Maundy Thursday, Maundy, Jesus, Holy Week, 2021 — Holy Week Devo

I believe that our one, true god deserves our praise: let’s, worship, god, together Music, only you can make us clean Music. Who are we Music? The sin of the Music savior on the cross Music pay the price once Music sacrifice, giving up your dreams so that somebody else can fulfill theirs for working hard to provide for your family. Giving up your savings for someone in need letting go of your job to stay home, to take care of a sick, loved one, giving your time and effort to help a friend. Are this enough to say we sacrifice jesus gathered his disciples to give them a hint of what was about to happen, even though he knew that they wouldn’t understand. Jesus described his sacrifice as the bread and the cup in luke chapter 22, verse 19. It says, and he took bread and gave thanks and broke it and he gave it to them saying this is my body given for you do this in remembrance of me in verse, 20. In the same way, after the supper he took the cup saying this cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for eu in verse, 19. The broken body of jesus calls to mind the gruesome price he paid for our redemption on the cross. At calvary he endured all the brutality, humiliation and degradation the human race could dish out he endured for you and for me, beaten, scourged spit upon mocked, plucked out stripped naked nailed to the cross and crucified in verse.

20 jesus reminds us that his blood was poured out for us. He did not die for himself. He did not go to the cross to save himself, but to rescue you and me he died to set us free. This is what jesus endured all done. For one reason, us in romans, chapter 5, verse 8, but god shows his love for us – is that while we were still sinners, christ died for us. We have all sinned and deserved god’s judgment, but god the father sent his one and only son jesus will live a sinless life loved us so much that he died for our sins. Taking the punishment that we deserve was buried and rose from the dead before we complain or even boast our about our own sacrifices. Let us remember the sacrifice jesus made let’s reflect on this today and with the humble hearts. Thank him for what he has done. Let’S pray, heavenly father. We thank you for sending your son jesus for us. Thank you for thinking about us. Thank you for loving us, no matter what thank you for the sacrifice. Jesus did on the cross before we boast or even think about our sacrifice. Our own sacrifices help us to think about what jesus did for us. We want to give everything back to you, because you deserve it in jesus name, we pray amen. Who are we Music? The sin of the world laid on the sun savior on the cross? Music? Oh, the price, Music, nothing, but the blood of cheese, Music, nothing, but the blood of cheese Music through enough jesus.

You paid for everything for us. Thank you, as we have this opportunity to give back through worshiping you in this life. I pray god that we will continue to to even lord um, give testimonies of who you are, how you loved us, and we thank you god, because, through your son, jesus christ, showing us how to love other people as well. Music help us to translate your love into actions in jesus name. We pray, amen and amen. Thank you for joining our holy week. Devo.

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Maundy Thursday, Maundy, Jesus, Holy Week, 2021