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We have some great news from paypal and a couple of other places so make sure you watch the full video, hello, everybody. My name is sanat and welcome to another episode of the clever millionaire. So in today’s video we are going to talk about what does this news from paypal mean for the entire crypto space? Also, i will give you an update on the double your stimulus check challenge and i will talk about a brand new coin that i haven’t invested in already. That i think, has a lot of potential to do. Some big numbers over the next couple of days so make sure you do not miss the ending of this video and, as always before we get started. I would appreciate it if you smash the like button and subscribe to the channel, also check out the links in the description box below and let’s go so the first big news that i want to share with you guys is that paypal users will be able to Use cryptocurrencies for purchases, we all know paypal is one of the biggest transaction companies in the world and they have a ton of merchants and right now, crypto is being allowed, so you’ll be able to make your purchases on pretty much any website that supports paypal, which In my opinion is going to drive mass adoption in cryptocurrency. This by far is some of the biggest news like ever. In my opinion, paypal users soon will be able to use cryptocurrency to pay for merchandise and millions of retailers, a move that can further push digital currencies into the mainstream.

This is even more great news for the crypto space. Now you can buy a tesla with crypto. You can pay off your credit card with visa with crypto, and now paypal is letting everybody use their services in crypto as well. So next time you want to purchase something online and they accept paypal, you’ll be able to use crypto. This, in my opinion, is great news and i think more companies and more institutions are going to start adopting cryptocurrency. As you can see, the price of bitcoin over the last day or two is going up. The price of ethereum is going up. All coins are going up as well, and i believe, as more companies adopt cryptocurrency the higher the prices of crypto are going to go, which is great news for us, because that means we’re going to make even more money. The next article i want to talk about is this: one chipotle is giving away 100 000 in bitcoin absolutely free. So when i saw this article i’m like yo, this is clever marketing from chipotle. In order to get some customers all right before you guys get too excited, chipotle is not accepting cryptocurrency in their restaurants, but they are giving away 100 000 worth of bitcoin on thursday, celebrating national burrito day and i’m gon na show you exactly how you can participate In this, in order to get some free bitcoin, also, this contest marks the first time a u.s restaurant chain has given away bitcoin according to chipotle.

So how do you win some free bitcoin? The first thing that you have to do is go to burritos or The website will launch on thursday so two days from now, and you have to pretty much guess a random six digit number each player will get 10 tries in order to get some free bitcoin, and this content starts at 9 pm et time. So if you want to participate, take this information down, so if you guess the six digits you can win up to 25 000 in bitcoin or a free burrito, also chipotle is giving away 100 thousand dollars in free food. So if you do not win some bitcoin, you can get some free food and now let’s break down the numbers. In total, 53 people could actually win the bitcoin 50 fans will win 500 dollars in cryptocurrency and three will win 25 000 worth of bitcoin and 10 000 fans will win one free burrito, so the chances are pretty good. Also chipotle is partnering up with stefan. You know the guy that lost 220 million dollars worth of bitcoin simply because he could not remember his password. In my opinion, this is great news simply because it brings more attention to crypto, and you never know some of these people that buy chipotle. They might end up investing in crypto, which, in my opinion, will be a great thing and now some bullish news from wall street kathy wood. The ceo of our convinced pretty much said one trillion is nothing compared to where this will ultimately be talking about bitcoin.

So everybody was super happy when bitcoin hit a one trillion dollar market cap, but according to her, this is just the beginning, here’s what she says. If we add all the potential demand relative to the limited supply, we come up with incredible numbers over the long term. We all know bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million. She said we have just begun. One trillion dollars is nothing compared to where this will ultimately be would also describe the current marketing conditions as favorable for bitcoin etfs, with the right amount of liquidity and demand from institutional investors. We are now moving into what i believe will be prime time. She also said that the demand from these big institutions will be our driving force when it comes to evaluating crypto in bitcoin, and now before i show you the coin that could potentially pump in the next couple of days. Let’S, do a quick update on the double your stimulus check challenge alright. So now we are on atani atani. Pretty much allows you to link up all of these different exchanges in order to show you, your entire portfolio, you’ll, be able to compare different prices on itani to see where you can get the best deal best of all, you can trade from all of these different And exchanges on one simple platform: in my opinion, a time is absolutely amazing. You can check it out. Link will be in the description box below and now when we look at our portfolio, it is pretty much the same as it was yesterday right now.

Our fourteen hundred dollars is worth one thousand two hundred and sixty nine dollars, and this is the breakdown of the coins that i’m holding cro one inch in polka dot, and this is how much we have of each there. You go a quick update on the challenge and now let’s talk about this coin that can potentially pump, but first thing i am not a financial advisor. Do not take this as financial advice as i make this video. I am not invested in this coin. Alright. So the coin is called dsla protocol and currently it is up over 18 percent on the day. Price is just over one penny market cap is 95 million dollars let’s scroll down. When we look at the seven day chart, it literally went from 0.008 to 0.14, and when we take a look at the one month chart you will see that it is steadily climbing. But over the last week, or so you can see a pump and an increase in volume, you’re, probably wondering why is this coin going to pump in the next couple of days? Let’S look at their website all right when we go on their website. The first thing that you’re going to see in the top right corner is their main net launch and it is launching in one day also you’re going to see that the sla protocol is a hedge against infrastructure risk. Dsla protocol adds native risk management and paramedic insurance capabilities to your applications and networks.

Guys, if you are looking to invest in this, make sure to do your own research. We all know a lot of coins when big news comes out, they tend to punk, and a lot of them do pull back. So here are all the places that you can purchase the sla protocol.

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