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He uh takes off his outer garment. He wraps himself in a towel kneels down on the floor and begins to wash his disciples feet. The act of foot washing in itself is not a surprise. That’S, not the unusual part um. When you walk around in sandals on dusty, dirty, uh, grimy roads, your feet get covered in all kinds of muck and bullets and uh as part of a just just as the way that we would in the west. We would go into a person’s home and we would take our shoes off uh in the middle east in the 1st century. You cleaned your feet out of respect for the person’s home, whom you are entering. This was not the surprise. The surprise was who was doing the cleaning. This was a job for the lowest person in the house, possibly a servant, possibly one of the household children. This was definitely not a job for the highest ranked person in the house. Uh, the man of the house, the father of the house. It was definitely not a job for a rabbi, a religious teacher and when we think of jesus as the son of god well, you don’t rank much higher than that. Do you, and so peter automatically steps in and says? No, no, lord! You! You shouldn’t, be doing this. You shouldn’t be washing my feet and jesus says i must, if you don’t, if i don’t wash your feet, you have no part of me i’m in his exuberance.

Again says: well then don’t just wash my feet wash all of me and jesus says no, no it’s, okay, you don’t, you don’t need completely washing that’s, not the point of what’s happening here. The point of what’s happening here is that you let me serve you. Are we willing to be servant hearted on any occasion? Every occasion are we willing to take the job of the the lowest person in order to serve those around us, because the kingdom of god is built on a community that loves and serves one another it’s built on a community that wants to serve not just its Own community, but the community that surrounds it, as well as christians, we’re, called to follow jesus example. We’Re called to follow in the the footsteps of our teacher of our rabbi and jesus sets the example here that he is willing to get down on his knees and take the job of the lowest person in the house.

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Maundy Thursday, Maundy, Holy Week, Jesus, 2021

Maundy Thursday, Maundy, Holy Week, Jesus, 2021 ing with Jesus – Holy Week reflection for Maundy Thursday