Cleveland Indians, Terry Francona, 2021, Opening Day By Committee in Cleveland! Victory Lap and Fantasy Fallout

I know it’s late i’m, sorry for the two week layover, but i am back i’m gon na post some videos tomorrow, i’m really gon na try and grind on this. So you guys are prepared for opening day prepared for the season. I’M gon na start posting more consistently after opening day i’m gon na start posting more stuff for daily fantasy, potentially stuff from week to week, i’m gon na start forming a schedule, for you guys also feel free to comment and tell me what you would like me To do, i could do videos for draftkings day to day fantasy decisions, weekly fantasy decisions right now, my mind’s mainly geared towards weekly fantasy decisions where i’ll get the match. Ups done before the week starts, so you can make all your lineup decisions by sunday and kind of have a strategy going into the week and probably do some day to day stuff, when i’m available to make the video for draftkings and for day to day fantasy Decisions, but i want to make an announcement, something that i’m going to do on this channel, that a lot of other guys are not doing is hold myself accountable. You probably saw the cody bellinger video, where i said i was wrong. I did the research, i looked. It through and i had to admit i was wrong about cody bellinger well now, it’s the opposite, i get to admit. I was correct. This is a victory lap, my first one of 2021, hopefully the first of many but james karen check everybody.

I did the in depth research on james karanjak, and i gave you the inside info that all of these fantasy analysts that were ranking him as a top five top 10 reliever did not understand he could not control his sinker. I gave you that info on the video you can still check it out. If you want to understand why i made that prediction, but recently terry francona announced that they are going to be a closer by comedian and again. This is because james karen chat could not control the sinker. He had so many walks over spring training that francona really had no other choice. Also, i think nick wickgren and emmanuel clays are also very just solid options, so he kind of just thought. This is a perfect scenario. James karen check will have time to develop while we have these two other guys, but this significantly hurts his fantasy value and anybody who did not listen to my advice and drafted him earlier just got burned so just wanted to post this video to take that victory. Lap and to say if your league values holds, i love nick whitgrin. He was great for me last season when the matchups are good. He is better in week one and nick wikrin and emmanuel clays are some of my favorite plays. If you’re in a points league and that points league counts for holes, these guys are gon na be sneaky. If you need something super dirt, cheap and something that will give you some solid points, if holds count for three points.

Pick up nick wickren pick up a manual clace. Also. Thank me once again for giving you the right info on james karen check. I always try to do my best. Hopefully this is the first of many may not, but there it is james karen check, isn’t a closer by committee because of the walk issue i was describing earlier. This is the inside info i’m trying to give to you guys i’m trying to do the in depth. Research and look at the tape to see things that if i was just a casual observer like many of these mainstream analysts, are wouldn’t see because when they look at these players they aren’t as high profile. James karenchak is just a mid level reliever, so they aren’t. Looking at him in the same way that i am doing for you guys i’m not doing a full scouting report and looking at everything about him but i’m. Looking at what he can do for fantasy and looking at the tape to see what he does. And so far, i’m doing pretty good i’m one for one, because the regular season hasn’t started yet – and this is really only the big news regarding any player that i’ve made a prediction about so far so we’ll see what happens but i’m.

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