next morning to get you back into work, know that you have chosen a profession that requires helping people and because you chose it, there was something that led you to that don’t ever forget who you Are believe that you can make it believe that you have a team surrounding you and you’re never alone, and then, when you look at yourself in the mirror, believe that this is your day. This is your time, and this is your profession. I would like to be known for leaving a legacy of integrity and values, not only through my patients, but through my family and my community. I kind of strive to treat everybody like my grandmom and if i could finish my career with people seeing that that’s true, that would be awesome on doctor’s day 2021.

I will be celebrating 3285 days of everyday strength on doctor’s day 2021. I will be celebrating 5114 days of everyday strength on doctor’s day 2021. I will be celebrating 9125 days of everyday strength on doctor’s day of march 2021, i will be celebrating 11 608 days of everyday stress whether it’s been 10 or 10 000 days.

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National Doctors’ Day, Medicine, 2021, Health Care w to draw a DOCTOR – health care hero – National Doctors Day