Amber Portwood, Teen Mom, Gary Shirley By Leah "We Have No Bond!" – Amber Calls Kristina a Wh**e on IG

Just a bonus. Mom, though i did hear from gary that leah had mentioned that she wanted to do something with you outside of the cameras when you’re a home, wrecker you’re a home wrecker, i was told that when i got out, i would have my family all the while i Was being cheated on Music, hey guys, it’s katie from without a crystal ball welcome back to my channel. It is march 31st. Can you believe it already march, ah the end of march, almost april, and this weekend the resurrection easter for christians? I hope you guys are having a good week and preparing for your big weekend, but we’re going to actually move over and sort of talk about teen mom og. We haven’t talked about it since last week, when macy bookout and the whole ryan edwards mackenzie, edwards, larry edwards, the whole thing went kaput and they got fired and we’re gon na shift gears and check in with amber, because we haven’t really talked about amber a whole Lot and i get it some of you guys just really don’t care and it’s, not that interesting to you. But i feel like this specific topic is interesting because we’re finally gon na see miss leah’s perspective in all of this, and i think her voice matters and i think her utilizing her voice and sharing her experience is really powerful and so we’re going to talk about Leah and what happened last night and then what happened afterwards when they went offline or when the show after the show aired because, of course, amber, went off on christina, and it was really sad you guys it was so unnecessary before we get into any of that.

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Last night on teen mom og, we were actually seeing for the very first time. Well, maybe not the first time but leah shirley was turning 12 years old okay and during the episode gary and christina sat down leah and we’re asking leah like what do you want to do for your birthday and she said she wanted to like go shopping? Get her nails done and have some some fun with her friends and gary and christina were like yes, that’s fantastic. We can do that. What else would you like to do for the family and then she said? Well, i just want to have like you guys, and i think she said her grandma, and that was it and they were like well what about your mom and she was like. I don’t want to see my mom with your mom i don’t want to, though, is there like something that happened or something away? You feel we don’t really have like a bond like that and then after saying that she didn’t have a bond with her. She went on to basically say that amber had never been in her life and that amber was really just like her birth mom, like she said, like all she’s ever done for me, is give birth 12 years, and she hasn’t really done anything that’s kind of been Like christina’s spot, all she did was give her to me. She might not always been there, but she was there and gary kind of like temped it down and was like no she’s been there for more than just that.

I don’t want you. Writing your mom off and saying i can’t have a relationship with her that kind of thing, because you know at some point and if you want to have a relationship with her now i mean there’s all this stuff that has happened, but if we want to get Better, we actually have to work towards having a relationship – and you know, like let’s at least invite her, so they go ahead and invite her, and i really liked that gary and christina handled it in this way where they were not degrading to her. They were encouraging to leah. They were validating her feelings, while also explaining to her that you know she could invite their mom and they could still try christina referred to herself, not as a mom but as a bonus. Mom i’m. Just a bonus mom though yeah and i thought it was handled very nicely, so then it turns out that amber finds out the whole thing is going to be filmed and there’s going to be hibachi and she just doesn’t want to be there. So she says: she’s not going to go because she’s uncomfortable being there, so they go through all these steps to invite amber and then she ultimately passes. She doesn’t want to do it. She doesn’t want to do it on camera. She wants to see her off camera, but leah doesn’t want to see her off camera and so that’s kind of what happens there.

So they go on to have this birthday and it’s actually really sweet like tanya comes over and obviously you know this is all set up by mtv, but still christina ended up getting her a ring which was so sweet. It was like a ring that had her birthstone on it and she basically told leah like ever since you’ve been in my life when, since you’ve been four, i never thought i could like love a little girl that wasn’t my own as much as i love you And i really do think of you as my own doc, as my daughter, and i just want you to know that, and i love you so much and obviously christina and leah do have a very tight bond. You know, and for all intents and purposes since leah’s been four until she’s 12, so for last eight years and really, if you think about it in this way, like most of the life that she remembers, she probably doesn’t remember a whole lot between zero to four. So, for most of the life she does remember, christina has been the person that’s been doing things for her taking her to school, taking her to running her around being there for her being a shoulder to cry on being someone to sort of support, love provide. All of the stuff that moms do, and i will say that like well there’s times where i’m, just like i’m, not super big fans of gary and christina, i will say that christina does and has played a very good role in leah’s life and i’m.

So glad that leah has that it’s so important for her to have some stability in that respect. So then, after this is all said and done they do the birthday party they have. The hibachi leah is kind of bummed that her mom doesn’t come after that whole thing and then amber goes to her brother sean. Now, if you remember last year or a year and a half ago when she was arrested, shawn was like literally coming to her defense and was like accusing andrew of being like a clout chaser and wanting her house wanting her money, blah blah blah blah saying that He was the guy that was doing everything that was bad, not it wasn’t her. This time he came to leah’s defense and i don’t know if it’s, because a kid was involved, but she called him and she was trying to like play the victim and act like leah was being a brat. Basically, she was like talking about. She was acting like leah was in the wrong because she was like. You would never believe how she was talking to me like i didn’t go, because i didn’t want to deal with the drama and i’m just going to give her space and he kind of like stepped up, and he was almost just like yo amber like you need To put yourself in leah’s shoes, and instead of feeling bad for how it makes you feel or how her response is to you think about how she feels for a second put yourself in her shoes and think about her experience, not your own.

There was things she was telling me that you would she’s experienced over the last 12 years when she’s had a mom that’s been absent, for i wasn’t absent, really just trying to help and him understand that leah’s feelings about her don’t come from a place of nothing. It comes from her experience with her and, of course, amber was not having it. She was like yelling and saying i want her to know that i have a bond with her and i do everything for her and i love her and i was there and she was like i was there one or twice two times a week, sometimes every other Week, which isn’t actually i mean that’s, like a parent that’s around sometimes and she does have a custody agreement with gary. She pays child support and i don’t know if they have like a formal visitation schedule, but i’m told like he makes. The comment like leah has taught he’s, like i’ve heard from gary and christina that leah has expressed that she wants you around, not just when tv is on or when the cameras are filming. I did hear from gary that leah had mentioned that she wanted to do something with you outside of the cameras and implying that. The only time that amber shows interest in her daughter is when the cameras are on like it’s, an obligation where, like she’s feeling like her only connection to amber, is the show and that’s actually super sad but it’s in line.

I remember having a conversation about this with andrew glennon last year when everything was going on, and he said to me that things had eroded so poorly with leah that he literally she never saw leah unless they were filming they never interacted. It was only for filming that was it. She had a little bit more of a relationship back in the matte buyers ages, but still wasn’t, seeing her a whole lot. So if you’re only seeing your daughter for a show – and of course your daughter is like going to feel that – and he says that to her and she’s like well, when i try to make plans with her off camera, she doesn’t want to see me and he’s, Like well you’re going to need to find a resolution for how to build that bridge. Obviously, she doesn’t feel comfortable being alone with her mom. What does that tell you about how she must feel or what she’s seen when she’s with her mom, and she said no. Okay, well, maybe she doesn’t think it’s good enough, so you have to come up with a solution. Maybe she doesn’t trust her mom. Maybe she doesn’t trust that her mom isn’t going to blow up or yell or scream. Maybe she doesn’t trust that her mom isn’t going to lose her temper. I mean and b to be frank, amber was going off on her going off on sean and then gary and christina did not do their part is all i got to say did not.

They did not do their part on what they had said to her. They told her lies on some things. She and shawn go back and forth. Sean does not take amber’s side at all, so you’ve got everyone mad at amber and what does amber do she runs to instagram live and she goes off and she calls christina a homewrecker. She says that she cheated on her or gary cheated on her with christina. She says that when she was in prison that gary promised that they would have a family once she got out, she accused gary was stealing money from her by the way, she’s also accused her mom andrew glennon matt bear and gary now of all stealing every single One of them when you’re a you’re, a when you’re a home, wrecker you’re a home wrecker when you’re a liar you’re a liar money, was stolen from me. When i was in prison, i was told that when i got out i would have my family all the while i was being cheated on and they all cheat on. Her too i mean matt did actually cheat on her, but with that being said, she took out the same thing and then she went off and basically said that christina doesn’t do anything for her daughter at all. She says the only reason that leah loves her is because she buys presents for leah and takes her shopping and to starbucks. She respects her because she brings her out to starbucks, gets her nails done and spends over a thousand something dollars of clothing on her well i’d respect.

Her too see i wasn’t raised that way. I was raised to not spoil my child i’m. Pretty sure their relationship is built on more than just starbucks and gifts. She’S been there for her, like entire life, she’s, trying to minimize the thing she’s degrading them, she’s yelling about them and on the show last night. She ended things by basically saying that christina and gary are the ones that screwed everything up and they’re lying to her about her, like they’re lying to leah about her. My question in all of this is that i’m loving, seeing leah have a voice i’m loving, seeing gary and christina really encourage the relationship. I know that gary and christina did say uh gary at least this year said that he’s going to have to reevaluate, and he said that their co parenting relationship really has broken down, and he needs to put leah’s best interest at heart and stop thinking about amber And he also has to start thinking about his wife. If i were them, i would try to find something. Maybe they need to do counseling together? Maybe they just if amber can’t, control, herself and leah doesn’t feel comfortable and until amber can take care of her health. I don’t know how safe that is for leah and if leah’s feels that kids are like, they feel everything and leah is at an age now that she can see her mother doing this online, and i imagine it doesn’t, make leah feel very good.

Amber should probably start worrying about herself and um taking care of herself and not blaming everyone else, and my other question is: why is she still on the show if she doesn’t have custody of either of her kids? Her daughter doesn’t want anything to do with her and they fired ryan edwards last week for basically he’s the same storyline as her right all intents and purposes he didn’t go to prison for three years. I think she did but it’s the same storyline this, the other parent, is raising the kid. The other kid doesn’t want to be around the parent and why don’t we just get rid of them and allow gary and christina and leah to be on the show long story short, i don’t think it’s amber’s place to degrade christina christina’s doing the best she can At this point in time, i think it’s really tacky. I think it’s irresponsible and i think it’s really ugly and i think it’s not going to help her build any bridges by insulting the woman that has stepped in in her absence, and her only explanation for being gone is that she doesn’t want her daughter to see Things well, if you don’t want your daughter to see the drugs or the men or whatever it is that’s involved in your life, then get yourself together and act like a mother, because right now, you’re not the way that you’re acting is not. Okay and fans are outraged, and i think it’s pretty fair for them to be outraged, and i want to know what your thoughts are about.

What do you think?

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