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This is the online service. Today is first april 2021 and it is monday thursday. We are in holy week. Let’S start our devotion. I have chosen one prayer, a written prayer collect for monday, thursday, god our father, who has invited us to share in the supper which thy son had given to his church, that it may proclaim his death until he comes. May he nourish us by his presence and unite us in his love, who lived and reigned with thee in the unity of the holy spirit, one god now and forever amen. The scripture is today is from the gospel of john chapter 13, verse, 1 to 17. The gospel of john chapter 13 verse 1 to 17.. It was just before the passover festival. Jesus knew that the hour had come for him to leave this world and go to the father having loved his own, who were in the world he loved them. He loved them to the end. The evening meal was in progress and the devil had already prompted judas. The son of simon escariot, to betray jesus jesus knew that the father had put all things under his power and that he had come from god and was returning to god. So he got up from the meal took off his outer clothing and wrapped a towel around his waist. After that he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples feet, drying them drying them with a towel.

That was wrapped around him. He came to simon peter, who said to him. Lord, are you going to wash my feet? Jesus replied. You do not realize now what i am doing, but later you will understand. No peter said you should never wash my feet. Jesus answered unless i wash you. You have no part with me, then then, lord simon peter replied not just my feet, but my hands and my head as well. Jesus answered those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet. Their whole body is clean and you are clean thou. Not every one of you for he knew who was going to betray him, and that was why he said to not. Everyone was clean when he had finished washing their feet. He put on his clothes and returned to the place. Do you understand what i have done for you? He asked them. You call me teacher and lord, and rightly so, for that is what i am now that i, your lord and teacher have washed your feet. You also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as i have done for you very truly, i tell you. No servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him now that you know these things, you will be blessed. If you do them here, ends the scripture amen. We all know and heard so many times that to love is caring.

When someone falls ill, the person who loves loves him will perform the most menial services and delight to do them because of love and because of care. Sometimes men feel that they are too distinguished to do these humble things too important to do some menial task. Jesus was not so he knew that he was lord of all, and yet he washed his disciples feet. Washing the feet of the guest was a common ritual in the time of jesus and those who consider the feet washing of their guests. Minion work. They hire servants who do that. Jesus knew he was about to be betrayed, but the astonishing thing about jesus is the more men heard him, the more he loved them. The washing of the feet was the ceremony that preceded entry into the house where they were to be quest. It was common in jesus days, for example, in gospel of luke. Chapter 7. Jesus was invited by the pharisees called simon, and while jesus was in his house, there come a tearful woman identify as a sinner. She washed jesus feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. When the pharisee questioned jesus, spiritual discernment, jesus replied to him. You failed to show the usual marks of hospitality offered to visitors with the greeting kiss and water to wash his feet. It was as if jesus was telling his host, you invited me to eat at your home, but you did not treat me with the reverence and respect and love that this woman has shown me.

You did not even ask your servant to wash my feet normally, the horse would not do the washing himself because it was regarded as a very demeaning task. However, there are many examples when feet washing contemplated as a sign of humbleness when king d, words and king, when king david sent a proposal to abigail she bowed down with her face and said. I am your servant and i am ready to serve you and wash the feet of my lord servant, 1st samuel chapter 25. In the same way when people approach to john the baptist, are you the messiah? Are you the prophet who are you so it was so important for john the baptist to tell everyone who was listening, that he is no compared to jesus. When john the baptist’s desire to express his feeling about jesus is written in chapter one, he replied. He did not think he was capable of kneeling in front of jesus and untie his sandal and take them off. Here is a concept of a servant who would untie master sandal and wash his feet. John. The baptist is saying yes, i am not worthy of that servant, who untie jesus sandal and wash it and wash his feet washing feet is quite common in many churches throughout the world, and especially on monday thursday. I have witness of this custom. This ceremony in churches in pakistan, where i grew up this ceremony, has very deep meaning and value in pakistani christian people life the day.

Special services have been arranged in many churches in pakistan, where the church buildings are overflowing with worshippers, the priest filled a large picture with water and arrange a towel and place it next to the pulpit from where everyone can see those who are having their feet washed Will come forward during the ceremony and during this whole time, choir continues singing hymns and reading the scripture since jesus washed, the disciples feet and the scripture does not tell us that the disciples washed jesus feet, many priests in pakistan, those i know and have seen them Choose to wash the feet of the members of the congregation, but do not have their feet washed, it’s very interesting thing. The bible reminds us that we are loved unconditionally and are worthy of being alive. Have you ever been involved in a feet washing ceremony? If so, take a moment to reflect on that time that how you felt afterward share these feelings with a trusted friend and make more of an effort to serve others in your daily life. Living and acting as jesus did will not only make your spirit full, but also help you to be grateful, amen, let’s, pray together, lord god, you sent your son into the world and before his hour had come, he washed his disciples feet. You had given all things into his hands. He had come from you and was going to you and what did he do he knelt down on the floor and washed his feet washed his friend’s feet.

He was their teacher and their lord, yet he washed their feet. Lord god, help us learn from his exam example. Help us to do as he has done. For us. The world will know we are his disciple if we love one another, strengthen our hands and our wills of love and for service keep before our eyes. The image of your son, who, being god, became a servant for your sake, all glory, be to him who lives and reigns with you and the holy spirit, one god now and forever amen.

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