Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, NBA vs Phoenix Suns 3.30.21 Full Highlights

Low 17 assists his book for the tough contested three offensive rebound again for phoenix this time, bridges back over to crowder behind the strike down. It goes not often but again they’re going to hide trey young over there that’s, the guy that you want to get in foul trouble, bridges finds an opening runs it up. Tipping it out to d.a, gets to the rim, gets the contact to the finish. My sons, with their biggest lead at 14 7 here’s, a lob up top to collins who’s, just behind capella on the dump, meter, here’s paul being checked by bogdanovic, kicks it into the near corner for crowder sets up to three down. It goes only as good as your last game he’s the star right now rebounding traffic there for bogdanovic and able to get the easy one trying to find his weight, but he is a heck of a player g. A takes the pretty bounce pass feed from crowder to get the easy two here: he’s young yo yoing his way back and forth gets ayton on him. Hard drive gets the float game in order yeah and that’s unfair sons by five, as we hit the five minute mark here in the opening quarter. First of back to back capella up top cooled off here after the hot start, they’ve missed six straight pass in traffic, but charts there to knock it away up ahead to booker bales to the basket, gets inside left hand lane and gets the foul on danilo galinari Rookie playing one season at usc, here’s herder, with a deep three and down it, goes ties it at 27.

by cam johnson final ‘ seconds in the opening quarter, suns in front by one craig powers it baseline and takes it right to the rim. I know it’s too easy right there, and, and both of these teams, i think, is going to get their advantage in that a very athletic player. And if you don’t block out either team, you can get the advantage dario crossing up the rook. He gets inside float game. In effect, he was red hot. During that eight game win streak, although he wasn’t the only one, they had a number of players who were feeling it, and this guy funk paul in the floor, along with cam johnson torrey craig, sir langston flipped pass straight away to dario deposits. His second three point hits young and the hawks trying to push the pace a little bit here: young feeding it up top collins there for the finish points off the bench again, showing his ability to score. I think a lot of people thought it was all about defense, a little tennis. Anyone number three in blocks: boy: tough, catch there for book rifles; a pass quickly on the bridges, who’s ready to fire away. They’Re, just blowing knocking down the mid range young touch, pass, finds collins, gets the contact on d.a and able to get the finish and john collins will head to the line. Look with the ball fake finds crowder for the corner, three got it the gym, and you just really focus on getting your rhythm back, obviously that’s what he did capela inside hammers it down really the story of jay crowder, all the way back to his high school Days and how he was awarded this scholarship there to marquette rallied the valley here coming in 31 and 14.

, trying to take care of the atlanta hawks booked for the runner cameron payne in traffic snatches away. The rebound beautiful cuts off the baseline for booker got the great feed from crowder for the easy two defend devin booker right to make things difficult. Collins. This time leans in ten point, sons lead here paul on the drive has yet to get a shot and score. But live on a shot clock donovich on the drive stolen away by paul sund, with numbers on the break up ahead to bridges with a little one hand, slam back to 10 sons led by as many as 16. In that first half step back high arching three and splash down it’s a career high for mchale bridges, chris paul with a pull up. No, it was bogdanovic who was able to do a little cherry, picking like playing out at the y to get back in the game by doing just that, and sons can’t worry about it as long as they got a hand up they’re paying attention to detail. I think the way that they’re getting their shots right now, like that, one on an and one attempt and that’s no more in the league, which is a little mind boggling when you consider the turnover of the night mcmillan said you know what i’m not taking you Out and that’s why that’s right that might make him concentrate now, because now he’s not going to be overly aggressive. The only thing i would like is, if you know when he is cold, like that he’s good enough to get in closer and get to the free, throw line and that’s the only part i think hill behind the stripe puts it on the deck swings it back Outside to snell fires, it across to bogdanovic good bulbum at that time by the hawk sets up bogdanovic for the three point hit bogdanovic part of the interesting off season story originally thought he was going to be heading to milwaukee and eventually finds himself in atlanta.

His book continues his hot third quarter, 11. here’s herder with a little leaner in the lane. D.A clears the rebound but herder sneaks in for the steal out to bogdanovic for three. How often do we see that now they’re playing them as if you know they’re, one of the top teams in the league which they are bogdanovic with a tough drive strong left hand move you know the nba is a great game, because it’s 48 minutes and no Matter what you’re doing in the first two quarters it doesn’t matter, because with that 24 second shot clock, you can get back into any game, tough step back there from campaign. Here’S galinari chariz gets a shot clock at four swings it out to dario fires to three down. It goes he’s been huge. Dario’S got the post position on herder backs him down, draws the double doesn’t matter splits. The defenders here is young. A double double 12 points. 10 assists but 4 13 from the field magdanovich was able to shake loose, kicks it across to trey young knocks down in his first three of the nights. All he needs is one, and he has young steps into the passing lane able to generate the steal that’s. How he had a donovan wide open didn’t give it to him yeah. I think he tried to get a little greedy, but i guess greed helps he’ll. Take it. We close in on four minutes to go here in the fourth sun’s in the front end of a back to back, drops it off to capella he’s, setting it up all the way and i’m shocked that eight and fell for it here is paul in the dribble Penetration knocked down the little mid range, no lou williams tonight not with the team, they’ve been short handed, but they have made the most of it and easy plays like that is trey young collecting his 13th assist and clint capela hawks have never led in this one Down to d.

a working on capella little right hand, jump hook, cash it in big bucket there for the big second round, pick by cleveland and no matter where he goes finds himself as bridges, spins to the rack and bridges with the delivery. Well, you could see all the attention paid to devin booker and chris paul as young as double team sun’s, forcing him to scramble here a little bit bogdanovic with a tough contested three over booker. How many times have we seen that from him when he was a member of the sacramento yeah? They missed 25 games with a knee injury back in january book on the drive? Gets it high up the window, not there, but d.a with a follow tip in yes, booger gets a switch with young coming out on him. Now they bring the double paul to the lane, finds crowder behind the stripe, hit the three he’ll look for four and chris paul will just dribble this one out hard fought win here at home. Yeah i mean they, didn’t need rondo and atlanta didn’t need galinari. I agree right, i agree on both of them. They just had money and was like we got to spend it yeah yeah. Instead of going to get some older vets, giving him a last run or two, you know what i mean and like man, ain’t number 10. 15 minutes a game, you steal it yeah, but, like you said we talked about rondo, i mean i thought the clipper should have signed him in the off season.

So i’m excited now that he’s that he’s landed there, because that is what we’ve been saying all along the clippers need a leader. They need a point guard and they got both in rajon rondo. So hopefully he comes back healthy and that playoff rondo that’s that’s a different player than regular season, rondo it’s, a different level of intensity and focus and uh and that’s where the clippers lost it last year. So we’ll see if he can be the difference this year. We got some good games, a quick question, though about i mean it’s about about the blue whale part of it like lou will yeah lou will spent a long time i mean in l.a between the lakers and the clippers. He was awesome. Did you see that too? I mean yeah – i i remember so he put on he put on instagram yeah. No, he put on instagram that his last stop was playing for the clippers. He said that about a month ago – and i remember i have a show called the new show in l.a, where we taught the clippers every week, and i brought that up to one of the fellow reporters cam buford and he was like man. Nobody wants to hear that, like he gon na play wherever they tell him to go and when he, when he got traded, i literally was like man is luca retire, because that team is not a team. That’S really, like i didn’t, say my last.

Stop is louisville, though atl is louisville. Okay, atl. He said my last stop. I i i did respect the fact that the clippers tried to send lou somewhere, where i think he could be comfortable at atl is his home. Obviously they don’t use him bro exactly that too that’s it they connected yeah. They need. They need that hybrid, hybrid guard. When trey young is out, you can put the ball in little hands and the will can get you.

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Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, NBA vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | March 30 | 2021 NBA Season

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