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So today is my day off basically it’s a day that i am not available to the company. This is my reserve month, so basically i’m good for like four or five days, and the company can call me and today tomorrow and the next day, so i have three days off. Uh will be my days off. I will not be available to the company. They cannot call me so those of you who are new to my channel welcome. Thank you. So much for subscribing and being part of my youtube community i’m gon na show you what days off in my life are going to be like the next few days. I’M. Not sure, really, what i’m going to do. The one thing that i do know for sure is that i am going to bake something right now and i know a lot of people like to watch me bake, so today, i’m going to be making some. I think that’s, how you say it it’s, like a small jewish cookie. I think it’s a pastry, but it looks like a cookie so that’s what i’m gon na be doing today, i’m, making some regular also later today, john – and i are gon na – be going for a happy hour. So i’m really excited about that. I haven’t done that in quite some time, i’m just excited because i’ve been working a lot this month. They have used me every single day on reserve. I guess the flights really are starting to pick back up.

There’S lots of spring break flying mia and geo are here they’re, just relaxing what’s, the matter what’s, the matter go. Take a little nap go anyway, let’s get to making this regula. I have never made it before. I must say that, but i do have a recipe that i am following and it is from laura vitale. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen her videos before laura in the kitchen i’m gon na be using her recipe. So i will also link it down below and if you guys want to do it and follow along you can honestly, i don’t know what let me decide to try making a roguelike but um i saw it on. I think i saw like an instagram or something yesterday and it really, you know, influenced me, you know the power of suggestion really is real. So all right, so let’s go ahead and get started. I have two sticks of butter and a whole block of cream cheese. According to the recipe i’m gon na mix until combined Music, so i forgot to add the sugar just a quarter cup of sugar and while we’re at it. Yesterday i was in the dominican republic. I was in a short layover and i bought some vanilla from the dominican republic, so i’m excited to try to use this let’s go ahead and have a sniff mmm. It smells really. Oh, this smells like dominican, vanilla, i’ve bought this in the past.

Before and now i remember, it smells really good all right, so i’m gon na do two teaspoons of this one. Two and now we’re gon na incorporate the vanilla and the sugar Music all right. So next thing the recipe says, is to add the flour Music. So i know that there are different recipes out there and ways to do this. I know there’s a way to do it in the food processor, but this way i found is the easiest all right, so the flour is in i’m, going to go ahead and mix. This until incorporated Music, so now that my dough is ready, i’m going to divide this dough and i’m going to wrap it into some saran wrap and stick it in the fridge Music all right, so obviously one is bigger than the other. But hey! You know what it’s, okay, i’m, now gon na go ahead and pop this into the fridge until i’m, ready to bake them and right now i actually just got a phone call from john. He dropped this car off at the he dropped his car off at the mechanic, so i’m gon na go and pick him up all right, so that right there in front of me guys is the sawgrass mills. Mall um, i don’t know if you guys have ever been there. Let me know in the comments down below and then right here to the left is the body shop or the auto shop? I don’t know what you guys call it nowadays and let’s see.

Where is john, oh look and there’s a taco bell which today’s taco tuesday, so maybe we should go to taco bell. You know we’re, actually, gon na go to a really nice mexican spot in fort lauderdale, la solas for taco tuesday. What do you do Laughter? Is that slow motion enough weirdo, hello vlog? How are you i was saying? Maybe we should go to taco bell for taco tuesday, instead of where we’re kidding kidding time for happy hour, so we have just arrived at bar, rita hi. My mom is joining us for happy hour. Look how nice this place. Is i like the little garden area? Oh yeah, they do have an upstairs nice i’m excited about this. It is very big. Let’S go upstairs. Now you want to go upstairs. I know, margaritas are here: okay, cheer, everybody cheers cheers cheers cheers happy hour: yay yum, that’s, pretty good it’s, a spicy watermelon margarita! You wan na try this in case. You want to order it all right: i’ll, try, yours, good, it’s, not spicy, strong and the food is here. These fries look really good. These are um carne, asada, fries, yeah and then um nachos yum. That happy hour was really good. Good drinks, good tacos, so if you guys ever um are in fort lauderdale area bar bar rita is very very good. What do you guys think about barrita? It is a beautiful place, it’s a beautiful place. Yes, it is a nice place.

It’S, like a party place, yeah it’s, starting to get popping right now, all right. So now that we are back from happy hour, it is time to start baking. My rugelach i’ve rolled it out a little bit i’ve taken it out from the fridge about an hour ago, it’s, nice and cool so i’m, able to roll it out. With my rolling pin, i have some flour, so i can dust the surface here on my pastry. Mat i have my apricot jam that i’m going to be using as filling as well as some brown sugar white sugar, some toasted walnuts. These two are over here playing oh jill’s playing two. No, we just came over hi mimi, you playing fetch all right time. To start uh rolling these rubble, hopefully i do a good job. This is my first time doing this Music all right so that made quite a mess. These didn’t come out looking as good as i hope, they’re kind of messy um. I don’t know i don’t know if i’ll be making these again depending on how they taste um. I might try them again, but they look very, very sloppy. So um yeah we’ll see how they taste two hours later, the rugelach regular. I don’t know how to say it: um are finished, so this was so. This was my second batch. The first batch is gone because because we ate it but um it was pretty good. The first batch was actually quite disastrous as well and uh.

We ate it all because they just didn’t look very pretty so i figured we just had to like eat them and get rid of them right. Yeah. We had to hide the ugly ones, so they don’t want to show that to you guys, but so this is the second batch and then little by little i started improving on my rugalok and yes, this is the final product they’re delicious now we’re gon na watch Glee because we’ve been re watching glee, um i’ve, seen it i’ve seen the whole entire series, but john has never seen it so now, he’s watching it with me. Do you like lee? I do and then this little one gets to watch it with us. The next day, good morning, guys welcome back to my second day off i’m, having some coffee with some arugula i’m about to start watching an episode for one of the series that i’ve been watching lately. It’S called what, if let me know if you guys have been watching it or have watched it, um it’s, really really good. If you haven’t, i highly recommend um john, is actually in class right now: he’s doing online class and he’s in the bedroom, so i’m gon na try and be quiet. I don’t really know what’s in store for me today, but it is a really nice day outside. So we’ll see what happens. We just got back from the vet with mia and geo over there just for like routine stuff, so everything is good with them.

So we just got a package in the mail, and this is from lance and christy, which is one of my youtube subscribers and it is a box of cookies. So lance and christie wanted me to try these cookies from this place, called um. Wonder kex um wonder text i’ll, link it in the description down below so we’re about to taste them so lance and christy. If you are watching, thank you so much for these cookies. I am really really excited to try them ready to try some cookies yeah. I am ready to try some cookies. All right. Look all right, so i’m loving the packaging, it’s pretty and pink. This is really heavy. It is pretty heavy. This is so, i think, 10 pounds i think it’s a dozen cookies, so yeah it’s by bunda kix. This is probably how you say it in in german and it’s an awesome born and raised brand, so this came all the way from germany. No, it came from texas, but i feel like the name is like german kind of undertaker right, wonder cake all right. Can i open it, go ahead, open it up nice. I love this. This is like um milk bar. We don’t have to eat them all today. Oh, these are really nice, the packaging’s. Actually, this is the inside out chocolate chip cookie all right, let’s try this one! This is the everything cookie and then this is the best chocolate chip cookie ever okay, so which one are you opening up the best chocolate chip cookie, the best chocolate chip, cookie, oh, and guys.

If you’re hearing this background noise it’s our dishwasher let’s get a cross section shot here, shall we? Oh it looks nice and thick? Okay, very good. It looks very rich there’s, like lots of chocolate in there that’s what i love it’s really good, although i had to admit, though i still like the um ingredients. My turn now very good, very chocolatey, delicious. I love it. We need a glass of milk. We need some milk a few moments later, so we just had two of the cookies and that’s. When i found a little instruction card, apparently i had to put them in the oven for a few minutes to soften them up and um totally miss that we’ll be doing that next time. Anyways. Thank you lance and christy. They are delicious, even though i didn’t put them in the oven, they’re still very good. The next day welcome back to another day today, we’re heading over to the wilton manor area, we’re going to go to one of our favorite places. I can’t remember what it’s called actually like an italian pizza place and they sell gelato there. It’S really good and we’ve been there in the vlog before, but we haven’t been there in a while, so we’re gon na go. Do that and we’re gon na enjoy this beautiful gorgeous day, maybe stop by the beach we haven’t been to the beach in a million years. I know i know i know i know it’s so crazy.

We live here. We don’t go to the beach we’re, so bad we’re, terrible floridians. This is how you know: you’ve entered the game, the purple house. Oh a really nice house. It is a really nice purple house, oh, and that right there there used to be a club called the manor. I don’t know what it’s called now. I think it still is. I think they may have changed the name or something i don’t know the venue, the venue, i think, that’s, what it is, such a beautiful day to live in florida right, um yeah, although it’s getting a little hotter. Now. Yes, it is getting warm, but hey i’d. Rather the warm than the freezing cold. No, this weather feels really good. Okay, there it is it’s called pizza and gelato, but i don’t know if that’s the real name of the place. Oh yeah it’s called dolce salado it’s right there on the door. I guess we’re not dieting today. Well, it’s, not bad for you, so we decided to eat outside because it’s a nice day right and why not and we’re and we’re shaded. So so this is the florida life during pandemic. Florida lives during pandemic, although it’s starting to get back to normal, so no it’s, really busy it’s great yeah it’s, getting really busy. Anyways enjoy pizza and no pizza lunch is complete without some gelato. So i got my favorite nutella gelato and john got a combination. Salted caramel and then the mint chocolate i don’t think salted caramel and mint go together in my mind it does.

Let me know you guys think in the comments that was a cute little date. Wasn’T it it was. It was so good yeah. It was really good. Now time to go back home and then we’re gon na go stop by the beach oh yeah see if we could drive by there, let’s go drive by the beach Music, so Music, so Music. So that was our time at the beach. I hope you enjoyed it. We wish we could have gone to the beach, but we actually weren’t planning on heading out to that part of town today, so we didn’t bring our bathing suits and it was pretty packed and crowded. So uh yeah we’re, not gon na, be going to the beach anytime soon, maybe when the spring break crowds leave and there aren’t as many people at the beach we’ll, probably head over there. So i definitely need a tan because i’m feeling like i need a little color anyways i’m, going to end this video right here, because i have to edit it and put it out before i head to work i’m going to be in reserve for the next six Days so we’ll see what happens then for those of you going to this channel. Thank you so much again for subscribing leave this video a thumbs up. Leave me some comments down below. Let me know if you’ve been to any of the places that we’ve showed you in this vlog again.

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