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Button hit that notification bell and if you want to see even more dodgers content, smash that like button and as always, give me your takes down below in the comment section. I have a couple things i want to know from you guys today. One who do you want to see batting cleanup for the dodgers this year? Do you want to see cody, bellinger or max muncie? If you want to see cody bellinger, give me a belly down below in the comment section. If you want to see muncie, give me a muncie down below in the comment section, and also do you think jimmy nelson will have a big impact on the dodgers this season, let me know down below in the comment section and for all the latest dodgers news Head over to Music, so we’ve got some big news about jimmy nelson and dave roberts also talked about who will be batting cleanup for the dodgers this season. He talks about the closers role and he also said that the 2021 dodgers could be the best team in franchise history. But first we’ve got to talk about the prank that justin turner played on his dodger teammates there’s. This tick tock trend right now, where people will facetime their friends and family and when they pick up they’ll, say that they’re too busy to talk to them, even though they were the ones facetiming them. So you get these really hilarious, confusing reactions. Well, justin turner got some of his teammates pretty good, but i think the guy he confused the most was his manager dave roberts.

My man what’s happening, hey dude, if it’s not that important. Let me uh let’s just talk about it tomorrow, i’m kind of busy right now. Whatever it is, can we just talk about tomorrow? I got ta, i got somewhere. I got ta go jk. You just uh called me. My man uh i’m i’m uh sipping on some wine. I don’t know what that you’re talking about no no we’ll talk about tomorrow. I don’t have time to talk right now. You just caught me at a bad time. So i love it. Doc is just sitting there chilling vibing with some of his award winning wine, and he just looks so confused. Just look at his face right here. He almost looked as annoyed as he did in game four of the world series, my favorite of all had to be when jt hit up cody bellinger here’s when ginger jesus hit a bopper what’s up baby yo. Let me let me call you tomorrow, dude shut the. I know what you’re doing what are you talking about bopper i’m, calling tomorrow. Don’T call me on my day off. Don’T call me on my day off bro. I know what you’re doing all right i’m telling you man, cody bellinger, is a whole vibe and then some, but you have to see the full video with all the players so to check that out head over to the dodgers youtube page, our friends over there putting Out some great stuff, as always, but the biggest story today as far as the dodgers roster goes is jimmy.

Nelson has been added to the 40 man roster. The dodgers plays tommy kanely on the 60 day, il and option sheldon noisy to the minor league camp and jorge castillo tweeted out nelson’s minor league deal with the dodgers includes a 1.25 million salary. If he’s in the big leagues, incentives could bring that total to 3.75 million so i’m sure he’s going to be happy, his bank account is going to be happy nothing’s official yet, but it looks like right now. Jimmy nelson will be most likely on that dodgers. Opening day. Roster and dave roberts said that jimmy nelson has done everything to make the dodgers opening day. Roster jimmy’s done everything he can to break with us. This year provides a lot of fits a lot of roles for us leverage, length um. You know starter reliever, so he can do a lot of different things and he’s done everything he can do yes, so you really have to feel good for jimmy nelson he’s dealt with so many injuries over the past few seasons and he earned his spot on this Dodgers roster this spring through seven innings pitched, he has a zero era, a .71 whip, nine punch outs to just one walk and opponents are hitting 160 off him and he’s gon na be a big boost to this dodgers bullpen or this rotation. If they’re gon na throw him in there to start games, but he looks healthy and i think we’re gon na see a lot of jimmy nelson this season and then dave roberts talked about the discussion he’s gon na have with tony gonzalon and dustin.

May i i think in the in the yeah in the next couple days, i think that we’re gon na kind of talk to a lot of guys. You know to be quite honest about you know how it’s going to fall out roles, but i think that, up to this point, i think we’ve done a very good job of continuing to build specifically to those two players build their innings up. Continue to give us optionality whatever we need um like we’ve, always discussed um, but certainly as we get closer uh. You know that conversation will be had with uh a number of players and then dave talked about the closers role and he mentioned seven or eight guys in that dodgers. Bullpen didn’t seem very committed to kenley jansen here’s dave roberts on the closers role. Well, i i think that you know guys that we have pitching for us um pitching well staying healthy and pitching well um, but i think that that’s just kind of to the to the role question. But i think that you know all seven or eight other relievers uh, pitching in whatever role we feel and taking the baseball and pitching effectively is the best scenario for uh for us. So i think it’s pretty clear at this point. Kelly jensen will start the season as the dodgers closer and he’s looked good. This spring a one three five era: through six and two thirds innings pitched a 0.9 whip, 12 strikeouts to just one walk, so he didn’t lose his closers roll this spring.

He will get the opportunity to be the dodgers closer now. Will he hold on to that job for the entire season? I wouldn’t bet on it, but the most important thing is the infusion of talon in that dodgers bullpen this year. So they’ve got plenty of guys that get those final three outs and then dave roberts talked about the expectations for this team they’re the favorites to win the world series. Well, he said this could go down as the best dodger team in franchise history. We have a chance to uh. Do something really special and win it. You know win a championship. You don’t play the game on paper and then you have to play 162 games this year and uh. You know see where we end up, but i think that if you look at talent potential, it could be as good as any team that the dodgers have ever fielded. So look. This franchise has fielded so many great teams in its rich history from the 50s, 60s. 70S. 80S, not really the 90s. But we saw what happened in 2017 2018. Those teams didn’t win the world series, but, like dave roberts said on paper, they look great, but they have to go out there and execute get back to the world series and be the first team to repeat since the 2000 new york yankees, so it’s gon na Be a long and tough road to repeat for the dodgers, but they have the talent.

They have the firepower now it’s about going out there and winning some baseball games. But then dave roberts talked about cody, bellinger and max muncie and who he’s gon na put in that cleanup spot uh i’m thinking through it um. I think that you know both guys are very talented. You know you can argue interchangeable, so i i haven’t, you know decided. Ultimately you know where it’s going to land, but i do like cody and the four um and i like max. You know you know he’s just very versatile um, so i don’t think i can make a wrong decision, but i’m just kind of uh. You know thinking some things through before we get to opening day so max muncie hasn’t had the best spring. The funky muncie is eight for 38 he’s hitting 211, but cody bell just coming off that shoulder surgery he’s only had 18 spring training at bats, he’s three for 18 hitting 167 and i think for cody bellinger it’s just about getting those at bats. Up getting close to 40 50 at bats as soon as possible, because then he’ll start feeling comfortable, but i really want to see cody bellinger back in that cleanup spot. This season, max muncie, had a down year in 2020, did come through during certain parts of the post season, but i think they’re really interchangeable when it comes to the four hole in the six hole. But i think this team is at its best when cody bellinger is raking in the cleanup spot, that new stance will it pay dividends in the regular season.

He’S had some success with it. He hit a ball really hard tonight. He had that double down the line, but i think cody bellinger. I want to see him in the cleanup spot this season, but let me know down below in the comments who do you want to see batting cleanup for the dodgers in 2021? Do you want to see cody bellinger or do you want to see max muncie? Let me know down below in the comment section and will jimmy nelson have a big impact on this year’s team. Let me know down below in the comments section and if you haven’t yet be sure to subscribe to the dodgers nation, youtube channel, it’s going to be a big year for your boys in blue and you don’t want to miss a thing so be sure to hit That subscribe button hit that notification bell and if you want to see even more dodgers content smash that, like button, my name is doug mccain. You can follow me on twitter and instagram at dmacc, underscore la that’s at dmacc, underscore la for all latest dodgers nation merch head over to Some of the best dodgers t shirt designs in the game sell in fast get merched up before the season starts. For our latest dodgers news head over to dodgersnation.

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