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So safe travels for us guys and we’ll see you in fort lauderdale, bye, Music, so Music, but we are still very thankful to god that we landed safe here in fort lauderdale and, of course, excited nakamura, south florida and, of course, guys hotel and appealing because i’m. Finally, staying at Music beach, so let’s go Music a beautiful morning, everyone! So today guys we are going to fort order rail beach, that’s, our first um travel destination. So some of you will ask: why did we choose the florida for our spring break? Well, because florida is known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful places to go to and there’s a lot of things to do when you’re here in florida, fort lauderdale is a city in the state of florida, usa, it is 25 miles or 40 kilometers north of Applause. Miami this city is a popular tourist destination and yeti capital of the world Music we’re getting closer to the beach guys, Music Music. So today guys – and he told me – support organization – beach is paramount, swimming and saying it’s, a beach Music fort lauderdale. Beach is a true gem, and this is the nicest beach in the city. Music do Music and guys they have umbrella here, where you can rent for 25 and each bed is 18. But if you are staying at the hotel um in front of this beach, you can get two complimentary beds, so you just have to pay for the umbrella and you can also use them until 5 pm and take note.

They have a great food Music Applause here. Music, Music, uh wow guys they have a clear water and sugary sand. The weather today is so nice, it’s sunny and the wind is cool, so it’s just perfect, especially for people. You know like us who wants to enjoy the beach, and you know you relax. Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, omg, guys this beach, oh it’s, so beautiful – and i so love this place, and i would love to come back here, Music. You know what guys i love this place, because it reminds me of my beautiful country, philippines, because of its beautiful weather, beautiful beach and the palm trees. So here in fort lauderdale, you can experience its landscaped beachfront promenade, with its signature, wide wave wall and brick paved path, Music, uh, so fort lauderdale beach is also known as broadway county’s, exceptional blueway beaches. The coastline has an exclusive shops inviting cyber cafes and exciting entertainment venues, so visitors can swim jet ski snorkel and dive in the clear water and, of course, for those whose ideal day on the beach means rest and relaxation surrounded by harsh tropical breezes and swimming palm Trees then come and enjoy this beach and the city of fort lauderdale, because once you experience this place, you will always love to come back here. Music, so, hopefully guys you enjoy our video and we’ll see you next time. Our next travel destination is the kibi’s cane. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon to get updates to our new videos.

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