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But honestly i’ve been thinking a lot of contents to do, but i i just feel too lazy to do them, but today i received this package um, so i ordered this one from shopi and of course, i’m going to link it down below so next time. I wanted to unbox this with you guys, so i decided to make a video and i’m sorry if i look haggard, i just put on some clay, blush um, it’s, already, 10 45 p.m and i just finished working since i’m. Work from home so i’m just wearing combat clothes, so i’m. Sorry about that, but anyway, without further ado, let’s open this thing. This is the charles and keith limited edition bag um it. I think it’s, a valentine’s special bag and i’ve been looking for this bag everywhere and i’m. Guessing black little i’ve been looking for this, but for the black i already saw the pink version from the shop where i bought it from, but then when i was about to check out sold out before valentine’s day, so i i felt hopeless. So i still tried to look for more bags like this one, but i just keep on seeing the black one and i tried to search in other shops, available, shopli and lazada, but some of them um reviews or mobile or anything. So i did not take the risk but um last week, and i think i rechecked um and i browsed again from the first shop nanakita and kunito, and i saw that they just stopped uh meron said three stops during the time that i ordered this one and I wouldn’t, i did not wait anymore and it’s now here super fast, no delivering yeah like i think i ordered this last last monday, if i’m not mistaken – and i already received it today today is february 24 um wednesday, so it just took like two to three Days and this cost for um 1580 pesos and i got free shipping vouchers, so i did not pay for the shipping fee, although it’s a lot cheaper from other shops.

So if you want to build this bag for a cheaper price, then i suggest that you go check out the other shops but i’m just happy with this one, because positive reviews and parenting photos are reviews now so anyway, let’s get started i’m, so excited to open It first i will remove my details with this one. I also got this from shoppie and they’ll also link it down below, because some people have been asking me about this and so i’m just going to roll this over my details, it’s so important to remove your details on the packaging of your online orders. So that was a new mascara. You can also avail the black one without a box. So if you want to get it for a cheaper price, then order the bag without the box, but i’ll just stop my box it’s very thick it’s so hard to open. Like super couple, super coupled opening this thing – Music deliveries, Music, oh finally, i have managed to remove it from the bubble wrap so enter my own box. Oh my gosh, you can see how pretty this is it’s a little bit damaged here, para mini ma, langna mancha. Oh, when you open the box maroon channel um, i don’t know what this one’s called bags when you buy them most of them, it’s a little bigger than i expected, because i expected this to be very, very small, but i really wanted it to be a little Bigger than i originally thought – and i think this size is just perfect and then some um first draft – and i think this is removable, so you can remove it if you don’t like it, and you can also attach this one on other bags that you have.

I really really love the color. Wait it’s a little bit lighter on the camera Music. It has two compartments, so marisha um, adjustable, strap and twilly that you can um tie on your bag so by the shop or, if you want, you can tie it around the handle if you don’t, like the first strap so other compartment yeah. So, on the other compartment maroon um, so now let’s see what fits inside this small bag i’m going to put my necessities in here: walation zipper compartment, it’s, just open i’m going to put my small wallet and, as you can see, but i think um other product Can still fit here, i’m, going to put my favorite gloss inside the gloss and glow from the felibat aloha in the shade classic um. They actually released this product again and it has a new packaging and formula. So i highly suggest you to check them out too. I’M also going to link them down below and it’s like leather inside. So i also put my alcohol on the first compartment, so andra i’m, going to put my powder and my phone, which i can’t right now because i’m using it, but it still has a lot of space. This is how the strap looks like so i ended up now, charles and keith and i’m. Not gon na remove this cause i’m not going to use it, so i just removed it once i i already decided to use the bag.

You can use it like this. One you made wheelies, but i am – and i think this is really perfect for like a dinner or office, if you don’t have a lot of stuff with you. This is one of the cutest bags that i’ve ever purchased, and i think i’m gon na use this a lot i’m very, very happy with my purchase i’m going to rate them um 9 over 10 for the packaging since maron damage, though i don’t think it’s the Shop’S fault and 10 out of 10 for the bag itself, because kasha naman, yuma basic needs things that i can’t go out or live without paglium and i forgot to put my airpods inside. But it still has a lot of space, so i’m, going to put it on the second compartment for the buttons on buttons, but it has a um magnetic seal. They call it magnet when you close your bag. It just automatically seals, but you know what’s happening hollow. I suggest that you should buy the black one and i decided to purchase this, and i already have a lot of black bags and the last super cute little color for me, i’m. So happy with this purchase, that’s all guys for this video. I i hope i just decided to make a video digla and thank you for unboxing, this, charles and kit bag with me. That’S all and see you on my next vlog i’m also planning to do a mini shoppie haul, because i purchased a lot of unnecessary things from shoppi last month, i’m, just going to show it to you a pair of super random launchers.

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