New York Yankees, Opening Day, American League 2021 OPENING DAY ROSTER hits BOMBS! (MLB the show 20 gameplay)

I already did a video on the legends trailer earlier and hopefully you guys watch that as today will be a double upload, but i this time by the title of it, you guys can tell. I will be using the um 2021 opening day lineup of the new york yankees, my favorite team, and i will be going up against my friend, aiden he’s, a huge seattle. Manors fan he’ll be using their opening day, lineup and um. He won’t have kyle lewis, as he went on the il today to start the season um, but yeah let’s go over the starting lineup for my new york yankees opening day lineup team bill. So i’ll see you guys. Okay, so you guys see that we built the squad and now we’re gon na go over our team we’re gon na go from the lineup we’re gon na go top from bottom. My second base will be dj. La mayhew right field, aaron, judd center field, aaron hicks, left field, giancarlo, stanton, shortstop, gleber torres third base, georgiella first base jay bruce because luke voight is on the il and then gary sanchez is an a hole and then usually be clint frazier as stanton will be. The dh, but i felt like stanton since he will be usually batting in the four hole i’m just gon na put him in left now for our pitching. They don’t have lucas lutledge in the game and they don’t have domingo hormone in the game.

Otherwise, lutledge will be here as zach brands on the il and um, but and severina is starting the year on the il but we’re just gon na throw him in there to get his energy back up um, but for our starting rotation we got garrett cole, cy Young or um corey, kluber cluebot and then here would be um domingo ramon. Then we got jameson tyone and jordan, montgomery for the bullpen. We got oralis, chapman, chad, green daryn, o’day, jonathan lewisica, nick nelson, michael king, and then here i have mo but, like i said earlier, it would be lucas lutledge, so yeah um he’ll be using all the mariners opening day squad and yeah i’ll see you guys in The game? Okay, so we have found our opponent. It is my friend aiden. He does have a youtube channel with my brother as his lineup is marco gonzalez, on the mound with mick chaninger dylan moore taylor, trammell kyle, seeger, evan white jp crawford, tom murphy and jake franklin it’s, like it’s, pretty much a god squad versus the scrub squad. This is actually my first game on ps5, too i’ve heard the online game play on. Ps5 is kind of whack, but that’s a hanging change. We got them out number one baby, i forgot uh. I realized, as we were loading the game that i forgot to tell you guys, um my bench for my team. My bench is clint frazier kyle higashioka mike talkman uh, tyler wade and brett gardner.

Just so you guys know this is on the ground. Get that bruce come on cole. Yes, sir pfps perfect, perfect baby down the left field line, i don’t know who that is and left but come on get in there. Yes, sir, two out double and the one two. This is how you pitch. Ladies and gentlemen, he’s gon na swing over top of the slider down and then try and tempt him with one of the dirt, but he wanted it come on good pitch right there with the base is empty. Why not take it inside try to jam him see if he’ll chase after him get out of here, keep carrying oh off the top of the wall? Okay, that’s a two out double baby let’s go i’m, never good with j bruce’s cards like everybody else’s button, as i say that wasn’t hit hard at all baby up one zero let’s go slide piece. I meant i meant down the middle, not down in it by the curveball every once in a while. I got ta, keep it in the mix and he struck him. Yes, sir kade the pitcher you’ll love to see it. Okay, judge faces up the middle let’s, go zero. Let’S go, oh my god that pci placement was absolutely beautiful and he’s a short porch and stanton drives it right at tramell, come on down, and you know some confidence into this line. Yes, sir, came up baby changing speeds, see that look at this fastball up slider down and away, i mean down and then swing over top of it.

Now we’re gon na go curveball down and away. He gets a two out double two out double can’t. Allow him to score, though, Music and that’ll put him on the board, as it’s now with three to one contest. Good piece of hitting inside out swing right into the right center gap and that’ll bring in jp crawford. We do give up one though and they’ll avoid the beginning, as he makes the catch. Oh, my god, i swear to god. If that fell right there i would have been geo heated. We get that right. Back, hey let’s, put up a little bit of a fight with a terrible manor squad. Oh oh, he did. You can still go two one. Okay, we got the lead runner, that’s that’s. All the matters is you’re going to check out marco no strike out the picture. Again, you love to see it Music. That was a good play honestly we’re, just abusing cole’s and fastball can’t really catch up to it. That much. That was some smoke right there, high fire right on by hit hard on the ground and that’s right to dj. Lem me here for out number three baby baby love to see it it’s a little too or one out double for gladorus. Now yep. Yes, sir, oh wait, no don’t catch it don’t catch it! Don’T let’s go get on your horse jay hour. Triple let’s, go four scene blows it by him and now we’re gon na go change up low and we’re gon na k and watch this all right, Music, Music in the gap is it gone.

Is it gone stretch? Okay, one hops: the wall: can you turn it? No. I was thinking about going three, but no okay, hey two foot three Music love to see: oh yeah jay right side: oh that’s, a nice play that’s a nice play. Is he gon na get it? Oh, he threw it home, he might have had him at first e4. Excuse you, he dove gary gary sanchez, baby, three run jimmy jack and a swing three baby, one down there’s, no chapman fire got him game over baby. We win eight to one. Thank you aiden for playing against me. This was a fun one. We win eight to one make sure you guys go, follow his youtube channel that he does my brother called base to base. They talk about baseball all the time on. There make sure you guys go. Follow that channel, but as you see, we take home the dub eight to one, it was pretty much god squad versus non god squad as soon. Nevertheless, we do take home the dub. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video about the yankees 2021. Opening day rosters opening day is tomorrow and yeah. I hope you guys enjoy opening day make sure you leave a like comment subscribe and just tell me your thoughts about opening day.

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