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. Today I … Today I broght spring to you. Today is not Seung a like, but Seung a Fresh spring green. I always wanted to do things like this, So I fashioned myself up for today’s, filming and I’m now in a room with lots of blooms, amp greens.. Here I am to see you today., I think you’re having a spring with full of heart, fluttering things.. For that spring I’d like to share everyday wearing outfit ideas, amp bags for each outfit. Today, I’m collaborating with ‘HOZE’. That was with me last year.. The reason how I can collaborate again with the same brand is: thankfully you liked it so much. For your fashion taste. I prepared spring outfit ideas and introducing some bags. Alright.. The first bag of HOZE is Danish bag.. I think this bag’s design, amp color suit me so perfectly. In the recent videos. I’Ve shown you spring outfit ideas and some easy carrying bags., And I think I’ve mentioned caramel color for recommendation.. I think that’s why I chose this bag for the first recommendation. It’s super light.. I was told it’s only about 400g. Theme of this outfit is ‘a special suit up day’ Date, Outfit Seung, a version It looks like I needa go out for dating.. If Actor Kim saw me wearing this outfit, he would’ve loved it so much In this morning, when I get off the bed, he only saw me wearing training. Suits.. Just remember. Bag must be basic design, amp color for that outfit, so that it flatters the outfit and make the bag also look more attractive.

. If you look at this one carefully, there’s, not many stitch. Marks. Stitch marks are only around the top opening. And mainly no stitch marks.. It emphasizes the minimalistic look. When I buy a bag. I always check if there’s inner pocket like this.. If I throw all my items in a bag, things are tangled each other. And it eventually makes hard to find small things such as lip, balm or wallet.. But this bag has small inner pocket where you can store little things.. This is the kinda typical bag design for recent.. If there’s no magnet at the top opening. I personally don’t like it., I carry and leave a bag Handling bags carelessly without care.. I often had an experience, bag falls and the stuffs falls out. Too. That’s been the main concern to choose a bag.. Luckily, this one has magnet., So it closes and prevent the item from falling. This bag’s not necessarily going with this outfit only.. This camel colored bag easily goes with tight, fit denim, just simple white t, shirt, jewelry and lastly, sunglasses.. Then the bag become so charming with that outfit. What’s. So interesting is this. Bag’S strap has tangled design.. This will add unintentionally, fashionable looking., So you’ll match with various outfits: easily. Yeah that’s it. The second bag of HOZE, is Tender bag Don’t. I look like a refreshing person going for a job interview. Refreshing Is that right expression Anyway. As I’m wearing white shrit and denim for the tender bag.

I also look like a first year student of uni.. Do I. I also look like a first year student of uni. That’s, my guess and feeling.. This is the suggested outfit idea by me.. This color is called ‘Peat black’.. According to me, it’s a black, slightly blended, with a grey. It’s, not a solid black color., So it’s easier to carry in all seasons and to match, with any fashion styles. Like I’m suggesting now you could go for denim white shirt. Or the one I suggested earlier. Wearing black sandals loose, fit denim pants and wear the top tucked. One can also wear golden accessories like earrings. Last touch with tender bag would be dope. In the winter. Only long muffler could be worn.. I think that’d be also great. As soon as I saw this first time. It inspires me outfit ideas for each four seasons, meaning it’s very versatile., It’s a 2 way bag. Like I’m wearing now, you can wear on the shoulder. As a variation from the shoulder bag. Huh What’s this Try the other side. Anyone could make mistake right: Don’t, pull the strap like me., The other side right hand, side Pull the strap and you can wear it like this.. Then it’ll, look like a backpack.. I personally like this one more. When you want both of your hands free, you could consider this way to carry. Among the bags that I’m showing this is the biggest in size.. So if you’re, the heavy packer it’ll be practically good for you.

And there’s inner pocket inside of the bag., So the compartment will help you to organize stuffs inside of bag.. When I checked HOZE’s bags, those mainly have soft looking. And the bag is very easily and comfortably worn.. If the bag is slippery, when you’re wearing on the shoulder, then it’s quite uncomfortable., Then I eventually don’t wear.. There are two colors available. Sand: beige amp, Peat black.. If you’re looking for every day bag, amp new buyer from HOZE, I suggest you to go for Tender bag.. I think it’ll last long and you could match up. Easily. Inside of the bag looks like this.. The inside is very spacious., So it’s very practical., And this is 2 way bag reminder HOZE’s, third, one, So cute butter, yellow, colored, Leah Mini bag.. In the last time with HOZE, I think I’ve shown you Leah bag with khaki or deep green color.. I recall that was the best pick among the others. And they released mini sized Leah bag with this butter yellow color. Unintentionally, I was attracted by this butter. Yellow color. Things are so down because of COVID., So this bright vivid color of spring will attract your attention for sure. Special feature of this bag is having zipped pocket and even card holder inside.. Can you see this? The space is always the issue when I’m carrying the mini bag., I put wallet smartphone or some basic makeup kits like foundation and lips.. If I put all in this bag, then it gets fattened.

In that situation. This card holder is helping.. Then I can only carry cards. And leave wallet at home. Isn’t, it so practical. I like that. When we’re carrying the mini bag. Many are saying ‘it’s impractical, because it’s too small’. That’s typical thoughts., And this makes up the practicality. Because it’s mini size. It could be easily deformable right, So it’s made of stiff and thicker leather compare to others.. When you look at the HOZE’s bags, the colors are so decent right, It’s, not just simple, yellow but a yellow, blended with ivory It’s, blended, yellow., They’re, saying it’s dyed with natural pigments.. I think that’s why the colors are exceptional and so unique compared to others. It’s about this size.. Please note my hand is small. Today, I’m wearing maxi long dress.. If you carry a big bag for this outfit, it becomes too much or might be looked too stuffy.. That’S why I chose this mini bag to flatter and refresh the outfit.. If you prefer minimalistic outfit, then you could go for cream or black color. HOZE’s last bag is called Keep. Looking like a baguette., I put on a formal suit now., So I chose cream colored bag for this outfit.. Unlike the ordinary bag, it’s shaped very wide in width., So it’s quite new looking.. It adds an extra charming point when wearing it. The reason for this cream color is because it’s spring I tend to wear brighter and lighter colors mainly.. So I think cream color will do well.

, But I wanted to show you a formal outfit, but there was none for the first three., So I dressed up for this bag. With black color D. Am I the only one getting awky right now? I can wear this bag on the shoulder it’s very comfy when wearing because the straps are quite long. And look at this. There’s button here. It’s, not a button. What’s called There’s a clipping holder here.. When the handles are loose. It might not so easy to handle right, So you can clip it and make it one.. Then it gets more comfy when you wear on your shoulder. Insider compartments. Look like this.. This is a zipped pocket where you can carry your cards or small items. And this bag ain’t small., Because it’s wider in width than Leah mini bag. That I showed you earlier so it looks big enough for me. And it looksfeels very durable.. When I see leathers, there are soft leather bags and hard or stiff leather bags. For this kind of hard leather bags. I like it keeps the shape when it’s on the floor. On the bottom it’s very curvy and roundy to emphasize the soft design.. This bag’s soft design is my fave. And it makes the outfit look natural and comfy. If you wan na match up with casual outfit, not like the formal suit I’m wearing now. Cotton pants for the bottom blue toned shirts for the top with roll up sleeves, and this bag will harmonize so perfectly.

Or you can wear high waist slacks and normal white shirt.. That outfit will still work great with this Keep bag.. The reason why I’m mentioning casual outfit is because I prefer casual outfits in my daily life.. You know I much prefer comfortable feeling than other aspects. Don’T ya, So this Keep bag will work nicely with mentioned casual wears.. Today I brought this season’s HOZE bags to Seungnyungees as a recommendations.. While I was matching up the bags with various outfits, it made me wan na buy those bags as well. Most of all they’re. So affordable bag brand. And this bag isn’t for a season., Because HOZE’s bag is easy matching carrying and those are quite durable and long lasting bags.. So I recommend this brand for your 2021 bag.. Alright, then I’ll see y’all in the next week.

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