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I have an oldie, but definitely a goodie i’m going to be doing a what in my bag, there’s a lot of stuff in there, but we’ll get into it later. If you guys would like to see what is in my bag, then please keep on watching Music. So this is my gucci bag. My mom bought me this bag. It is a beauty and it is my everyday bag. I literally use it all the time, even sometimes, when i’m going to a function or an event, i try to switch out bags, but sometimes, if i’m too lazy. I just stick with this. So it’s a beautiful leather bag. It has the gold hardware underneath so that if you want to place your bag down, then it’s not directly on the floor, if that makes sense, so it’s sort of lifted up. So it has this gold handle right here and then it has the longer parts. So, whichever one you prefer when i’m in town in the wall i’m – here we are here, if you know you just want to let it loose not so under your armpits and just relax, then i use the longer strap Music. So, as you can see, it has the logo here and you open it by twisting this knob and it opens. It actually has Music a zip, but i never zip it because this bag is always full and i can see that it’s not working, but you can zip the bag if you want i’m, not sure if you can see that so the bag has about three compartments.

So here on the side, there’s a zip area, so you can store stuff in there there’s a middle part where you can put stuff and also on the other side, sips as well let’s get into the contents of this bag. Yo guys it’s a lot it’s a lot there’s a lot happening here, but we’ll see so number one. The most important thing you need it. If you don’t need it, you are going to jail it’s your mask. You definitely need a mask, so i have two don’t mind how folded it is. I haven’t really worn it. I have the surgical masks that most people wear and you see them lying around it’s disgusting and then i have this beautiful satin black mask. I bought this from j lux label, so i like the bag that it comes in it’s, very cute and it keeps your mask protected from touching everything else. So this is how it looks like so, actually, i feel like you can use both sides. To be quite honest, but it opens up and it has the wire here at the top, so you know that it goes directly above so you can pinch it to where your nose sits and apply Music love. It very cute so just have two pairs in case you just never know, especially because i wear makeup so sometimes maybe the other one will get dirty, especially the surgical mask i’ve, actually worn the satin one while wearing makeup, and there was no transfer.

I was very surprised, but these things happen man. Next, i have my mentos gum. You need gum towels. Sometimes the breath under that muscle is a lot it’s, a lot so i’m, always carrying gum just in case just to chew just to keep the mouth fresh, etc. You don’t know who you’re gon na meet so always have some gum with you. Next, i have hand lotion. So we know the ladies like to go to the bathroom a lot, especially me. I think i just have a weak bladder or i drink lots of water. I drink about two to three liters a day, so i’m, always washing my hands and obviously we are sanitizing from shop to shop. Sanitizers are just they’re eating the hands alive. Let me just say that, because everyone is using a different sanitizer. So definitely this helps just to keep your hands hydrated and not looking ashy. Next, we have my wallet, of course, ching ching cannot go anywhere without it. Unless i know i don’t want to spend money, then that’s when i leave it behind. This was actually gifted to me by my aunt i’ve. Had it for a few years now. I think it’s time to get a new one. Just has my cards don’t really carry a lot of cash around. So i like to swipe, if you guys don’t know i am asthmatic, so i have my fox a accu halo. I carry it around in my bag.

I just have to take in um. I just have to inhale once and i’m good to go so i use it daily thing is, i forget, to use it sometimes because it stays in my bag, and i don’t always look in my bag, especially if i’m not going anywhere so yeah, but i prefer To keep it in my bag, the other asthma pump. I have, is the ventilation inhaler, so this one is for emergencies. In case i have an asthma attack, god forbid anything like that and i just inhale. So i definitely need to keep this on hand at all times, because i have pens there’s, always someone who needs to write something they never have a pen. So that is why i have three pins um. You just never know when you’re gon na need it. So babies always have a pain in your back. I feel like this is definitely a must. I also have some bobby pins. This is also definitely a must, especially if your hair’s out, like i don’t, need it with this hairstyle, but you never know when it can come in good juice, so bobby pins. It is, of course, the trusted hand sanitizer. Sometimes i don’t like to use the store one, so i will literally stand at the entrance at the entrance and tell them. I have my own hand sanitizer, send this house my hands in front of them and i’m done, especially if you walk out.

Sometimes you do forget to sanitize so like to keep this on hand. This is actually empty, so i need to buy a new one, so i also have earrings in my bag. You never know if you’re just gon na need a change. You know switch up the outfit, so there’s earrings as well guys. I also have some extra strong mask sweets. My friend likes to tease me. She says it’s crammy, so it’s whatever you just, never know. If you want to chew something, keep the mouth fresh. You know Music, i have a highlighter. I have a lot of stationary. I just found a few more pins. Don’T know what i need this for, but hey i’mma keep it in the bag. Okay, i have toothpaste, listen, you don’t know. If you’re going to be spending a night at someone’s place, and it was unexpected, at least you can brush your teeth, you know when you leave Music next, i have two compact mirrors Music. You just need to check if you looking good you’re gon na reapply. Some gloss, i always have eyelashes in my eyes, because they’re so long, so these definitely come in handy. I cannot not have a mirror in my bag if there’s, something stuck in your teeth. Sometimes the people you with won’t tell you so Music keep the mirror clearly. Sometimes i want to cut my nails, so i have a nail clipper, but actually, i think it’s mostly for the filer.

So i can file my nails down because sometimes my nails are brittle and they do break so just to not have them scratchy and irritating me. I have this and i usually Music have a filer, but i don’t know where it is so yeah. I also have a toothpick. I get these from restaurants. Obviously so sometimes this bit stuck in your teeth, girl, you just need to take it out. So toothpick is great. I have three glasses um. I used to carry vaseline, but i don’t know it is the small cocoa vaseline i really don’t always disappear to so now i carry these ones. This one is from smudge. This one is from revlon. This one is from mac. My boyfriend actually bought me this one it’s beautiful when the sun is setting and you take a picture with it. Oh my gosh, the glitter just shines so nicely so always have something for the lips air pods. You need airpods earphones. Sometimes you just don’t want to listen to whatever’s happening around you block out the noise. Sometimes i freak out, if i don’t have earphones with me. So definitely a must so i have alex as well. When i was younger, i used to be allergic to almost everything and sometimes um. I do get like weird allergies now and then i don’t and i don’t know what’s happening with my body i’m, just feeling itchy, irritable, there’s a rash. Anything can happen with me.

Okay, especially if i’m in the bundus or farm life, anything like that so always have to have allergics on hand, it’s nice because knocks me out immediately, i feel better the next morning, so yeah guys, please do not drag me. Please don’t drag me for this. I like the id box, so i always keep this on hand. I feel, like everyone should always have their id in the back like all the time as well as your driver’s license, my driver’s license stays in my class. I always have that as well. As my sunglasses, always in my car pockets tissues, so i struggle with sinusitis i’ll. Have a runny nose, i’ll be sneezing non, stop something irritated my sinuses so always need to have tissue on hand. I think i blow my nose almost every day like if i don’t it’s, actually it’s a it’s a good day, it’s a beautiful day, so people always think i’m sick or have flu and it’s not even that eh it’s. Not. I just need to blow my nails and, lastly, i have these ditto wipes, so just hygiene purposes, along with the sanitizer just to keep everything fresh. If you want to just wipe, maybe your armpits, your face whatever’s the case these come in very handy, so these are great to have, and this is actually something that i started to do recently so yeah. This is a very good tip. So girls get your tittle wipes and i usually have a pad in here.

Also i don’t know it’s not here at the moment. Definitely also a girl always have a pad for you or your friend. You never know who’s gon na need it, so that is it for my what’s in my bag video. I hope you enjoyed it. Please give me a big thumbs up. Let me know what’s in your bag. Do we have similar things in each other’s bags? We will talk in the comments section down below our shout out for the week goes to bonfire zanyane. Thank you so much comments on almost every single video of mine. She is the sweetest angel ever. Thank you so much bundle. I really appreciate you and i love you girl. If you guys would like to do the same hit the red button, it is free of charge. Basically, when you hit that red button you’re not going to pay for anything it’s, just showing you that you support my channel and also it helps youtube to push out my content as well.

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