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Everyone. This is ron tyler, with emergency management associates coming to you live from the great american desert southwest from the kingdom of salt from the great salt lake city area. This is ron, tyler, it’s good to be with you. We are sorry we’re late today i had to play grandpa. My family was late in getting home from wherever they were at, and so i am late coming on the air. However, i want to make it perfectly clear about something very, very, very soon at the top of the program. Yes, jpn, i know about the ship that’s stuck in the suez canal, it’s, a great big, huge container ship and it’s, the largest that they make and it’s owned by the evergreen company, and i know everything about it: it’s stuck, they hope to get it refloated. The next day or so and it’s backing up traffic on both sides of the suez canal know all about that. So i’ve told you all about that. I know about a lot of things guys. I need you to stand by with me. I need you to hold on for with everything for a few minutes. Okay, what i have to say tonight is very, very, very, very important. I want you all to call your friends and get them notified that we have something important to say about what is going on. Okay, i want everybody to know. We have something very important to say, we’re, going to make some announcements tonight judy b.

I know about that four up in willards california, a moderate 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit on the northern end of the san francisco bay area will its california. I know all about that as well that’s, one of the reasons that i’m coming on the air tonight i was going to come on the air anyway, okay let’s make that clear. It was going to come on the area anyway, my family was late, getting home that’s. Why i’m coming on the air? Later, i tried to put on put it out that would be on the air at 6 30 and they weren’t home. They didn’t get home till about a half hour 40 minutes ago, then i had to finish getting ready for the show to make some breaking news: announcements. Okay, so folks, i need you to hang in there. I need you to hang in there. I need you to wait and let us talk and hear us out: okay wages world is going we’re going to be on, hopefully terry and i hopefully are going to be on with wages world on mark wage’s show tomorrow, i’m going to talk to mark again. I i got two text messages from him. Originally, we were thinking about doing it tonight at nine o’clock, but we did not want to rush anything there’s. A lot of information that we need to get out to you and mark told us about a cme that got launched from the sun and that will be hitting the earth.

Probably tomorrow, as well. So we’re going to have a great amount of stuff to talk about. And one of the reasons that everything is happening to the earth today is because partially is because of that cme, okay, so folks, i need you to hang in there with me. Let me put this information out. You guys really need to see it and folks. I need you i’m not going to talk about it anymore tonight. I hope right now we have a hundred people 99 people that have given us a thumbs up. We have 189 people that are watching this program. I need you all to thumbs up asap and i need you to keep the thumbs up going all throughout the program. Everything we have to tell you about tonight is vitally important. I need you to get your friends, your neighbors, anybody that you can to come into this program tonight to watch what we’re talking about to hear it. This is a vital information. Rivera says, sounds serious you’re darn, well, tootin, it is okay. I’M, hoping mark is watching the program as well i’m hoping our dear friend, uh, mark pires is watching this program. Folks, this is serious. Okay, i want everybody to be here that is possible to be here tonight if they’re not here, i need you to share this program with everybody. This concerns literally everybody around the world and everybody here in the united states and canada i’m going to make.

That point perfectly clear as well: now i am going to start off this program by sharing some information up from the pacific northwest. I need you guys to pay attention. Please, okay, i don’t want everybody to be hopping all over the place, with all sorts of different information and chatting about breakfast food or what they’re going to have for dinner tonight or tomorrow. I need you to keep the chat in line with what we’re talking about rivera says. I have a bad feeling on something folks. I need you to pay attention. This is serious. This is serious. Okay, tia says, did my thumbs up awesome. Thank you. I appreciate that now i’m, looking here in northern or in southern canada, southwestern canada, saanich canada. This is a 2.8 magnitude earthquake. Okay, let me update this. I got it updated earlier and somehow this map got fubared. So let me get the latest information here, so i can share it with you, okay, i’m, starting up here in the north. Okay, everybody needs to keep up with me. Please, okay! I need you to keep up with me again: saanich county you’re, not county saanich. Canada is a 2.8 orcas washington, a 1.4 over here in victoria canada. This is also important. A 1.2 okay mark my words guys mark my words. These are all, except for the saanich canada that’s a that’s, a minor quake. These others here are tremors, but the agencies are not being serious about reporting.

What is exactly that is happening and it’s, not just the volcanoes. I want to make that point perfectly clear. The information that we are sharing tonight is not just on the volcanoes. Yes, we are showing you, we are going to show you volcano seismograms tonight, but it goes much further than just the volcanoes. So i need you to hang in here with me. I need you to watch what’s going on and i’m going to back up everything that i say: okay, i know we’re late tonight and i’m, not saying hi to everybody. I can’t afford the time right now. Okay, look at what’s going on in in alaska. Look at all these earthquakes all over alaska from central alaska south all the way to atta alaska. Here this is a volcano, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake at a volcano. Okay, look at what’s going on over here near japan, the izu islands of 4.4, down here and off the coast east coast of um southeast coast of japan. We had a 4.6. This is near the ryuku islands, while we’re talking about japan. Today and sunday, north korea launched four missiles, four missiles, two on sunday and two early this morning. It was morning time in korea, when north korea launched those missiles they all landed in the sea of japan. The japanese coast guard had told everybody that’s, even anywhere in the sea of japan, around japan or south korea to keep an eye out and if they saw anything or see anything to make sure they notify authorities.

North korea is flexing its muscles kim jong. Un is playing games again, and we all know why, because this president president, has no clue what’s going on okay now, as don patoka says, ron verifies and reports threatening issues far beyond any agency mapping, and that is the truth. The information that i’m trying to pass on to you today is firsthand and you guys need to hear it. Okay, before we get into the uh indonesia area, japan or not, japan, china up in mongolia, had an earthquake that they have taken down over here near afghanistan. In china they had another 5.0 earthquake and afghanistan. Tajikistan has had numerous fours. Today, iran has had numerous earthquakes going over here into turkey. Turkey has had numerous earthquakes today going over here into greece. Greece has had 50 earthquakes in northern greece. Why aftershocks aftershocks from the 8.4 magnitude earthquake near lassiter in greece about a month ago, 50, earthquakes and most of these are ones and two ones and twos: okay, they’re not reporting them here. There’S been earthquakes over here in the uh southeastern part of the uh mediterranean. Here over near turkey, in the dokinese islands, there’s been earthquakes all around crete today there’s earthquakes over here in italy that they’re not reporting, okay, there’s earthquakes over here in germany over here along the bay of spain or japan, the border with spain and france they’re not Reporting them they’re reporting this earthquake over here in algeria of 4.

1 there’s, been earthquakes over here near the sea of or the strait of gibraltar, not reporting them over here in algiers and over here in the canary islands, not reporting them interesting, isn’t it over here. On the north atlantic fault there’s another 4.7 – here, okay there’s a lot going on here – a lot going on there’s earthquakes over here in chile, they’re not being reported there’s about 18 earthquakes here in chile, yet they’re only the only one they’re talking about is over in San antonio de luz, argentina, chilean border, yes it’s a 3.9 4.0 over here in peru, central peru, a 4.2 moderate earthquake and more up here in colombia, more earthquakes over here in central america and south or excuse me, southern mexico. More quakes they’re, not reporting, not reporting. I’M, just briefly going over here to hawaii, because the rest of the time i’m going to spend in the united states very very important off the western coast of the big island of hawaii. We have a 2.2 magnitude earthquake approximately 15 miles south southwest of captain cook. Hawaii now, while that is important, it’s a minor earthquake it’s important. That area has been hit by quakes previously, the other quakes that have been happening been over here in pahala. The hall is the central location where magma from the southern pacific, where the magma from the southern pacific plume comes up here and feeds magma to the volcanoes here in hawaii, including including, but not limited to over here in kilauea.

Okay, let me come over here to kilauea, just southeast of kilauea today guys look at this actually not southeast kilway. I’M. Sorry, it was over on the uh northwestern flank the northwestern rim of kilauea crater. Now folks, this is not a up to date. Picture of the kilauea crater, the halloween mile crater at kilauea, but it’s, a 2.0 earthquake. The kilauea halloween mile crater here is nearly full of magma. It has like 724 feet of magma and one part: the eastern, the southeastern part of the crater um side with a magma is solidifying. The north northwestern side of the crater is is full of hot moving magma okay, so this 2.0 is still very pertinent and more magma is continuing to pour into this volcanic crater. So kilauea is still very active, very very active okay, one of the one of the volcano or excuse me, one of the earthquakes that is very important today happened over here in leilani estates. This is a 3.0 small earthquake. Why did this earthquake happen? Because magma is continuing to flow from down here in pahala feeding, magma to kilauea feeding magma over here to fern forest, which is south of leilani estates feeding that area there have been earthquakes here now: there’s an earthquake in leilani estates and it’s a 3.0 people felt It is continuing to feed into this area now. This is a more up to date, uh, satellite photography from the goes satellite here. Let me show you something look at what seems these are magma plumes they had drained out and magma came all that seemed to be clouds, white capped, it’s, not snow, that’s, steamers or the volcanoes that have now been named here.

Fisher. 24. Fish. I wanted to make sure you understood this map. You’D understand exactly i’m. Sorry dad got it darn it darn it. When youtube is try going completely out apologize.

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