National Doctors’ Day, Medicine, Health Care, 2021 Update for March 24 2021

So congratulations. You made it coming at you on behalf of the toronto neck and back pain, clinic with your daily health update. It is wednesday march the 24th 2021 gon na share with you six areas of health and wellness news from the research and literature today, somewhere around this video, you can read through all six areas if you’d like a copy dm us on social, send us an email At the clinic or give us a call, we’ll be sure to get that to you. Otherwise, you can check us out here video format monday through thursday, in a written format on fridays, the weekends we let you think about your own health and wellness, and then we rinse and repeat the following week: not gon na treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any illness Or disease with our time together today, however, you just never know what your body is capable and how good your experiences can be. When you start focusing on your health and wellness, it is time and effort and money well spent according to the international journal of environmental research and public health january 2021. Pain affects most older adults. 825 adults over the age of 75 revealed that most of them, 88 percent had musculoskeletal pain in at least one region of their body lasting for longer than three months, most often in the lower legs and the lower back 34 plus percent reported. They experience pain daily and over 13 percent rated their pain intensity as high.

So it is not uncommon to have challenges in life. No one apparently makes it through unscathed, and that includes some aches and pains so when and if they do happen, be sure you treat them to your satisfaction. It’S, not only good in the moment to feel better, which you should do, but also a good way to ensure some quality of life later on, and if you do feel good now, like so many other health problems. Those aches and pains can also appear out of the blue, because this function can be building up that you don’t notice, so preventatively. If you wanted to to ensure some quality down the road to try and stack that deck in your favor, you could also get some treatment or get some things checked out. Just to make sure you are as good as you feel so that it stays that way. All right, it does happen based on the research and literature. The journal of asthma february 2021 talks about a connection between sugar, sweetened drinks and asthma. So heavy consumption is there a connection you can probably guess, but if you want to check that out, you can read that somewhere around the written format and maybe uh check out the journal of asthma for more information if you’d like further with breathing. If you know someone who may be having challenges um with breathing like sleep apnea when they sleep, the journal of clinical sleep, medicine february 2021 says that cpap therapy can help boost activity levels.

So the continuous positive airway pressure therapy is used to help people with obstructive sleep apnea and when they did a study with 2600 of those people for four years, they found that they were more likely to engage in moderate, intense physical activity and to meet federal exercise Guidelines of 150, more minutes of moderate to intensive physical activity per week than those who were not users so good again, to get a good diagnosis, proper support treatment and learn how to maintain your lifestyle, because that will also stack the deck in your favor. A diagnosis does not have to be a sentence, in fact, sometimes it’s a blessing when we see the contrast in taking what may be happening and what we don’t like and turning it into something that we do like, and that is always possible with some effort and Focus therapy can ease panic disorders according to the psychotherapy and psychosomatics report november 2020. If you have panic disorders or know something does apparently cognitive, behavioral therapy or psychodynamic therapy can be a benefit. You may want to look into that. If you or someone you know suffers from acid reflux or heartburn the mayo clinic february 2021, has these tips maintain a healthy weight? Stop smoking elevate the head of your bed while sleeping don’t lie down after a meal, eat food slowly chew thoroughly and avoid tight fitting clothing. I love food. I do not eat slowly. I do not chew thoroughly but i’m going to try that’s my lesson from today’s daily health update going to improve that um, because it’s not only good for acid reflux, but a better way to eat overall, probably better in terms of your body’s ability to digest break Down and absorb some of those nutrients, but it’s also just a peaceful, better way to approach the whole eating process.

Finally, the journal of oral rehabilitation january 2021 for all you musicians out there that may or may not be suffering from joint pain, temporomandibular disorder. They looked at findings from 13 studies and they found that 53.9 percent of string and wind instrument musicians experienced some degree of jaw, pain and dysfunction. The findings suggest that temporomandibular disorders are common complaint among musicians, especially those who practice daily and who do so for extended periods of time. And, of course, there are paramedical providers as well as dentists and some oral maxillofacial specialists who can help with some of that temporomandibular disorder, so good to go, get checked out, get a different treatments, a good assessment follow a plan and stick to it. You can have some improvement, because i imagine it’s hard to enjoy the practice of what you love being a musician. If you have some discomfort, especially in the part of you, that interacts with that instrument, which you are actually part of that and are an instrument in and of yourself, probably so good to keep all those parts healthy and well all right. So that’s your daily health update for wednesday, some good information today, as we try to have for you every day and even if it doesn’t apply just the habit of plugging in tapping in tuning in and turning on. Some of that thinking with your health and wellness is always good for you every day, so we’ll be back tomorrow, thursday, with your next daily health update.

For that very reason, we’ll look forward to chatting with you, then have a super rest of your day.

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