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First of all, i guess what does it mean to be reunited with john johnson, the third uh it’s gon na be exciting to be out there and be reunited. I know what he gon na bring to the table and he know what i don’t bring to the table. So i mean this is it’s exciting. You know it’s gon na be it’s gon na be epic out there in cleveland. So we looking forward to it um. After he signed did he do any recruiting of you at all uh? Now he even know it was. I was just telling somebody else. It was funny because, like a couple days before the signing or whatever i hated, it was like hey um. What are you thinking about going and uh he wasn’t giving me no disclosure so i’m, like man, you acting like i’m, the media type thing like man you’re, like i’m media, you don’t, want to give out and then, when i signed when i seen you signing with Cleveland it was like okay you’re, going back to the to the home state like that that’s, a good look for them, i’m, happy for you, and when i got that opportunity uh and that deal came, my agent told me i had text jj like i think i Might have come to cleveland and he sent me the emojis like this, so i mean that kind of made everything easy for me. Thank you. Thank you. Dan we’ll go to mary kay cabot, hey, troy uh.

Can you just talk about what it was like to uh? You know to grow up here in nearby by youngstown, and does this really kind of feel like a homecoming for you? Do you still have a lot of friends and family there? What was that all like? I mean definitely for like a homecoming all my friends and family still well, all my friends, but like all my family’s still out there a lot of my family like blood relatives instead out in ohio in youngstown or like columbus. So i mean just being able to come back home and get them an opportunity to make more gains. Even though that’s gon na hurt my pockets with all the tickets. But i mean it’s an exciting process for me and i’m, enjoying it and just growing up and knowing what ohio football is and how much they cherish. Ohio football and the fan base in cleveland and everything that comes along with it i’m excited to be out here, because i mean you know it kind of reminds me of being a kid again and playing playing ball as a kid, so i mean it’s going to Be a fun one it’s going to be fun. Did you grow up as a browns fan, uh it’s funny? I actually grew up as a broncos fan, because you know when i was little cleveland, wasn’t uh cleveland wasn’t around at the time. Can you hear me, did you hear me oh yeah, so cleveland wasn’t around at the time when i was young, then they came back a little late, but majority of my family was like browns and uh pittsburgh fans so i’m trying to bring them all together.

So we’re gon na see, thank you mary. Thank you. Nate go ahead: hey troy, uh! Staying on the youngstown theme for a minute um. What was it like growing up there and uh? What took you out to california? I believe when you were 15. um it was it was. It was a little tough. You know uh it’s, a low income city, so i mean you kind of not really a lot of money being generated around there i mean, and the ones who do got money is like you know: it’s, not really the right type but uh. As i say, it was tough it’s easy to become a product of your environment but like at the same time they all get through the diversity and it builded a foundation. For me to be tough and to be able to handle different things. So i mean i, i got nothing but respect for the city and i love being from there because, like i say like it gave me a foundation in the mindset to where it’s like i know i came from this, i know i can make it anywhere. So that’s kind of the type of mindset that it gave me and i i’m sorry. I couldn’t really remember the second part of that question. Uh just you know what what was it like kind of you know, starting fresh. I think you were 15 right yeah. I was 15 when i moved to california, so i mean you know when you’re 15, you really don’t, really understand everything that’s going on through your mind and, like my whole thing was, i was coming out there when i moved to california.

My mind said was just go graduate football wasn’t really my my thing, even though i knew i was good at it, but, like i ended up like between, i mean i ended up failing my freshman year when i was in ohio, because i just wasn’t really going To school – and i was kind of on that same route – the second year i was there, i probably would have dropped out or something if i was still in ohio. But i mean you know i’m saying when i went to california and i was surrounded by just a bunch of different people and different mindsets and things like that. It kind of like opened my eyes to a bigger picture, and ever since then it’s like i was telling my homeboy, like yeah ohio gave me foundation, but california shaped my mind in a way to become a stronger person. So i mean, and just all the life events that i went through just kind of just shaped me to become stronger, so that’s, where i was at with it thanks. Thank you. Nate scott, patrick you’re. Next, hey troy last year, was the most you’ve played in the slot right yeah. What was that transition like for you? Did you know you’d be as good as you wind up being um. It was definitely a transition for me because i mean the routes and things and like where i can funnel to my health and stuff like that, when i’m playing man or whatever it all changes, and things like that.

But i mean i never really knew how successful i could be. I just was up for the challenge. Type of thing, like i turned myself as a football player, and i feel like right now, like yeah, even though i had a good season, there’s still so much more room for me to grow at that position, like i’m still learning that position i’m still fresh at It so i mean i’m excited for what year two can bring from me, so just to keep on going type of thing get a little more technique in there that’s, where i felt like. I was really lacking that as far as my technique, i know the browns value your versatility, but do you expect to be in the slot this year, uh yeah for sure yeah thanks! Thank you. Scott we’ll go to daryl ryder. You and jj come from the rams with the number one pass defenses this past season. What made you guys so good uh in the secondary, and how do you bring that with you over to cleveland? I mean i feel, like the whole, secondary as a whole. I mean you know it started with jalen with jalen just being able to come out there and do his thing and then you know we all believed in each other. So i mean darius, darius williams me jj, fuller and even the ones who people don’t recognize. We all had a belief in each other and it was like anybody can come out there and be capable of having success, because our preparation and stuff like that and the things that we do all throughout the week.

So i mean just the work ethic and everything that came with it type of thing and the mentality really to want to be the best that’s where it really started at. But when you all believe in each other, and you got that that uh, you want to see other people do well that’s kind of where i felt like really changed our secondary and made us what we is, because we all took pride in that. And you know when you like that nobody want to be the weak link, so i mean you take pride in things like that, and what do you know about joe woods’s defense and also what made the brown so appealing to you in free agency uh? I know a little bit, i mean you know we had to leave and i think he was to leave coaches in denver, and i remember that, like, ladies and gentlemen, talking about him like nothing, bad or anything, so i kind of knew about him a little bit From that just listening to what the conversations he would have and uh uh what what what made the brown stand out to me is just the the just the upbringing like i mean where they at right now and where i used to see them at when i Was living in ohio watching them on them sundays, and just being able to see like oh yeah, this program turned around and well whatever place. Would i want to be rather than home when they go in that super bowl, so that’s kind of where i was at with it like yeah this opportunity for us to go win a super bowl? I mean they missing a few pieces.

There was a touchdown away from going to the afc. You know what i’m saying the afc championship is like all right, i see what they got over there come on. Let me come over there and bring my challenge and once i’ve seen jj come too or like when i seen jj come at the beginning. It was like there’s, nothing more like. I know what he gon na bring out there and in that secondary so and i actually uh a funny accident. I actually hit t mitch of terence mitchell and he like yeah. You would love it out there, so that kind of made it just a lot easier. Too, along with my family and being close back to home, thank you. Daryl tom withers we’ll have our next question. Thanks, rob hey, troy nice to meet you man uh three tds! Last year you planned on building on that yeah for sure. Hey you mentioned before playing with jalen um. What impact did he have on you going out there i mean that’s, a guy that’s got a a lot of confidence and a lot of skill that he really rub off on all you guys, uh yeah. For sure i mean that’s, just the type of mentality that you got. You see somebody who the best in the league is doing it like this, of course, like i don’t care what nobody says like that’s your best to leave you’re going to take things and and do things that maybe might emulate in a situation.

But you got to tweak it so it’s. You know what i’m saying original to you and it fit in your game. So i mean the ability that jalen got and everything that he bring his leadership and things like that it’s like yeah. He he he wanted. The best for a reason he did best for a reason, i suppose it doesn’t hurt to have a guy like aaron donald in front of you, what about now playing with miles here. You know what kind you know. How helpful is that to have such a a strong edge rusher to help the secondary exactly it worked hand in hand, so i mean that that that makes our job easier and we make their job easier too. So, if we locking up if we locking up back there regardless, that gives them that extra second to get to the quarterback or if they sometimes you know we we live, we not. We we in football it’s, not a perfect world, so we mess up or something and they get that sack before the quarterback can find it or put that pressure on him to throw a bad ball or something. You know that just go hand in hand. So i mean i’m excited to get to work with everybody thanks man. Thank you, tom fred, greatham go ahead; hey troy! Welcome to cleveland. As far as what are some of the things you talked about a little bit, but what the the potential you’re seeing this defense with denzel ward opposite.

You know you and miles and the guys like john johnson and takaris mckinley and all the guys that have come. Can you just talk about the potential you see? Uh, i see man. There is no cylinder on what we can be. You know. Obviously you know paper is gon na always be good, but you got ta come in and put the work in every day and that’s. What i’m excited about is to put the work in and then look up at the end of the series and see and see what we did see how good we was, but like. I think that we can be one of the best defenses in the league, if not the best, so i mean but, like i say we got ta come in and put the work in and show up show out every sunday. Thank you. Thank you. Fred jeff chadel go ahead, hey troy! Thanks for doing this! Um did you know denzel ward before this, and what kind of communications have you guys had since you’ve signed here uh? You know i i know him before it is. I think he a lot younger than me, but i really haven’t reached out to nobody yeah. You know everything kind of going crazy right now, my family and stuff, like that everybody with the congratulations, so i was kind of just gon na. Let it all settle down and stuff before i reached out thanks, jeff we’ll, take three more nate, ulrich, mary kay scott nate you’re, first troy just to go back to those defensive touchdowns.

Last year i mean to get three in a season. How much pride do you take in that and do you do you feel, like you got a little momentum there now that you kind of broke through that that you can keep it going, uh yeah! Definitely you know i got ta get out to god. First, but i mean you know. I definitely feel like. I got a lot a lot of momentum. I always felt like if the ball was, in my hand, i’m a natural threat to score. Ever since i was playing literally so i mean uh i’m looking forward to this season and being able to repeat – or you know, i’m saying even do better than that, so we just grinding right now, that’s kind of where i’m, at with it thanks nate mary kay You’Re next uh yeah troy just wondering now that you are back in this area and you still have so much family in the youngstown area and how you feel about youngstown. Do you have plans to maybe want to give back to your community or maybe go talk to some schools there and see if you can’t kind of help bring up the area a little bit, yeah that’s, definitely another plan. I really want to open up a school out there and uh, maybe like an old boy or a girl. I kind of really haven’t, like put it all together, but i wanted to open up a charter school and give back to the community as much as possible and being close to the city that’s just going to help me help me out even a lot more.

So i can really see what’s going on i’ve been gone for uh, 10 plus years, so now that i’m closer to the city it’s like all right now. This is my purpose anyway. I feel like that’s, one of the purposes that i came back home to and i feel like. I can get a lot of help out there to bring this community back up and were you inspired? I couldn’t hear you: were you inspired by lebron uh, opening opening up a school? Is that something were you inspired by lebron yeah? That was big, but i actually uh. I had a teammate out here in l.a. His name came on webster at the time he had opened up the school and that kind of gave me the idea, like yeah, that’s kind of a dope idea and then just the more. I was out here and then, when i did see lebron do it for his city. It was like i felt like that was that’s. A purpose for me, because i mean going back to the to the city, is kind of like it ain’t really a lot going on, and i i feel like it needs some. It needed a spark that’s why i feel like i’m, there a spark in the right direction. I should say in a positive direction. Thank you. Thank you, mary kay, we’ll close the session with a question from scott patrick, hey, troy. You talked about that number. One ranked rams defense um, but i want to know exactly what the browns are getting in john johnson, the third uh again a hell of a player uh play with passion, heart uh can do it all versatile.

I mean even they get ahead of a player and i, in my opinion, that’s the best safety out there. I don’t care what nobody say: uh you know just all the things that he’s able to do – and i don’t see any man in the adverse adversity and or doing things that nobody probably thought that he could do like, for example, just a little small thing. As far as like uh communicating all the plays with the defense last year and coming out there playing at a high level when it’s, like you know what i’m saying whatever throwing at him, he’d go out there, he executes.

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