Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, NBA vs Atlanta Hawks Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

So book hit that first three sunday afternoon in charlotte, instead of the big scoring afternoon. This is the guy. You certainly have got to pull that one away, see them feed it over the top and capella, with the best match over he’s strong enough to knock him backwards, but he has to do it. He will get to those offensive. Rebounds bridges works the inside move. He gets a turnaround in terms of dunks, as bridges finds. An opening runs it up. Tipping it out to d.a gets to the rim, gets the cotton with their biggest lead at 14 7 here’s, a lob of top to collins, who’s, just here’s paul being checked by bogdanovic, kicks it into the near corner, for crowder sets up the three he’s the star Right now rebounding traffic there for bogdanovic able to get the easy start of the last 17 games, including tonight paul on the drive, sits up top for d8 up and in said recently, in order to get him to catch it, you got to throw the ball at His head yeah he’s, catching everything now, and i think that you know again: yo yoing his way back and forth gets ayton on him. Hard drive gets the float game sons by five, as we hit the five minute mark here in the opening quarter. First of back to back capella up top after the hot start, they’ve missed six straight pass in traffic, but shard’s there to knock it away up ahead to booker failed to the basket, gets inside left hand lane at nine solomon hill right now best known for the Being the guy that stepped on lebron’s ankle playing one season at usc, here’s herder with a deep three and down it goes 49 seconds to the opening quarter, suns in front by one craig powers it baseline and takes.

It is gon na get their advantage in that uh, very athletic player and if you don’t block out either team atlanta shooting 52 percent in the field, but you’ve surrendered that many second chance points that one blocked by craig. This early, i mean wow, you don’t want to do the math on that. As a coach you’ll get sick as cam johnson, yeah sons. Bench had 21 total points on sunday in overtime, good, looking dario crossing up the rook he gets inside float. He was red hot. During that eight game win streak, although he wasn’t the only one, they had a number of players who were feeling it and this guy paul in the floor, along with cam johnson, torrey, craig, sir langston flipped past straight away to dario deposits. His second three point hits six straight buckets for the suns and dario with 11. young and the hawks trying to push the pace a little bit here, young feeding it up top colin’s there for the especially for his side. I mean he’ll get in that paint. We can’t allow that to happen. Collins had a career high 38 friday night against golden state to go back, shot and he’s off to a strong start here, with six points off the bench again, showing his ability to score. I think a lot of people thought it was all about defense when guys don’t get back and you know and put themselves in foul trouble with doing that.

The kill says a little tennis. Anyone number three in blocks: boy: tough, catch there for book rifles; a pass quickly on the bridges young touch pass, finds collins, gets the contact on d.a and able to get the story of jake crowder all the way back to his high school days and how he Was awarded this scholarship there to marquette is suns rallied. The valley here coming in 31 and 14., take care of the atlanta hawks book snatches away the rebound college stuck too early. How about a little guy get that beautiful cuts off the baseline, defend devin booker right to make things difficult collins this time, lean biggest lead, has been 16. mcdonough sneaks in behind the defense and points sons lead here paul on the drive has yet to get his Shot mike donovich on the drive stolen away by paul sons, with numbers on the break up ahead to bridges with a little one hand, 10 second differential between the shot clock and the game clock young gets that float game as many as 16. In that first half step back high, arching three and squat bridges, chris paul with a pull off. No, it was bogdanovic who was able to go back in the game by doing just that, and sons can’t worry about it long as they got a hand up they’re paying attention to detail. I think they’re on an and one attempt and that’s no more in the lead, which is a little mine over of already has a double double 11 points.

10 assists just behind the strike, crowder fires. It three got it like that: he’s good enough to get in closer to get to the free, throw line and that’s the only part, i think, look with nine of his 19 here in the quarter. They’Re able to get the pass inside to capela’s off season story. Originally thought he was going to be heading to milwaukee and eventually finds himself in atlanta. His book continues as hot to go through workouts, but when you watch book and know how he scores the ball ej, you get an even greater appreciation, though he bounced him awfully bella averaging. Not quite two and a half blocks per game. Here is galadari here’s herder, with a little leaner in the lane. D.A clears the rebound, but herder sneaks in for the steal out to bogdanovic for three how 25 footers and all of a sudden the sons are in trouble, it’s the dame lillard effect you know, and so you have to be careful with that good galinari. The 32 year old 610 veteran squares up from deep over the top of a book, and i think that was the urgency that he had yeah nate and the hawks bench were all up, calling just that it’s golinari inside drops it off sets up the easy. No matter what you’re doing in the first two quarters it doesn’t matter, because if that 24 second shot clock, you can get back into any game tough step back.

Dario’S got the post position on herder backs him down, draws the double doesn’t matter: splits the defender grab that bag of popcorn you used to get ej still missed it down inside to dario again finds the cutting tory craig double double 12 points. 10 assists but 4 13 from the field magdanovich was able to shake loose kicks it across to trey young, knocks down in his first three, the quickest player in nba history to knock down 400 threes. Did it in 159. Games is tory craig inside with another offensive rebound and fixing lane able to generate the steal that’s how he had ocdonovic wide open didn’t give it to him yeah. I think he’s trying to get a little greedy but on him, wants to open up the floor, feeds it across the ball. Seven on the shot clock chris, with a pull up. Eight points. Six assists receive me three in his 28 minutes, here’s herder behind the strike download the triple four point: phoenix lead. We closed in on four minutes to go here in the fourth suns in the front end of a back to back, drops it off to capela. Here is paul in the dribble penetration knocked down. The little mid range hawks have never led in this one down to d.a working on capella little right hand jump hook, cash it in second round pick by cleveland and no matter where he goes finds himself as bridges. Spins to the rack and bridges paul as young as double team sun’s, forcing him to scramble here a little bit bogdanovic with a tough contested three over booker.

How many times with the knee injury back in january book on the drive? Gets it high up the window? Not there, but d.a with a booger gets a switch with young coming out on him.

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