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Dear dr jenkins, i still remember getting the call from university hospital after my colonoscopy telling me that i needed to come into the office immediately. I arrived to the office not knowing what to expect when a young man walked in the room. I thought he must be going through a school program because he looks too young to be my doctor, but that young man that walked in ended up being the brilliant physician who saved my life. I didn’t know what to think when you first explained to me that i had colon cancer, but you looked into the eyes with a calming voice and said i can fix this from that moment on. I knew i could trust you. Your tone, look and confidence. Put me at ease after my operation, you told me you had gotten all of the cancer and just to be sure you took a little extra colon. Everything was clear at my first three month checkup, but unfortunately, in my second three month, checkup you saw the cancer had come back. It turned out. I also had thyroid cancer, even after receiving the news. I never felt scared, because you assured me that you would attack this with everything you had 12 years 12 years later, i’m celebrating being cancer free Music, dr jenkins you’ve saved my life and are truly a good soul that makes this world a better place. Thank you for everything you did for me with a grateful heart.

Henry dear dr sharp. We first met you after our daughters were born being pregnant with triplets. We knew their delivery would be high risk. We were surprised that our pregnancy went along there. There were no complications. I was able to carry the babies to 32 weeks and four days after our daughters were born, you put our family at ease. You spoke to us and our family, as our girls were admitted to the nicu. You explained what the next steps were going to be and what to expect going forward. You were always keeping us informed and updated along with the amazing nicu staff. You were who we had to trust in day in and day out with our babies that we weren’t able to care for around the clock. They were so well taken care of and loved in that nicu at university hospital. We cannot thank you enough for putting our hearts at ease and our minds at rest. Thank you for helping us bring home our healthy baby girls, who are now thriving two and a half year old, bundles of joy, love, mary alice and drew nice dear. Dr alan. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for saving my daughter’s life six years ago. Camilla had an accident at school while playing dodgeball during pe. Another child’s knee struck her in the head, and i knew in my heart that this was more than a bump. When i felt the depression of her skull, my pediatrician instructed us to go straight to the er, since she would need to see a scan.

A lot of brilliant doctors played a role in treating camilla, but you who had already left for the day returned to checking camilla when you heard about her condition. I’M, not sure why you came back that afternoon, but camilla was beyond blessed that you made that decision. We arrived at the hospital at three o’clock and she was in surgery with you at seven. That is when you diagnose her with an epidural hematoma. I shudder to think of what could have happened had i listened to the school’s nurse advice of simply taking her home and putting ice in it i’m. So grateful not only for your skill, but for your gentle comforting and selfless bedside manner. University hospital is blessed to have you on their side. Camila is now a junior in high school and planning her next phase of life. Thanks to you, thank you again for returning to the er that november evening very sincerely ashland uh dear doctor, o’shields i’m, proud to say you’re, my doctor in 2017, i had to have surgery, and while i was in recovery, i was having some minor post op complications. It was nothing life threatening, but to me it was scary, and you realized that i know i’m, so emotional, i’m, sorry um. You were so kind and patient to my situation, which helped me through this difficult time. I was sitting in my room, praying and without knowing. I heard you outside of my room, praying for me as well.

After some tests, everything was working properly and i was able to go home i’m sure you had no idea how comforting you made me feel just by your patience and compassion shown during this time. Thank you, dr o’shields you’re, the best kim how sweet that’s, what it’s all about dear dr cooper. What a difference a year makes. I had no idea on tuesday march 17 2020 that you can move from being my sunday school teacher to my physician but as god’s hand has been in this entire journey. He knew where i needed to be what a blessing you and your staff were to me on that tuesday. As i received the news, there were two abnormal masses in my left breast within 30 minutes of hearing that news. I was in your office preparing for a biopsy, your calm, demeanor, an explanation to me and my husband made what was one of the worst days of my life: much easier to navigate and to bear your tireless work to ensure that biopsy patient waits no longer than 24 hours, the results is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much for all your work to make this possible dr cooper you’re such a blessing to me, and to thousands of women and families in the csra. Your tireless work to bring quick biopsy results to provide mobile mammography units so that all women have access to early detection of breast cancer to personally call and care for your individual patients and the most frightening moments of their lives.

And so much more deserves. More than a simple thank you – and i haven’t begun to mention your skills as a surgeon. You’Re second to none are fully utilizing the gift. God gave you to minister and heal. He is my he is using. You mightily – and i am ever thankful for his healing through your hands. Many thanks and much love a list. That’S overwhelming i mean this is a surprise. I was just presenting this letter, but this is what makes medicine makes why you want to be a doctor it’s, because you make a difference in people’s lives and i don’t take credit for this. God does everything i do. I i’m a nobody, but i believe i thank you. Thank you very Music.

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