Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale Gemini Jets Airport Update: Ft Lauderdale Airport #6

This is update. Number six for the series. It’S been a little bit since we’ve had a video on it and some new airplanes, the jetblue a321 neo, is finally making an appearance. We also have a delta 753 and there might be a few others that are thrown in. I just can’t exactly remember, uh. What i’ve threw in for the video but it’s been a little bit it’s a pretty packed video, a very hefty jet blue section, very hefty delta section, and the spirit section as well is also pretty packed with planes. So you want to stick around for a little bit, there’s, some pretty decent flights and a good variety of destinations. I threw into the mix, of course, a lot of domestic stuff um being that just with everything going on, but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you again for stopping by we’ll go ahead and get things started with this delta. 757. 300.. This is a new addition to the collection, first time being inserted into an airport update, so we’re gon na have this guy do a flight to atlanta moving on back to a jetblue a321. This is the prism one and we’re gon na. Have this aircraft go to las vegas and then the silver airways creeping up for a flight to key west and then moving on back to our ron section, we have the zoe 3’00 neo, followed by a prism a321 high rise a320 and a balloons a321 neo coming On back to another, high rise, uh, hopefully get more of these in the future.

This is a very popular aircraft on the 320 fleet, so having a few more additional high rises would kind of be a welcomed appearance for my t5 videos, but this one in particular, is going to do a flight down to montego bay. Moving on back to the jetblue embraer 190. – again i this is another poorly utilized airplane for gemini jets, there’s, so many opportunities that that gj could have used to make some really nice jumbley 190s. You know like the high rise 190 blueberries, the old tails tartan. You can you know i can just keep going on and on um, just unfortunate that you know they didn’t really take advantage of that opportunity um, but hopefully in the future. We see some. You know additional 190s from jetblue because for the time being, i don’t think these plans are going anywhere. The original um. The original plan was to replace the 190s on a one to one replacement, so anytime an a220 would come in. It would replace the 190.. As far as i’ve seen from public information, there’s gon na be about seven to eight jetblue a2300s that come into the fleet this year, and i have seen zero e190s being retired. So, with everything going on there’s a good chance that these planes are gon na kind of stick around a little longer than anticipated, so hopefully that doesn’t uh. Hopefully that gives us another opportunity from from gemini to maybe release a couple more.

I think that uh, i think, most importantly, you got to do at least that high rise 190. That has that you know that modified library. I think that’s the most important one to do, but anyways we’re gon na have this guy go to kingston, followed by the southwest florida. One keep this one in within the state. Have him go to tampa now i got a delta 757 200 with service to detroit and then i’m going to go ahead and scoot on back to a jetblue, a321 prism and then we’ll make our way down that line there so 321 prism to san francisco, and We have the jetblue a321 neo. This is the ng models is the first time i was able to get this in the video for fll, so nice to see this one here. It looks really nice um antennas are all good to go. I got them replaced with some different inserts, so it looks to be doing the trick. I haven’t had any issues yet with them, but this plant in particular, is going to do a flight to newark and next up we got another a321 we’re gon na. Have this guy go to los angeles, and then we have the fdny 320 with service to san juan and then a blueberries a320 sharklet with service to new york laguardia, and then we got the boston celtics a320, with service 2 boston got another 8 21 neo we’re Gon na have this guy go to let’s, give him a flight down to um another san juan flight 321 neo, and then we got blu rica 320, with service to hartford and then going on back one of my personal favorite, 190s uh.

I was always hesitant about getting this aircraft just because i didn’t think it would look as good detail wise as compared to the 1 200 scale, but um. I would you know admit that i was wrong on that. This is actually a really nice aircraft. One of the well the best 190 that jetblue all right jim – i just has done up jetblue in my opinion, but anyways we’re gon na have this guy go to one of my favorite cities, uh jacksonville florida. Moving on back. We have i heart new york 320 with servers to phoenix, and then we have an alaska airline, 737, 800 heading to seattle and going into our american section. As of now. The schedule is all a321s from what i saw. Unless i missed something, i mean everything like charlotte, dallas, philly chicago everything was shown in 321 when i looked so we’re going to have quite a few 321 flights, as you can already see, first one’s going to go to dallas fort worth, followed by the heritage. U.S airways a321 to charlotte and then the next 321 to chicago and then we’ll have that wing fence 321 go to philadelphia. Moving on to our delta section very busy today for delta, we got 321s 319s 320s. I mean everything everything’s here for today’s video um. You can already see that my cats were up here because i had the gse set up for the 752 uh we’re, just not going to worry about that.

That’S unfortunate we’ll, just move on we’ll have the 321. Thank you with service to minneapolis and moving on back to 319. i’m gon na. Have this guy operate a flight to raleigh, durham north carolina that’s a good useful route for this particular aircraft, making good do of what they can on that route. Then we got 320 heading to new york laguardia and another a321 was serviced to salt lake city and the 752. That was getting loaded up well, it was supposed to go to atlanta, but it looks like it’ll be delayed because of that that’s unfortunate. I spent all this time setting up the gse and just for my cats to just start, knocking and terrorizing this airport. Oh well, and we have two more deltas. We have seven three eight and a three twenty one we’re gon na have another detroit flight and then for the seven through eight we’re gon na. Have this guy go to cincinnati next up southwest slash united section looking really nice. Today we got the kenyan blue 738 with service to baltimore and then the 737 700 to atlanta, followed by louisiana. One have him go to chicago midway and then a seven through eight to nashville united, seven three eight with service to chicago, followed by 319 in newark. Then at 319 have this guy go to denver and then starlight 738 to houston all right, everyone for the last part of the video we’re going to start with this delta airlines a321 coming in from minneapolis, saint paul and then moving over to our spirit section.

We have an a321 with servers to baltimore, followed by an a320 heading to houston and then moving on back to the nypd jetblue a320, which is coming in from new orleans. Moving over to my favorite flight for spirit. This is flight 980 with servers to charlotte and then we’ll have this a321 and make a flight to atlanta and spirit a321. This is the other gemini one with servers to have this guy go to do a new work, laguardia and spirit a320 with servers to minneapolis and then another a321 have this guy go to uh chicago and for the last one we have an a320 neo. Have this guy go to raleigh, durham north carolina, two more jet blues to wrap up the video two way through twenty ones. We’Re gon na have one do an additional jfk flight and then we’ll have this one do another boston flight and, as we wrap things up, i just want to say thank you for everyone tuning in today’s video glad to produce this one. This is, i really do like this setup with the spirits and the jet blues, it’s just uh all kinds of colors going on here, especially once you start, throwing in those special libraries from jetblue it’s, a really nice aesthetic look. So, thank you again for stopping by today hope you enjoyed today’s, video and i’ll. See you guys.

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