Amber Portwood, Teen Mom, Gary Shirley Calls Kristina A HOME WRECKING WH*R3 & DRAGS GARY!

That aired last night, where her daughter leah called her out for literally just giving birth to her and abandoning her in her own words, her father was trying to get her to invite amber to her birthday party she’s, like we don’t, really have a bond like that. She basically just gave birth to me and then abandoned me, and it was very sad to see and amber was very upset by it and, of course, she’s blaming everybody but herself for the way that her daughter feels about their lack of a relationship. So she took to her instagram and accused gary of stealing money from her when she was in prison to ball out on his now wife, christina, despite promising to be a family with amber when she got out and by the way for the record. I totally believe what amber was saying there, because we did see the dynamics play out when she was released from prison um. You know a couple seasons back on the show like she came out, thinking that she and gary were going to be in a relationship, because those were the sweet nothings that he was whispering into her ear on the collect, calls in the prison phone lines, and so Christina at the time was married to another man and she was involved with gary. You know in the midst of her own marriage, so, like i get her shocked so in her life amber literally referred to christina as a w h, o r e a homewrecker.

Basically, just a home, wrecking w h, o r e, and i personally don’t understand why it’s christina that she’s been lashing out at or even if she were lashing out at gary. I don’t understand why she’s lashing out at anybody but herself at this point, because it literally has nothing to do with her. We saw christina and gary both defend her in the scene. Christina literally says, when leah told gary that christina fulfilled the role of a mother in her life instead of amber, christina, basically defended, amber and said: hey i’m, just the bonus mom and then gary told her. No, like you have to work on mending your relationship with your mom, so there’s really nothing for her to go off on the both of them for, in my humble opinion, so she complains about gary and christina spoiling leah, which i personally think is better than abandoning Her but i digress, and she also complains that christina doesn’t actually do anything for leah, which is a huge insult. Considering all the times that amber has admitted that she hasn’t seen leah for months at a time whenever she gets into a new relationship. So what does she think is actually happening with her daughter all of those months when she’s not spending literally any time with her not even giving her a phone call at the very least, and not only that. But she claims that the only reason that leah wants to live with christina and gary is because they took her to disney world one time.

And she says leah only respects christina because get this christina takes her to starbucks and to get her nails done and last. But not least amber swears, she’s, not jealous of christina and kind of hints that it might be the reverse when she says that listen, christina only ever talked about wanting to go to college for nursing school when she amber got out of jail and said that she Wanted to go to college, to study as well, but come on if amber, were actually serious about the whole college thing she would have been graduated by now because she was released years ago and she literally has no day job. So she very well could have been a full time student and long past, her graduation and christina only recently enrolled in nursing, school and speaking of her being in nursing school amber’s upset that christina as just a student and not a licensed nurse hasn’t. You know been on the front lines during this pandemic. Yeah. The whole thing is a mess, but you know that is in true, amber fashion, she’s, just lashing out at everybody. You know, as a result of her own daughter, clocking her and giving the one of the biggest reads in teen mom history in last night’s episode of the show, although i feel bad for gary and christina that amber’s out here online, like dragging them through the mud. In response to her own daughter, clocking her, i do have to say that this is what they get for continuously brown nosing, someone that they know would you know, throw them under the bus in a heartbeat.

The way that they victim blamed andrew throughout his court order. Deal with um amber has come back to bite them in the ass, and you know i say that’s what you get at the very end of the day like they know that she’s a toxic influence in her daughter’s life. She makes no effort to be around her daughter and her daughter already has you know a mother figure that she’s comfortable with and sees in that way, so they should have started to distance themselves from her and let it you know, fall to the wayside there. In my humble opinion, but instead they chose to defend amber to a fault knowing that she’s a very ungrateful person who would never return that favor to them and who would actually just go out of her own way to drag them anytime. She felt the need to guys what do you feel about this very messy situation, make sure to let me know all of your thoughts and opinions in the comment section down below and as usual, we’ll chat that’s all for now. Thank you.

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