National Doctors’ Day, Medicine, 2021, Health Care w to draw a DOCTOR – health care hero – National Doctors Day

Today we are doing a doctor. Are you ready, let’s? Do this? Okay, we’re gon na need paper something to color with i’m using markers and something to draw with. I will use a black marker that you can change for pencil. Okay, let’s start in the middle of the paper. We’Re gon na do a big circle for the head and i’m gon na go to the left and then coming back to the right and i’m going slow and close. It then we’re going to continue with the ears two c shapes on the side of his head and the eyes in the middle are two oval shapes and we’re going to color this with black there. Now the nose is a c shape backwards c shape in the middle of the eyes, and i want to put eyebrows two little lines and now let’s continue with the hair up here i’m going to do a curved line that goes really close to the eyebrows. Now let’s do one more a curve that connects from this point to the ear and let’s do the same thing on the right side: i’m just going to go a curved line and it connects with the ear good now, let’s put a smile on him and i’m Going to do a curved line that goes side to side, just like this and now i’m, going to continue with the body. Let’S do two curved lines that go down the first one here on the left i’m going to go here, and this one is a little long because it’s going to be part of the doctor’s coat.

Okay, now let’s do the one on the right. It goes down. The same thing and now let’s do one more inside this one is go straight and i’m leaving a space here and the same thing in the other side. Now we’re gon na join these two on the bottom. Just like this, and like this now let’s draw the color on his uh coat we’re gon na do a triangle. They go underneath his chin and another one on the other side. Now let’s do a line that goes out and comes back and connects with the coat there. I want to continue putting a line to separate where his uh shirt is gon na, be just like that, and now let’s continue with the pants. I want to do three lines: one two and i’m, leaving a little bit of a space on the sides. Okay and now let’s put a line in the middle that’s. The last one now to make the shoes i’m just gon na do two oval shapes so i’m gon na connect this here with an oval, and now i want to do another oval shaped to the right. Just like this perfect now, let’s continue doing the uh. The arms so for that the first arm on the left i’m just going to go down with a line and we’re going to put his hand here in a minute now, let’s go on the other side, i’m going to do the arm extended to the outside.

Like this and let’s do finish the hand here, i’m just going to do half a circle and a line and in the other side, i’m going to do a u shape and now a sideways. U shape and two little lines inside four fingers perfect, and we are almost done now underneath his chin. I want to do here on his neck, a stethoscope. You know that’s the thing that doctors always carries around to listen to your heart, so i did a curved line and then here i’m leaving a space to do a square now i’m, going to do two lines here really close together and to finish this up. We’Re going to do a circle that’s, the part the doctor used to listen to your heart and when i put a little circle in the middle and there that’s it, we finished this doctor. I hope you like this lesson and now my favorite part is coming let’s. Color, Music, Music, okay, little artist, that’s it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed drawing with me and if you did please don’t forget to subscribe. So you can see more lessons step by step and easy.

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National Doctors’ Day, Medicine, 2021, Health Care ppy Doctors' Day!

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