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Goldman sachs is getting ready to offer its clients its wealthy clients, bitcoin and crypto trading. We also got news that blackrock has started dabbling in bitcoin futures trading through an sec filing. We found out how much money they’ve put so far. Tesla has helped fix a bitcoin bug and chipotle. The mexican food restaurant is giving away free, bitcoin we’re gon na break it down before we do go ahead and hit that thumbs up. Button leave a comment below and hit the subscribe button if you’re new here it helps support the channel and it doesn’t cost you anything guys. Don’T forget to sign up for my free weekly newsletter link in the description, all crypto insights and knowledge. No spam uh let’s. Take a look at the market here, not much happening with bitcoin it’s hovering around that 59. 000 price point building support levels there ethereum, though, is looking very bullish, it’s at 1, 921. So looking strong. Obviously, we are looking for a breakout to take us to the next level bitcoin at 75, 000, i’m thinking either maybe 2500 or higher. So it’s all market cycles right there will be corrections on the way up, so we just got to be patient and if you take a look at the mac macro level, charts here, for example, this one from plan b who created the stock to flow model, uh Bitcoin is currently in between 2013 and 2017 tracks. What does that mean? Well, if you look at the light blue and the dark blue, those are the respective past, bull runs and we are seeing the patterns that played out and the red is, of course, the bull run.

We’Re in now and you’ll see uh. The pattern is repeating there because of the bitcoin having cycles, and you may say: well uh, who cares about bitcoin? Well, bitcoin everything moves a bitcoin right now. The data shows that the all coins follow. Bitcoins move so we’re using bitcoin as a measuring stick. So i hope you guys understand that um, because i know there’s people who’s and who are anti bitcoin, but you have to be realistic and look at the data here. The facts now here’s the big headline from cnbc goldman sachs is close to offering bitcoin and other digital assets to its wealth management clients. The bank aims to begin offering investments in the emerging asset class in the second quarter, according to mary reich, who was recently named global head of digital assets for goldman’s private wealth management division. So not just not just every uh, joe schmoe, wealthy individuals. This goldman sachs is the whale of wales guys they are the one of the the mega bank here right, the largest investment bank in the world, so goldman is looking at ultimately offering a full spectrum of investments in bitcoin and digital assets, whether that’s through the physical Bitcoin derivatives or traditional investment vehicles, she said uh, some goldman clients, listen to this guys feel like we’re sitting at the dawn of a new internet in some ways and are looking for ways to participate in this space reichset guys. What have i talked about for years? On this channel, this is the new tech revolution.

This is the next layer on top of the internet. Right blockchain is that next layer and the disruption is starting with finance with money via cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and now you’re. Seeing all these folks are capitulating. They’Re jumping into the market and you’re, seeing the demand rising for this right, guys, it’s here to stay um, any disruptive uh technology is gon na be hated. People are not gon na, be uh a fa in favor of it, but then over time they will realize. Wait a minute we can’t get around this th. This is how it is like the horse and buggy people who got disrupted by the automobile right, um and obviously the internet disrupted many things phone books and all that stuff. I don’t need to tell you guys all the disruptions there, but it’s happening. I hope you see the bigger picture you’re looking at this macro level and the like, i said, the whale of all whales is here and something i want to. Let you know about they’ve been playing smoke and mirrors moves all along they’ve been accumulating, as we’ve talked about kevin o’leary and mark cuban and all the others they put out negative statements. Jp morgan did this with uh their respective ceo jamie dimon. Take a look at this may 27 2020 goldman sachs denies. Bitcoin is an asset class. Now, today, goldman sachs bitcoin investment offering coming in q2 here anthony pompliano, highlighted something just from february, where bloomberg reported goldman sachs strategist.

Who has a warning over bitcoin’s value? Oh no. We should be scared right, that’s, what they’ve been trying to do? Put the narrative out there and one all the while they’re accumulating trust me when i tell you they’ve been accumulating for years. Now is the time to flip the script that’s why you got blackrock fidelity, jp morgan. All these folks are here right and and it’s not that they’re like late to the game, the narrative may look like that. They’Ve been accumulating and they’ve been putting out, foot and fear and having weak hands and people who don’t understand, market cycles selling and then they’re going to have them buy back in at the top that’s that’s. The dumb money crowd, unfortunately, so count yourself lucky. You are on this smart money, side of things and if you’ve been accumulating in the bear market and in the dips, you are on the side of smart money and, of course, the adoption curve. We are still very early now blackrock, as we’ve been talking about they. They are the world’s largest uh, as far as i believe they have the most assets. The wealthiest uh asset management company um. They have trillions under under uh management, so blackrock has begun trading, bitcoin futures block right. Excuse me: blackrock held 6.5 million in cme bitcoin futures earlier this year, with an appreciation of 360 000 new sec filings. Show so remember when we saw blackrock, cio and uh. Even their ceo were on cnbc towards the end of uh last year, and they were talking about this that now they’re on board.

Their clients are asking about it. So they’re going to keep going down the rabbit hole here and you know it starts a bitcoin, but it will eventually go to all coins as well, so a source familiar with the matter, told coindesk. The asset manager held 6.5 million dollars in cme bitcoin futures contracts. Earlier this year, uh those contracts had appreciated to 360 457 on reporting day. According to documents reviewed by coindesk, the holdings represented it’s going to be represented. 0.03 percent of blackrock’s massive global allocation fund on reporting day uh very small, the source said the gains appreciated. Just 0.0014 percent blackrock’s original 37 contracts expired on march, uh, 26., so um. It looks like they’ve they’re, dabbling here, but i’m. Sure, we’re gon na see more money coming in we’ll have to see what other filings come out, because this was through um, some sec filings but uh i can’t imagine they’re gon na sit by idly and watch some other companies go buy up, bitcoin and obviously some They can double dip here right. You can actually hold bitcoin. You can play the futures market, obviously short it long it whatever it is, but we are seeing adoption where companies are holding bitcoin in their balance sheet, so i’m sure they’re doing the same as well. Now, speaking of companies holding bitcoin in their balance sheet, tesla just helped patch a bug in this open source, bitcoin payment processor. This is interesting. The car maker’s assistance to btc pay server is another sign of its serious commitment to bitcoin beyond holding it in its treasury and accepting it as a payment.

So that’s awesome they’re also running a bitcoin node. If you guys remember: elon’s tweet, so uh the electric vehicle and renewables company informed btc pays team of the bug. After reviewing the project’s github last week, it offers users who boot btc pay from docker deployment, have a configured email server, enable enabled registration for users in server settings to policies according to a post on btc pays github that included the software patch. This is great guys. It’S really – and i said it before it’s – giving the green light you know paul tudor jones was a big green light for hedge funds. Microstrategy was a big green light for companies to add bitcoin on a balance sheet. What elon did is take it to the next level running a bitcoin, node um, accepting bitcoin as a payment and, of course, helping facilitate the ecosystem and the payments infrastructure for bitcoin, so he’s, taking it to another level, giving more green light. So you can expect to see other tech companies do this, and we just saw recently microsoft launched their ion uh project on the bitcoin uh mainnet as a layer. Two solution right, so we are seeing adoption here. So these are the facts. I i’m just saying that, because there’s a lot of fun people who try to say oh nobody’s, going to adopt bitcoin, oh bitcoins, outdated, yes, bitcoin does not have the scalability and and speed and so forth as other cryptos in the market.

But you cannot ignore the monetary policy use case of a hedge and people are missing that completely because you know why many don’t understand monetary policy. They don’t even understand gold’s use case. If you understand gold and precious metals use case as a hedge. Historically, you will understand how bitcoin is being used as a hedge today and that’s why we see companies putting it on their balance sheet, so this is really great to see. Now, no joke my friends, not an april fool joke, as i thought it was when i reported on it chipotle to give away two hundred thousand dollars in free, burritos and bitcoin on april. First, the promotion was inspired by former ripple exec who lost the password to his bitcoin filled hard drive, and that is stefan thomas who tweeted about this and by the way, i’m in contact with him and his team to get a uh interview going so stay tuned. On that, so he tweeted – i am a chipotle influencer now and uh, of course, giving away some bitcoin and burritos here so we’re, seeing companies participating in in the growth of this asset class right, they’re, piggybacking on on this momentum. So fast food casual chipotle mexican grill said it will be giving away 100 000 in free burritos and 100 000 in bitcoin in honor of national burrito day. On april 1st, in an announcement, the restaurant said it had teamed up with former ripple labs, cto, stefan thomas, to launch a new interactive game called burritos or bitcoin.

The game was inspired by thomas who famously lost the password to his hard drive. That now has 387 million dollars worth of bitcoin store on it. Man i don’t know how i would live in myself. If i lost that password i’m sure i would get over it, but you know that that’s a punch in the gut man, uh players will carry out mock, chipto currency rescue mission and crack the code of a digital wallet. The contestants will guess a valid six digit code 10 times for a chance to win a free, burrito or bitcoin on this website, and that is burritos or so be sure to bookmark that and try it out. Uh chipotle said 10, 000 players will win free, burrito, 50 players will win 500 and bitcoin and three players will win 25 000 in bitcoin, so guys you want to win some bitcoin. Why not? Why not? You know how much money that bitcoin could be worth right if you think long term macro level, so this is pretty cool, so national burrito day is a huge moment for chipotle, as our fans traditionally flock to our restaurants and digital platforms, to order their favorites said. Chris branch, police, chief marketing officer so that’s awesome, i love it and you know what’s gon na happen, game theory watch mcdonald’s watch these other fast food chains and other restaurants start participating in something like this guys. This is big so once again, i’m in contact with stefan thomas and his team to uh set up an interview, make sure you get that subscribe.

Button and notification bell enabled now guys you may have heard of this um library – and i have my videos uploaded in a library they’re getting sued by the sec for um. I guess securities violation whatever, so i hear ripples um excuse me. General counsel, stuart alaradi, tweeted about it saying i’ll reserve a judgment on the merits of libraries. Case till i know the facts, but one fact is abundantly clear. Regulatory uncertainty, parentheses deliberately created and maintained by clayton’s sec continues to be weaponized against the industry. Who is next uh? Oh and this is happening while the revolving door of clayton’s sec spins at a dizzy rate. What is he talking about? Jay clayton’s, bs move. We know the ripple sec, lawsuit there right or sec ripple lawsuit. I should say, and jay clayton did his shady on his last couple days on his way out and all his cronies are on the way out so it’s a mess. You saw you guys seen my interview. Hester appears she’s, certainly not in agreement with how this was handled and many other former sec. Commissioners and officials are, of course not on board with this it’s a mess um and as i’ve stated before, you know some of you kind of message me and and tweet at me and so forth, saying hey! Why are you talking so much about this ripple? Sec, lawsuit well guys because this affects the entire market. If you hold chain link cardano, even ethereum, whatever else it affects those other cryptocurrencies and guess what i hold those i have bitcoin i have xrp have ethereum.

I have chain link, i have cardano. I have all these and guess what the sec is going to go after them, guys they’re going to go after them. So we need regulatory clarity. I know some people are anti ripple and anti xrp, but put that aside for a second we’re on the same side. Yes, it’s us versus the sec i’m telling you what’s happening here. We need better regulatory clarity and uh that’s. Why i’ve been bringing you guys these interviews and trying to speak to the folks like chris giancarlo and hester parish and and all these different folks right? We got to get it right in the us here, because this is going to hurt a lot of projects like um. I upload on library, i’ve been earning the lbc tokens and now that the value has dropped because of this lawsuit. So this really sucks um anyway, guys i’m hoping we can get. This figured out. Finally, uh brave uh, the with the basic attention token of their founder, brendan ike um. He did an article here um on the new york times and it the title is: if you care about privacy it’s time to try a new web browser, here’s a quote: if everybody use brave it would wipe out the tracking based ad academy ad economy. Excuse me said brandon ike in if you care about privacy it’s time to try a new web browser, so of course brave they it’s a full, fully privacy focus browser.

You get rewarded with tokens. You choose what ads you want to see. So no invasive ad tracking and all that also they just integrated or they just acquired a company that has a search engine technology. So they’re looking to compete with google here right and remember brendan, is the founder of mozilla and firefox. The guy created javascript. He worked in netscape and if you um didn’t, see my interview with him, um it’s, of course on my channel he’s he’s, a very smart guy um, and let me pull it up here, for you i’ll put a link in the description, so you guys can check It out but he’s one of the godfathers of the internet and – and i interviewed him – i think it was like a year and a half ago and or last year no last year, guys so i’ll put a link in the description to check that out, uh but I’M, a big fan of the basic attention: token i’m invested in it i’ve earned basic attention. Token uh just browsing the web, so once again the scc could go after them too right this. This is what worries me about this whole ripple: sec, lawsuit situation but i’m sure we’ll figure it out so guys. What do you think about this goldman sachs news? This is bullish. Like i said, the whale of all whales is here all the big players: goldman sachs, blackrock, uh, jp, morgan, morgan stanley, everybody’s here so get ready, be patient.

Things are on track, zoom out when in doubt guys leave your thoughts and comments below hit the thumbs up.

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