Nursing home, Health Care, Home care, Vaccine Episode 75 | WHY your help is needed to track vaccinations | March 26, 2021

we’ll start by talking about the whys behind asking for the vaccine status. You know, i think, when we when we started this pandemic. A year ago we had our safety strategies, which were so important and our personal protective equipment, and now we have a new safety tool and that’s the vaccine, and there are a number of our employees – almost 5 000, that we know of 5400. I think it is, as the latest count that have been able to find their spot and get their shot and that’s marvelous news and you’re we’re asking for each of you to make sure you tell your manager when you get that shot and – and you probably wondered Like why are we asking that question and we’re asking that question for a couple of reasons um, but you who have gotten the shot have been lucky enough to navigate the system and be able to get a spot so that you can get your shot? Some of your colleagues haven’t been as fortunate and they can’t navigate the system or couldn’t find the same availability, and so we, as leaders are advocating with department of health legislators. Anyone that, quite frankly, will listen to us to create additional spots. For your colleagues, your friends, our employees, to be able to get their shot and it’s really helpful. When we tell the story about why this is more difficult for a home health, aide or a home health nurse, because you’re out caring for clients that are often just as sick, but you don’t have a home base in a hospital.

You know we want to tell that story, but we also want to report the numbers and if you can tell us whether you’ve been vaccinated, we then can represent the proportion of individuals across our organization that haven’t been as fortunate so that’s some of the. Why? Behind it, it also is is going to probably be something that more clients and more organizations are going to want to know about and see if we’ve been vaccinated and so uh under the idea of handle the paper. Once if we get the vaccine card, then you know uh, we know uh whether you’ve been vaccinated or not so it’s, really critical in our advocacy. I wouldn’t want to present to any of these constituents that we had only 17 of our employees vaccinated only to turn out and find out that, in fact it was closer to 40, but it was a reporting error, so we’re really looking for just a few pieces Of data um, the dose um, you know when you got that dose the date. It could be a two shot vaccine or the one shot, johnson and johnson, so the date, the type of vaccine, whether it was moderna, pfizer or johnson johnson, and then a copy. As you can see in this picture of the cdc vaccination card for you that was filled out during the time, you got your vaccination so really important for those just couple of data points to tell your manager or your uh office, uh colleagues, so that they can Help get it into the system and we can then represent the numbers.

So we can advocate for your friends and colleagues who haven’t been as fortunate as you and gotten their shot, so um that’s the why, behind it really important and and as we always do on our friday youtube, we want to express gratitude and you know i think This is a fitting with the theme we’re talking about getting vaccinated and how fortunate um it is. We have a a quote from julie roberts who’s, one of our our field, nurses, in tucson, arizona, and she says when she was asked the question about. Why did she choose to get vaccinated? She said because my job as a nurse is to help people improve and it’s, been weighing very heavily on me that i could potentially infect someone that i was caring for without even knowing it, and it falls right in line with the infection control practices. I have always done and will continue to do so. You see the infection control practice. Julie’S got her mask on it’s nice and form fitting to her face her glasses sit over the top of that, so that she doesn’t have any fogging problem and there she is in her uh glory getting her vaccine, and i think you can see the hint of A band aid there, so the the shot has happened, and we thank julie and all of you who have embraced so wholeheartedly our safety strategies, one of which is a vaccine and remember the adage. If you can find your spot, get your shot, we’ll be back next week.

Stay safe, stay, healthy, and thank you again for all you do.

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