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Long story short: we didn’t target. Damn near any of the dudes that i felt like we should have targeted, but you know i’m still satisfied not being highly satisfied with the moves that we made so far in free agency. So you know before we talk about the new additions. I want to talk about the dudes that we actually went out there and resigned to the team, starting with cody parkey, so just so y’all can understand where i’m coming from. If you watch the last video i’ll, let it be known, i want a new kicker. I knew that cody parker was a free agent. I didn’t want this man back on my team. Cody parkey is ass. You feel me cody parkey is trash when you are a team that’s trying to take it to the next level, trying to be a super contender. Trying to actually win the super bowl trying to be a top serious team in the league. You don’t need cody parkey’s on your team. You feel me it don’t matter how good your team is. You’Re always going to be in a situation where it’s fourth down in five. Fourth down and long, you feel me and you’re in field goal range. You may not be able to get a touchdown, but you could rely on your kicker to go out there and kick a 40 yard or a 45 yard or 50 yarder. We can’t rely on cody parkey to kick the 45 to 55 yard bet, especially no.

No 60 yard field goal i’d, rather punt. You feel me so it’s been it’s been situations last year if you’ve been watching the games where we’ve been in field goal range, but we send a pun route, but we go for it on four down. Instead, i’m. Tired of being like that, you know, we’d be leaving points on the board and just risking it when we could just bring our kicker on the field and help us out. So i don’t want cody parker here and if you need cody parker to win a game for you, he’s going to himself like cody parkey, his mentoring theory, he has no range on his kicks. He was searchable last year. I understand that and that’s why we brought him back, but that didn’t mean you know just because he was searchable last year to actually bring him back. You know so i’m, not a fan of the move. Long story short! No, i do like that. We brought back rashaar higgins on a cheap deal and it was definitely beneficial for us to bring back. You know: joshua it’s actually mandatory to bring him back because he definitely has a good chemistry with baker mayfield he has hands. He has good size, he’s always been reliable and he’s always had potential to me ever since we drafted him like five or six years ago, just off watching his highlights. Like colorado, i knew he was going to be a good receiver and based off the way he’s developed.

I know if he goes anywhere else and actually gets a real opportunity to be a wide receiver, too full time or wild receiver one. He can realistically shine if used properly, so bring him back for depth and just to beat our wild receiver. Two or three is definitely a good move and i’m glad we didn’t let him walk because he wants to be here. It is not. It is not often that you find an athlete that really loves cleveland that’s, like anybody, i mean i’m, pretty sure everybody here is all in cleveland. You feel me we let lindor walk in with the um lindor walk with the um, the indians um. We we didn’t. Let kristen kirksey well kristy kersey, bled bruh. We let him go. You know you don’t, get athletes that love cleveland. So when we get athletes that love cleveland, i want them to be here. You know, and last not least, the other notable free agent that we did go out there and resign was malcolm smith, malcolm smith, he’s, a veteran. He was a subaru mvp years ago. You feel me years ago they just won’t, let it go. They just keep mentioning how he was a super bowl mvp years ago, so that’s who he is that’s who he’s known for. But you know i believe he led the team in tackles he’s. Definitely a veteran he’s, a leader. So i understand the move: to bring him back i’m, really not too sure how much he got paid to come back, but i don’t really expect him to be a full time starter depending on what we do on a draft depending on what we finished doing.

The free agency, depending on the development of dudes like mack wilson and todd taki, we don’t, know if he gon na start or not, but we found out last year that having them for depth definitely can’t be good for our team. Now to actually talk about the dudes that we did go out there and resign, i mean actually not resign, but actually sign that’s new additions. I want to start with the biggest sign that we had, which is john johnson, a safety that played for the rams last year. John johnson is a dog you feel me. He definitely do not go out there and hit and cover anybody. That knows me personally. Anybody that’s been watching my channel for the past two years. Y’All know i’ve been saying. I want to say this go go out there and stick you you feel me. I want to say that’s going to hit a safety that’s, not scared to hit. We have not had that over the past few years. I think that i go out there and hit and he can cover. This is a bundle that we gained with john johnson. You feel me, john johnson, just so you all can know he was targeted 61 times. Last year, as the nearest defender in coverage, which was third most among safeties – and he allowed one touchdown only one touchdown last year, the browns allowed the safety they allowed double digit touchdowns i’m, not mistaken. We were struggling, we had syndeos and dale’s trash old and just trash, and then you got carl joseph carl joseph was actually decent.

You know, i’m, not even going out of your car. Joseph was decent, but he was just small and all he can really do is hit if he’s not making no tackles he ain’t making nothing happen and, as you see, we ain’t bring him back because there’s no need for him to be here anymore um. We already got um harrison. We got him last year from the jags. He feels the same role that car joseph does but he’s bigger and he actually may hit harder. He just got ta stay healthy, so there was no need to bring carl joe back, but long story short. This definitely helps out the safety room and, if grant delphi can get healthy and play like everybody, expecting him to play back like how good he was in college man. People ain’t gon na be able to pass on us. It’S gon na be a no fly zone as long as we healthy, then we sign anthony walker. A lot of people don’t know who he is. I know who anthony walker is from when i was actually looking up the coach a few years ago and doing videos on them, but we got him for the cheap, anthony walker is a young safety. 25 are not safety. Linebacker he’s, 25 he’s a great run stopper. If he can’t do nothing else, he can definitely defend the run well, that’s, something the browns need. We need to stop people from running the ball on this we’ve been struggling on that for years, so he’s definitely going to help with that his coverage isn’t.

Really. Oh, you feel me, but hopefully we can work on that. You know i warned the linebacker that can do both, but you know i’m feeling the move it’s definitely going to help our team so i’m. Definitely a fan of us bringing in anthony walker, and i i promise you y’all are going to like him and then next we brought in troy hill. I, like troy hill, troy, i think he’s, like 28, so he’s, not really one of the younger dudes you feeling but troy hill is a dog. He led the league in defensive touchdowns last year and what i noticed about troy hill. He has good play recognition once he sees it he’s on it. He can he. He can sniff things out quickly. That’S good to have he’s, also really a slot corner anyway. He can play the outside, but he’s really more of a slot corner. Like i said he has good play cut recognition. He can also tackle that’s something we’ve been trying to improve over the past few years as well. Tackling it definitely got way better last year compared to when we have freddie kitchens, but you know he can definitely tackle and that’s good to have as a corner and he’s good in coverage he’s good in coverage. You feel me that’s what he’s here to do. So if we have any injuries, i think he can’t step up to a degree and help out on the outside, but as long as we’re healthy he’s going to be good in the slot and that’s just going to help us out, you feel me, then i know Y’All taught me stan, you feel me by now.

You should know it’s a habit. Man it’s a habit. I’M sorry, but we bring in malik jackson the defensive, tackle people that really be on a football. You all should know who he is he used to play for the denver broncos they used to play for the jacksonville jaguars. He was a defensive tackle. He was really good. You know back then um, the last team he was on the eagles. It was a little bit mixed emotions going around as far as what he did for that team people said he was trash. People said he couldn’t stay on the field, which i feel is false, but i think malik jackson. If we can get him here, i think he can play well. You know he’s definitely good against the run, which is definitely why he’s here in the first place, because he’s here to replace ogun joby and he can get to that quarterback anytime, you get a defensive tackle that can also get to the quarterback that’s a plus. So you know i don’t expect him to be a pro bowler. You know he’s, definitely an upgrade from okajobi, simply off of size. Okay joby was small, but he was good malik. Jackson’S is a big fat dude. You feel me just so. He should stuff the run. So i i like the sign and i’m excited and we got him for the cheap, so our o line well our d line. So far. We at least banking on miles garrett, sheldon, richardson and uh what’s, his due name again malik jackson, my badge y’all, but the other dn spot.

I don’t know who’s going to beat her, but i do like that. We did go out there and sign that dude um takarist mckinley, the dn he’s a bust. You feel me he’s a bust but it’s all right, because this is a one year proven deal. He was a high draft pick for a reason, because people believed in him people believed he could be good. He’S shown little flash here and there, but for the most part, let’s just keep it real he’s been a disappointment that’s. Why he’s no longer on the team that drafted him and that’s? Why he’s? Even on the free agency market, we tried to sign him last year when he got cut, but we missed out due to waiver, so it’s good to get him here. He sounds pretty confident. He sounds like he’s ready to change himself. He said the reason why he’s been playing badge because he lost himself a few years ago. I mean i’m sure we heard that from a lot of players anyway, so we gon na see what he really about and if he ends up breaking out here man, we really got ta steal for the cheap, so i’m, a fan of us taking a gamble but I’M sure we’re going to do better. You know we might drive somebody at the end, there’s rumors that we’re trying to bring in jadav and county, which could help the browns are not done. Not only am i satisfied with the talent that we brought in so far, but i am very very impressed with the way that andrew barry has worked with the cat space that we got because everybody wanted us to do this move and not moving that move.

We can’t do this moving that moving that move, because we don’t have the cap space like we used to. We have cap space, but not like we used to so he did a good job, managing the cash base and just setting us up not only the sound. The dudes were going to draft but to give out future um. You know extensions to baker. Mayfield nick chubb, those dudes are definitely in line to get paid soon. You know, so i definitely am a fan of the moves that we made so far. We’Re definitely not done um, and you know i would give you all an update on who i wants to draft in a week or two based off of how free agency pans out. So let me know how y’all feel about the moves that we made some players that you wish we would have got um some players that you hope we get that still out there.

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