Vaccine, New York Watch: What you need to know about vaccine passports

One new issue, that’s emerging, is just who will be able to go where until covet is under control. So could a vaccine passport become the new normal abc’s? Bob woodruff takes a look in this week’s vaccine watch. This is not 2019 it’s right now. The most ordinary scenes now extraordinary as nightclubs in israel, are opening up it’s a thing that we didn’t have for. Like a year, so it’s cool, it’s amazing, you can look how much i’m shining and happy just to sit up in a bar and not just nightclubs and bars. Restaurants, cafes and even concerts are requiring these qr codes to get in proof that you have been vaccinated for covet 19 it’s called a green pass. The idea being that having this green pass essentially allows you to then go back into society and participate in society passes. Like these are being developed and tested around the world, many calling them vaccine passports, something that will allow people to show that they’re vaccinated when they travel from country to country. Can i go your qr court? Please proof of vaccination will also open doors here in the u.s. The miami heat says it will reserve an entire section of its arena for fans who can present their paper vaccine cards. Your vaccine card is a little white card. You get that has evidence that you’ve been vaccinated, but there are now concerns that your cdc vaccination cards could be lost, stolen or copied we’re faced with the biggest data challenge.

If you want to call that a puzzle of our lifetimes and it’s, based on trust, trust powered by technology, companies like ibm are working to streamline vaccine passports here in the u.s. What exactly is your digital health pass doing, we’re, providing a trusted platform in order to say yes, i’ve been tested, negative or i’ve, received the vaccine and i’m ready to go forward. These passports will not only show your vaccine status, but, if required, your covered test results and ibm is already starting pilot programs in major u.s cities. Tell me about in uh. You know your program right here in new york, a group of people who were going to a couple events. The first one was a basketball game and said: look we’re going to take you through the process of being tested. When you test it negative that test would go ahead and then go to the state of new york into their database of those that have been tested and then that database would push a capability to your phone. So you get that record. So you have that on your phone and then when you go to the event with a id and your phone, you could validate yes, i’ve tested negative. One of the tenants was to make sure that if you didn’t have a smartphone that you can in fact print out that same qr code and use a two factor capability to get into a given event clear. The company with those familiar kiosks at airports around the country is also working on a vaccine passport it’s partnered with a new app called common pass.

If people give proof that they have gotten a vaccine or they’ve been they’ve been tested to see if they’ve got the virus, is this a violation of privacy? No it’s, not because the way common pass works? The destination basically just says what the rules are. So aruba has said: okay, if you want to come to aruba the rule, is you need to get a negative pcr test within 72 hours, your flight? So what passengers do? Is they go to one of our trusted testing partners they get tested? They share that test. Result with compass compass automatically looks at that test. Result, compares it to aruba’s rules and says green light, you’re good to go. The only thing that aruba gets or the airline gets is paul is good to go to travel to aruba that’s. The only thing that’s actually conveyed in an attempt to streamline digitizing your vaccination information, clear and common past have partnered with one of the largest retailers in the country walmart. If you’re vaccinated at a walmart, the company will make that information digitally available on common pass, but the idea of vaccine passports raises other issues, so much about this pandemic has not been equitable and has not been fair, and so this is another way that you could Potentially cause disparities, disparities for those who don’t want a vaccine. Green passport is all about hurting our basic rights and for those without access to one, because it’s not yet approved for them or because it’s not yet available to them.

We’Re telling people that the vaccine isn’t mandatory, but then, if you’re, using these types of things, you’re, essentially making it mandatory another hurdle which vaccines will be accepted for international travel. We have so many different vaccine candidates around the world. They have different levels of efficacy. In turkey we found that the only vaccine available there is from the chinese company sinovac, which appears to be far less effective than those available in the us. Do you think these companies, the airlines countries, do you think they will require? Particular vaccines in order to allow you in i think they will, i think, that’s already happening. So when will the rest of the world? Look like this. The biden administration has not yet announced a particular plan for a vaccination passport within the united states, despite rising vaccination rates, and so many itching for travel and tourism until nations can reach a universal standard for what a vaccine passport may look like saving the summer could Still take time, this is bob woodruff tracking, the vaccine, hi everyone, george stephanopoulos here, thanks for checking out the abc news, youtube channel. If you’d like to get more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts.

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