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On the west side, with this major development, gus and david also kind of a surprise announcement, but was very much welcome here at the javits center, especially among parents who want to see their kids get the vaccine. It was in and out very, very pleased, aggie felt just getting her second shot at the javits center and sooner son will join her i’m waiting for my son to be eligible, which i think is april 6th. How old is he he’s? 24.? Okay, so i believe they’ll be available after the 6th of april maggie’s got it right, governor cuomo, making the official announcement this afternoon new yorkers 30 and over now eligible for the covet vaccine, starting this tuesday and a week later on april 6. People 16 and over can get the shot. I think that’s awesome. They should open it up to as many people as they can because, like that, my kids can get it, but as the rollout continues and now expands, new york and new jersey are leading the nation in infection rates. The variance this is real it’s happening, and you know you want to make sure that you, if you’re, going to get it that at least you don’t get it as bad. As of today, a third of new yorkers have received at least one dose, with the hope that more shots for more ages will make the difference in the coming weeks. I think if it jumps around in like galavants in the in the younger groups, then it’s more of a chance for it to like mutate.

Again and today’s. News puts new york ahead of president biden’s national goal for universal eligibility, which was scheduled for the weeks ahead of the spring. We’Re live outside the javits center i’m gus rosendale news, 4, new york and gus talking about president biden’s goal. He says 90 of adults in the u.s will be eligible for the vaccine by april 19th and he says they’ll be available within five miles of their homes. The amount of pharmacies available to distribute the vaccine will more than double from seventeen thousand to forty thousand and a dozen more mass vaccination sites will also be up and running by then so we’re moving toward 90 90 by april 19th. That is by april 19th. Three weeks from today, 90 of adults, people over 18 and over will be eligible to get vaccinated. 90 of all americans will be living within five miles of a place. They can get a shot. The president says he’s pushing to have 200 million coveted vaccinations administered within his first 100 days in office. As a friday, 100 million have been given the race to vaccinate. Because again, we want to remind you of that big development, new yorkers, who are 30 and older eligible to start signing up for appointments to get the vaccine tomorrow, and then eligibility expands to all adults next week on tuesday. Now this comes as new york city just recorded its best week, yet giving out nearly half a million doses mayor de blasio says the city’s on track to administer 4 million doses by the end of the week.

But the mayor warning new yorkers not to let their guard down during this holiday week, it’s still going to take some months to get as many people vaccinated as we need to and really turn things around. So during this holiday time, everyone should focus on safety. Still, keep the gathering small, observe social distance and wear a mask. The mayor’s warning comes as new york and new jersey are leading the nation right now with the highest coveted infection rates. New jersey hit a new milestone today in its vaccine rollout. The state has now given out more than four million doses of the vaccine, and that comes as new jersey, expanded vaccine eligibility again today to include another round of essential workers. The group is made up of people who work in food production, the clergy and in elder care to help with this expansion a new vaccine mega site open in new jersey’s biggest city. Today, it’s at new jersey institute of technology in newark, governor murphy, says it can give out 6 000 shots every single day and, with the rollout ramping up, new jersey loosened more restrictions as well. The limit for outdoor gatherings now 200 people capacity limits for large venues are also going up for both indoor and outdoor events. But this comes again as new jersey is seeing the biggest surge in new cases in the entire country. News news, 4’s phil lipof has been looking at that he’s in west orange to break that down phil david think about that stat for a second, the biggest surge in new cases in the country here in the garden state, even as the governor governor murphy continues to Ease restrictions now that is great news for businesses.

Looking to recoup some of the money, they lost great news for people looking to get back to some sort of normalcy, but the cases keep rising and health officials are asking us to wear our masks. Keep our distance and get the covet vaccine like people have been doing at this kmart in west orange all day. This is lauren’s aleppa and her daughter, danny she’s active on zoom. She likes staying home with her puppy nala lauren couldn’t be happier that danny will now be eligible for the covet 19 vaccination danny is 30 and has idd intellectual and developmental disabilities. So you can imagine, when all of us are struggling now with isolation, change, processing, information, it’s even more devastating to this particular community, but with the latest expansion of eligibility here in the garden state, danny and many others, like adults, 55 and over sanitation workers. Librarians members of the press will now be able to get a shot. We need to increase the amount of vaccinations we’re able to do. We are getting the second dose in at the kmart in west orange. They are doing just that. Maya lordo is the top health official in essex county, which is seeing a rise in cases as well as the number of people vaccinated all as the governor eases restrictions, i’m signing an executive order, increasing the general outdoor gathering limit to 200 people effective at 6am. This coming friday, outdoor religious and political gatherings, funerals and weddings will be uncapped and indoor capacity is increasing, as well it’s very important for the local health officials to keep in contact with the school officials with any individuals who are doing sports or outdoor activities and restaurant Owners for them to understand, if it’s time to open up and it’s individual essex county executive, joe divincenzo, knows some are confused by the governor’s announcement.

As cases continue to rise. The governor is concerned too that’s. Why he’s urging everyone to get vaccine as quickly as possible? They want to put the needle in the arm and for lauren that will allow her to get danny back to a regular routine. That includes interacting with her friends it’s an incredible first step, so important lauren says that will go a long way getting the shot to boost her confidence in doing what she needs to do as far as essex county. They are taking this surge in new cases, so seriously they’ve actually requested a surge team be sent here to essex county in case they need it group of people who will help contact trace if the cases continue to rise and the surge gets out of control. We’Re live in west orange phil, lipof news, 4, new york, okay, phil! Thank you. Let’S take a moment and look at where the tri state stands approaching, a new milestone in the race to vaccinate nearly 10 million people have at least one shot of the vaccine, so that breaks down to 30 percent of adults in new york, 32 in new jersey.

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